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Collaborative workspaces aren’t something new in Kuwait, Niu for example has been around for over a year now so when I was approached by the newly opened collaborative workspace Reyada to pass by and check them out, I was a bit hesitant. I personally don’t really see a benefit for these spaces, the private offices usually start from around KD300 for something really tiny and you usually can’t get a business license with them. On the other hand me and a couple of friends where able to rent a small office in the city in a pretty prime location for just KD350… and most importantly, it was licensable.


But I decided to pass by Reyada anyway since I had a bit of time to kill plus I wanted to check out Crystal Tower where they’re located since my gym (Core Fitness) will be moving there pretty soon.


Reyada has two different kinds of spaces available, private and open. Private is basically your own office which starts at KD300 and fits two people. They also have something called dedicated desk, which is basically your own desk in a private room but that private room you share with other tenants. Both these options really didn’t excite me much but the next thing did.


Their open coworking space is what I found interesting, not just because the space looked pretty nice but because of the affordable entry point. You can become a “permanent resident”, meaning you can use the coworking space daily for KD100 a month OR, become an “originator” for just KD15 a day. Their originator plan is a pay as you go one where you sign up, pay KD15 a month and get access to the coworking space for a day and their conference rooms for an hour. When you use up your day you can top up with more days at KD10 per day. I do a bit of design freelance every now and then and my meetings usually take place at the clients office or Starbucks. Having the option to hold my meetings in a pretty fancy tower (with plenty of parking) and inside a private meeting room is very convenient. And because I don’t do this often, KD15 is a reasonable price to pay.

Reyada is still in a soft launch phase until their website launches in the next few days, then you’ll be able to sign up to their packages, book your days etc.. all from their website. For now, if you want more information on them you can check out their instagram account @reyada_co

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  1. bla bla theory says:

    I hope someday there is a way to get a licence based on renting in Reyada or other co-working spaces.. Things would be easier for small businesses and startups

  2. zaydoun says:

    Right next door!

  3. aaa says:

    If this was license-granting people would jump on it quick. LIke, they would sell out the entire thing in a day quick

  4. adly says:

    does the building have its own parking lot or is it the same sad, pathetic situation as the rest of Sharq and Kuwait City?

  5. _sK says:

    The coworking spaces are the next “cupcakes, Delivery Co., Make-up line, Etc.” ventures for Kuwait’s millennials lacking an original idea’s.

  6. K- says:

    What is the point of these “Co-Working spaces” if you can’t get a business license?

    Kuwait should really open up for the small businesses and make it easier for them to run, There isn’t a reason not to and it’s shameful that we’re still behind in those kind of legislations.

  7. Zein says:

    Have you checked out @mefazec in Hamra Towers – they have much cheaper coworking space.

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