Salmiya Blajat Project Launching Tomorrow

TEC have been really active with new projects lately and they just announced on Instagram that tomorrow they’ll be opening their Blajat project to the public.

The Blajat project is located in Salmiya and runs the distance from the Bida’a roundabout all the way down to Showbiz. It’s being launched in phases and the first phase has now just been completed.

The Blajat project includes a revamp and refurbishment of that whole strip of coastline with new facilities and ameneties added that include:

– A free public beach
– Rentable sunbeds
– Private cabanas on the beach
– Private cabanas out in the water
– An inflatable water park
– Restaurants and cafes
– A brand new walkway

The regular sandy beach is free to use and there is no entry fee. For the activities and facilities you’ll have to buy tickets through their website or soon to launch TEC app. You’ll also be able to purchase tickets at their ticket booth on location.

Since it’s a public beach it will be mixed-gender and open to everyone.

As for the restaurants and cafes, there will be a bunch of cool brands including Bakehaus, McDonalds, KDD, Subway, Roto and Dhahia Juice.

I’ll post more photos and more accurate information as I get access to them, but for now you can follow the Blajat instagram account @blajatkw and keep reloading their website till it goes live.

Update: So I got the prices and they are the following:

Sunbeds – 8KD per person
Beach Cabanas – 45KD (up to 4 people)
White Floating Cabanas – 45KD (up to 6 people)
White Floating Pool – 10KD per person
Kuwait TAG Obstacle Course – 7.5KD per person
Kids Water Park – 5KD per person

Update2: The website is now live and contains all the details!

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Showbiz Pizza is something I regret not being part of growing up in the Q8 of the 80s. For us, Blajat was where you went on weekends to take the boat to Failaka.

Please make a post about the places currently fingerprint scanning are being done by the ministry, and till what time can we go.

Blajat does a South Beach only at Palm Beach rates. While I understand in order to keep away the riffraff they need to charge for the amenities and services provided they seem to suffer delusional thinking that everyone in Kuwait lives at Mar-a-Lago. A cabana for 8 hrs hire would set you back $80 or thereabouts and those are just high end hotel rates in Miami. TEC needs to revisit its pricing and recalibrate the rates. Tomorrow they will insist you need to hire your own personal life guard. Will there be BBQ pits dug in too ? It will be kinda cool if they put up giant video walls where re-runs of Baywatch are telecast. All in all it is a fantastic development. Reminds me of beaches in Tel Aviv.

Prices are high… they can think about a membership actually… beside that, what’s the dress code situation? I rather stay at home if I have to go short and shirt.

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