Suicide Hotline in Kuwait

Recently I found out that we have a suicide hotline number in Kuwait which is great news. Sadly, it’s only available from 9AM to 12PM! (UPDATE BELOW)

I’m actually hoping that isn’t really true and that the conversation between me and the Social Development Office (pictured above) got lost in translation. Having a suicide hotline that was only available 3 hours a day would be pretty ridiculous. In any case, the below information might be helpful to some readers especially if you’re looking for therapy:

Hotline for Police Community (managed by therapists)
94000435 – 94000463

Social Development Office (FREE) and have many therapists
94069304 (Masella Branch)
94082761 (West Mishref Branch)
Main Office
Hotline 22440904/22402401

Update: They no longer are available for just three hours a day. Here are the suicide hotlines and working hours from the Social Development Office (as of September 24, 2020):

94702266 – 10AM until 4PM (for Teenagers and Adults)

99670675 – 2PM until 7PM (for Adults)

66022448 – 12PM until 7PM (for Teenagers and Adults)

99603997 – 11AM until 8PM (for Kids and Teenagers)

65079596 – 4PM until 10PM (for Adults)

93332007 – 5PM until 9PM (for Teenagers and Adults)

66220282 – 6PM until 9PM (for Adults)

Most of these suicide hotlines are available from Saturday until Thursday. Friday is off.

Update (May 2023): The above numbers no longer work, I’m currently trying to find updated numbers.

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The issue is that a large portion of suicides among teens here (as well as everywhere else) is be cause the kids are homosexuals (or atleast attracted to a person of the same sex). It’s disgusting that parents and this government don’t allow people to love who they want. Even if they contact the suicide hotline they can’t tell them “oh I’m gay” because they’d fear getting into trouble.

No, but saying most are because they are gay, is. People consider killing themselves for a variety of reasons. Peer pressure, abuse, drugs, financial, school performance are some. But saying “oh its coz they are all gay’ is ridiculous.

That’s why I said teen suicides. Having Attended the funerals of several of my peers I can tell you that all died due to that reason.

it’s that they are under extreme pressure to not be gay, even though it’s not their choice and there is nothing they can do about it. God made us the way we are and we should embrace everyone.

Oh let me assure you bro, the teen suicides that happened within my family and friends were not due to Homosexuality. Just like Mocman said, people take their own lives for other reasons too.

Either way sorry for your loss man

Agreed, I just don’t get the “God made me like this” excuse, it a personal choice. And while genes (influenced by ambient habitat) may play a role, it’s just not a vital one.

Mate, you can bash others opinions the fuck you want,I just talked me experience; fair dinkum.

I’m 21 turning 22 soon .. I’ve tried to commit suicide few times before as a kid and teenager .. but lately it feels like .. I’m so hurt like my head’s underwater.. and I can’t stop thinking bout killing myself .. I’ve been exposed to trauma 2 years ago .. but I found a way to lift myself .. I had hope but this time .. it feels like I can’t do that .. even when I’m thinking about suicide .. I’m thinking about my mom and sisters .. but I don’t wanna live anymore .. I can’t live anymore .. I’m so scared I’ve never been this scared .. I seriously think this time I’m leaving for sure .. and there’s no coming back

Hello, Angel.
You wrote in a very proper way, it seems that you are a good student and possibly graduated, as you said you’re 21 years old, I hope you chose a good major, do you know that your name (Malaak) has good vibes, it indicates a person with a strong and smart personality.

So I hope you can feel that inside you, and don’t waste your brain in unnecessary thoughts, I personally don’t know what you’ve been through or what you’re going through but you shouldn’t give up.

I wish you know how much you are worth, and how important you are in this world, take care, stay safe.

By that logic it is a “personal choice” to:

-Be disowned by your family
-Be at 300%+ Risk of suicide
-Be breaking the law in the majority of the middle east for being in a consenting relationship
-Have 0 employee protections in a country that will not bat an eye if you are fired because of your orientation

Why would anyone make that choice if they could help it? The fact that plenty of people ARE self hating about it makes that pretty clear?

I’m 17 in the past 2 months this is the second time am thinking of killing myself. From the first time till today things just got worse. No one really cares of what I’m thinking and what ilm feeling I had a long story i just which I could talk to someone about it or anything wich can help me. As I know suicide is haram but what if someone can’t handle the pain anymore? And everything is going worse

Well said i born in 1997 .. I’ve attempted suicide in April, My mom keeps fighting with me and insulting me she thinks i am a gay because of how i am treating with people, I swear I couldn’t move on after I’ve discharged from hospital i tried to forget that scene when i took 59 pill to just leave the life.. Until now i am struggling everyday bad thoughts visit me for example committing suicide again became my only thought inside my head.. it has been 6 month and I didn’t move on.. today i brought pills from pharmacy because i am having bad grades in college and anxiety is killing me i swear i am fearing to sleep i hate my mother and how she killed me in her mouth.. Wallah wallah wallah i will die soon but I hope there is someone just come up and defend our rights.. Some parents are crazy :(((( My mom let my life black and dark I cant sleep in night i am tired i will leave the college and just sleep forever in peace..
Eventually i want to thank you for doing ur best to tell the world about us how it is difficult to live here and your behaviour is like a gay behaviour..
Thankyou May god bless you my friend

Ifeel the same way wallah i born in 1995 , and i been through a lot in my life but i always get up and beening more stronger than before but i irelly had enough of everything.
my family made my life like hell specialy my mom ijust want to smile again . ijust want my hurt to be come alive , iam trying to do my best in my college and making my self busy . but iam still thinking of committing suicide , iam dead inside idont feel of everything . Thanks

Hi, I hop you will see my comment Nawaf, i been thinking alot about what you said and like what i say before i have the same feeling anf it is killing me but i realize that iam not alone and there is people like me idont know that give me i feelings that someone have the same feelings. I realize that we are strong trust me very strong and we can get over this feelings we can be just fine , i know its so much hard but this is life it takes from you everything but it can make you strong , Nawaf we deserve to be happy and to live our life like what we want no one can stop that noone cous it’s our lifes and we gonna live it the way we want keep fighting to live to have love to have hope , let God save you and take care of your self .

Hi everyone out there!
Sorry for all of the struggle that everyone is having here or knows someone that is in a struggle..
I am here to tell you that YOU CAN MAKE IT THROUGH the storm!

I am available for anyone who needs a helpful ear .

I have counselling Background.


Hello Helena, I’ve been wondering where can I contact you for a counseling session, I’m in real need of it as soon as possible.

Hello Helena, how can we send someone your way for some consultation? Do you have a phone number or a direct message to be contacted by?

Thank you

I’m not gay or anything it’s judt that I think life is useless I feel like I’m hated one time I cried and my dad saw me and thought I did something bad and he made a huge deal of it so I lied and said yea I did something but in reality he’s the reason I’m crying because I want to just stop feeling sometimes I’m still young tho 14 only but I’m still giving life a chance when sometimes I think I shouldn’t.

Hi Mariam,

I feel the exact same way as u do I feel that life is useless I just had a huge fight with my mom but after reading all these messages I feel a bit better that I’m not the only one and I’m also still young I’m 13 I have given up on life and I’m not gonna live anymore and this is a promise I’m making to everyone.

That makes no sense, your argument is flawed !
Your basically saying this:
because homosexuality is difficult to do and can cause self harm> it makes no sense to do it out of free will >then it Could never be out of choice!
by your logic drug addiction is also not by choice, because , why would a person kill them self if they could CHOOSE to stay healthy!

Which is not realistic because humans do many things that are bad and cause harm for themselves AND other people by choice for many reasons .
for example: rape , murder , wars , stealing, and last but never least suicide.

Wikipedia is not a valid source, however there is defiantly a correlation among suicides and sexual orientation, specifically in societies or environments where being gay is taboo.

i really need to talk to someone is there i dont know a away someone can make a group chat for lgbt+ arab people i feel so fucking alone

You’re not alone, there’s a fair amount of LGBT+ kuwaitis, You’re all loved don’t ever give up your life and happiness

While being a homosexual is indeed a higher risk of suicide, I still don’t believe it’s the main issue.

I read a bunch of different articles, none of which had statistics around the Middle East (the reason to that is obvious) but I still don’t believe it’s the main issue.

Teens all around the world are experiencing hard times with basically everything. School issues, house issues, social issues, mental issues… this world is just flipping around and driving people crazy. The problem with this generation (I promise I’m not being bias, I was born in 2002) is that we tend to make everything seem “depressing,” I believe the increase in technology is the effect.

I read an article that stated: In just 45 years, there was a 60% increase in suicide. 60%! That’s A LOT. See the problem with the new generation of teens (me included) is that we tend to spend most of our time using technology. Children nowadays literally get born with a phone in their hand. (See:

I think another big problem is the fact that modern teens tend to misuse the word ‘depression.’ People would be like: “Oh I’m feeling depressed today” with all ease, but what these people don’t understand is that depression is not a mood, it’s a mental disorder. So when all these people go like “I’m depressed” you couldn’t differentiate between who is actually depressed and who isnt.

Anywho, I’m over-stretching what I was initially trying to say. My point is that there are bigger issues than homosexuality. Yes it’s an issue, and I think it’s horrible that most our community is closed minded. But we need to look at the bigger picture; technology/social media. Maybe go outside, look at the beauty of nature. Something you’ll not regret.

And Allah yi7fith il jamee3, wallah it breaks my heart when I see people under distress. I understand depressed people, I went through it and just thinking about that time makes me feel sick. I have anxiety, I’m insecure… So I understand people who don’t feel like they’re good enough for this world. I’m here if anyone wants to talk 🙂

wow, TBH u have an open minded Abdullah well said
My name is Sara born 2001 i lost my mom and all PPL says it was my FAULT IDK how it was mine and i was only 9 years that time ,I raised up alone no family besides to my step mom who always get hard to make me in a bad REPUTATION i tried many times to kill my self and ppl starts call me crazy 10 years until now i still in a pain dont know what to do but i believe that there is a reason we are here in that world
what i want to say my dearest friends is our souls is not a game since i start to think of how beautiful is the world and what is my dreams ,where i want to be soon .also how i will be so happy when i reach my goals , and if sometimes we get sad and there is no family, there is friends will be there for you ,,do something you like or a drink you love.write ur dreams and hopes and if you dont have start to make one 4 u ,, let youre biggest dreams is to be happy .if no one is with you ,ALLAH is with you. GOD loves us and we all have something special in our self if we start thinking in that way surly we will be better than yesterday

I’m a girl , I’m 13 years old. Suffered from several diseases. I also have anxiety attacks almost every day. My life is like a traumatizing movie. My mom, and dad think that it’s a joke somehow. U may be wondering what they would think is a “joke”. I told my mom 1 month ago that my I’m suffering from anxiety attacks. She answered me saying “ Oh it’s probably from your phone! “ or “ Oh it’s maybe because you aren’t moving a lot” and that makes 0 sense to me. I have tried suicide 3 times. You may think I’m overreacting. But that’s just an opinion. I’m here stating my facts and sharing my story to help other people and to let them know that they aren’t alone. My story isn’t a fairytale with a happy ending. It’s a traumatizing peace of crap. Sorry for my language. The reasons I’m getting anxiety attacks and I’ve had multiple suicide attempts is because of school, and being r@ped when I was 11 years old , and because of family problems. I have called this suicide hotline phone number and it really helped. I have been sneaking out at 1 pm going out to therapy without my parents knowing. The person who is paying for it is my auntie. And this is my story. And if your trying to attempt suicide. Please don’t. You have friends that care about you. You have family member. There are many ways you could heal whatever your going through right now. And the number one thing is therapy. And this is my story! I hope it helped by whatever your going through right now

I’m a girl , I’m 13 years old. Suffered from several diseases. I also have anxiety attacks almost every day. My life is like a traumatizing movie. My mom, and dad think that it’s a joke somehow. U may be wondering what they would think is a “joke”. I told my mom 1 month ago that my I’m suffering from anxiety attacks. She answered me saying “ Oh it’s probably from your phone! “ or “ Oh it’s maybe because you aren’t moving a lot” and that makes 0 sense to me. I have tried suicide 3 times. You may think I’m overreacting. But that’s just an opinion. I’m here stating my facts and sharing my story to help other people and to let them know that they aren’t alone. My story isn’t a fairytale with a happy ending. It’s a traumatizing peace of crap. Sorry for my language. The reasons I’m getting anxiety attacks and I’ve had multiple suicide attempts is because of school, and being r@ped when I was 11 years old , and because of family problems. I have called this suicide hotline phone number and it really helped. I have been sneaking out at 1 pm going out to therapy without my parents knowing. The person who is paying for it is my auntie. And this is my story. And if your trying to attempt suicide. Please don’t. You have friends that care about you. You have family member. There are many ways you could heal whatever your going through right now. And the number one thing is therapy. And this is my story! I hope it helped by whatever your going through right now ( this won’t post help)

i could totally relate to u , we even maybe share the same age rn idk , plz dont think o sucide , I LOVE U tho maybe idk u much but trust me the world needs , everything can change and be better

They probably meant 12 am as in midnight, but have no idea when 12am or 12pm is. Interestingly enough Xcite salmiya (salem almubarak) also works from saturday to friday 9:30am to 12:00pm

Took a pic but no way to upload here

Does anybody hear have family issues where you are standing alone against your family and nothing seems right? And you can not do anything about it because you have no one to help you through? You feel cornered and lonely even when your around people? The urge of wanting to live is almost diminished? From having older dudes touch you to having a completely ruined childhood to having a disgusting teen and to having your parents almost ruin your adulthood? Because they are so narrow and negative minded and because you come from a brown house hold
They want to end your misery by trading you to some guy whos double your age to get married to?
Having siblings and being one of them and receiving the most amount of hate and partiality?
I need therapy , theres so much i have to express 🙂 but i cant get out of my house aswell and my parents will legit get me married if they know that im asking for therapy:) it just gets toxic and suicidal everyday. can anyone help.

I feel u, it’s like you explained my life in details it’s sad that we’re going through this but we must stay strong, i wish you happiest and peace 🫂🤍

I believe that all your comments on the reasons of suicide are right! non of you is wrong!
Abdallah I really agree with you.
In addition to all the listed reasons you’ve mentioned I think that one of the main reasons the pushes not only teens but adults as well is (piled up disappointments) that leads to isolation then an exteme feeling of LONELINESS! I suffer from this my self and im 30 years old born in 1987 I think about suicide every minute! I only suppress this feeling as much as i can just to keep going cuz i have no choice! Allah y3een kil ensan y7s fe hal shay it’s more painful that any physical torture! I’m struggling with the killing myself thought right now :’(
أتمنى من خالق هالكون الواحد الأحد انه يغفرلي اذا فقدت صبري و قررت أنهي معاناتي الي بدأت معاي من 15 سنه

I don’t know what’s your going through, but i really hope you can know that whatever your going through it can get better any moment, so do not end your life, even this pain you are going through you will be rewarded for it if your patient and please do understand that no body has it all , every person is suffering one way or another, that is life , we have good days and bad ones, I think we all need to focus on our happy blessings to really be grateful and thankful , plus since I assume you are a muslim , read the Quran daily, listen to it , When ever i feel sad or consumed with dark thoughts, I always turn to it , it always feels like the bruises on my soul is soothed, and this sadness is simply my soul needing what it was created for , we sin a lot and sometimes sins cause this overwhelming sadness .

I hope you get better and be happy ,I will pray for you Dana.

i know you wrote this ages ago but i had to reply to this message, because i deeply relate to your comment and understand exactly what this excruciatingly painful loneliness feels like. i’m a freshman in college and i’m extremely lonely, even outside of college i don’t have connections, can’t even form them in the first place. nobody takes my suffering seriously. the only thing that’s preventing me from ending it all is fear. it’s been 4 years since my last genuine friendship and i’ve been lonely and isolated ever since..

I can totally understand what you are going thru my dear. This comment was a while back. How are things now?

I think in some countries medical and psychology university level students can volunteer to work the hotline… seems like a good idea to extend their hours

What the shit? That doesn’t even cover rush hour.

And if congac guy is right, the target demographic is either in school or asleep around that time.

I’ve been thinking about a peaceful exit from life. It’s not really suicide and I’m not depressed I actually feel really numb and I don’t feel much emotions and I’m only alive because I’m curious for tomorrow mostly. For lack of better words I’m just really bored of life. I thought about travelling but I don’t think it would work. What’s crazy is I’m not even scared of death at all. I feel like I’ve lived long enough even though I’m only 23. When ever I look for answers online this blog just pops up Everytime.

Ifeel the same way wallah i born in 1995 , and i been through a lot in my life but i always get up and beening more stronger than before but i irelly had enough of everything.
my family made my life like hell specialy my mom ijust want to smile again . ijust want my hurt to be come alive , iam trying to do my best in my college and making my self busy . but iam still thinking of committing suicide , iam dead inside idont feel of everything . Thanks

There is no reason I guess for me posting this.
But after you know that life is meaningless and purposeless,
I guess there is no reason to live.
For every day I get into a bigger struggle to make myself find joy within nothing, thus I think the only way is to silence a purposeless life, no matter how successful I am in my external life.

Stay strong, its gets better tho. Our country doesn’t seems helpful enough but we can make it through this, together! Pls reach out when u feel need to talk to someone.

I really wanna kill myself at this moment i have nothing to loose im being treated like an object and silenced all the time by my own mother and my dad doesnt care he never did and he’s never around and my brothers are abusing me verbally and mentally and one of them physically since i was a child !!!!! i feel hopeless and i just don’t wanna do this anymore

I have this idea since I was 15 am 19 almost 20 Its been a struggle I eat my feeling I do stay in my room a lot like a lot And i dont get out of it till my parents leaves because i know that they will judge me and bully me like why you are not better why you not that good at studying why you spend a lot of time in your room when i told them they just shut me down and laugh make me do their work like go there and there and just to make me tired my own mother said “i wish you have never been born, I wish that you died, i wish you die” the next day she acts normal like it never happen and its not the first time sometime I just look at the cuter and stare like should i kill myself today would anybody miss me would i finally be happy I cant even talk about my sexuality even when i try to buy things they judge me like you are wasting money I dont really write this stuff but i think i reached my limit.

I have talked to a friend or two about my suicide attempts. I don’t feel like I suffer from depression, but I feel like Im fed up with everything around me. Suicide thoughts are always haunting me. I am a 26 year old expat male, born and raised in kuwait. I feel like the lack of nature in Kuwait is part of the reason why I feel that way, the people I went to college with are not very bright and had interests in very silly vlogger lives shit. The fact that I grew up here thinking I belong here (my father was born here as well) and then realizing that me and my family are here on a working visa makes me lose my mind. The fact that we can’t own property, and all those discrimination that I saw growing up. This all affected my identity as an individual in this world. When i travel people ask where Im from, I swear I can never answer that question because I myself have no clue, but dont we always end up saying Dubai? haha. I am an outgoing person that dont suffer from intense anxiety, just very suicidal for some reason. My last attempt was 5 years ago. And I feel like my next is very soon 🙁
I find it very difficult to ask for help. Its not easy for me to talk about emotions, thanks to our “men don’t cry” ideology.

I feel better just sharing this here. And I wanna thank Mark from 2:48am for being a productive individual in our society!
Thank you

I juuuuuust want it to stop all the guilt im feeling and shame along with depression and anxiety thought That not stop it killing me and I want it to be over I’v been dealing with cptsd for a months alone and it’s getting worse even so I couldn’t know myself any more I don’t feel the joy or the presence of doing anything Im soooo surprise of my self I made it this far and dont ended it because dude? I adopt a cat BEFROE Covid shit show and I don t wanna leave him alone!

Is it that feeling when you re fed up from everything?
You know you re on depression and you know from whay but you don’t know what to about it….

I cant fell happiness anymore I fell like nobody gives a fuck anymore abt me being the mistake in the family bcs my parents always wanted a boy but got me and its gotten to the point that I’m not scared to kill myself or death.
I lost all my friends because when I opened to them they just hated me and liked it when I pretended to be happy.
My parents think that being sad all the time or Depression anxiety or suicidal thoughts are a choice which just makes me hate my life even more.
My whole family thinks that depression should only happen to elderly people and not teens or even adults which pisses me and I’m only 14.
And the fact that my parents re so homophobic which means I can even come out to them and if I do they will kill me o the spot and they won’t even feel ashamed or even that what they did was wrong
please, anybody, help me I’m in desperate need of someone I used to have everything now I have nothing hmu snap jzi_nyf before its too late which might be anytime soon.

lol that was me a few months ago i met this girl she really changed my life I still do think of suicide every day shes one of the reasons I’m here rn and the fact that we met a day after I wrote this is fucking mind-blowing things have only gotten worse tbh I’ve selfed harmed so much I cant even wear normal clothes all oversized i can’t let my parents see they would literally disown me I’m still looking for a reason to live to this day I can’t find it its all her but she doesn’t probably care I exist I just cant anymore i just want to be happy i cant just relapse everytime i get pissed or mad i cant even look at myself anymore without having a meltdown i don’t have patients at all even tho I’m just 14 i cant please i cant do this anymore

being loved by no one is hard
having no family
being abused,harassed sexually since you’re a kid,bullied by even not your skl mates only but ur whole country for being stateless is horrible

Hello ..
last night i tried to kill myself and failed I committed suicide over 6 times and it always fail i guess i suck even with killing my self
Im 19 turning 20 after one month
I study abroad dentistry
Alot of trauma in my life
I was sexually abused by my own brother
And my parents didn’t raise me they put me in
My grandma house till I turned 15 when my grandma which was my mom and everything i have passed away
When i moved to my parents house always there was problems i know maybe i did alot of wrong things but it wasn’t who i am it was I don’t know i was just damaging myself to distract my pain
Also i’m an addict i’m sober from crystal meth 31 days but still taking pills and smoking marijuana
Today i think I’ll relapse on meth so i can kill myself without feeling pain..
My parents are so terrible and I can’t
My mom actually hits me because she doesn’t trust me going out and i always go out without her permission and when i come back she hits me and say that she doesn’t trust where i was and call me a slut in front of my dad and brother
And she told them all the things i did
And now she told my dad to drop me out of medical school
I’m so lost and I can’t do this anymore
There’s is more but I didn’t mention cause im too tired I’m writing this while having massive headache due to what i took yesterday thought i’ll overdose but no woke up weak.. and i think i’m gonna relapse
They treat me like a fucking kid and i know when i was a teen and still i did alot of mistakes
But she see me as “عار” she’s ashamed because
Of me
It’s alot i just can’t anymore i called the suicide hotline no one respond i think now im gonna call a dealer and get what i want and relapse and just kill myself cause its too much I can’t take it anymore

its ok i feel the same way but sometimes you have to experience some stuff like this i think of these things all the time i have anxiety a-lot of it, i sometimes think of suicide but you always get through them, i feel you i am tired in my life to much anxiety but please dont commit suicude its not worth it life is valuable sometimes and sometimes it garbage but if you die what will happen no feelings nothing you will die and regret it you can stay alive and live, in life its about how hard you get hit and come through not just committing suicide i and one day you will be something telling your pife story amazing people on how haed you got hit and still came through like a queen i am crying while writing this because if feel for you and feel what happend and when you i hope you are alive right now and seeing what i wrote happy, i know how it feels when you cant take it anymore try to cope whit it, good bye.

I Want To Kill Myself Bc They Love My Cousin More Than Me , I Want To Know Why Life Is So Good To Other People Who Isn’t Me And I’m Afraid To Them That’s I’m Lesbian

Sometimes you should keep some things for yourself, you don’t need to tell that you re lesbian, our society is not ready to accept difference yet…

Im tired of being sad , depressed , having anxiety and pressure all the time by mom and sometimes my dad i tried suiciding more than once but they only knew about my first time they dont know about the others i feel like i can’t breathe i want to scream but no one can hear me i wanna talk but i cant i feel like im afraid of them more than god my mental health is getting worse and worse every day and i just lie to myself to calm me down and say everything is going to be ok but its not

I have 2,500 kwd of student loans, I just want to kill myself and save my family from a burden like me. Seeing my friends that are able to pay for bags bracelets shoes in that price breaks my heart more. My father will kill me if he finds out.

Life is worth nothing at all all I see is darkness. Even on happy days when i should be drifted away from my problems I think about killing myself. I hate my life I hate myself I hate everything I hate how I’m living الحمدالله بس احس ماقدر اعيش خلاص

since I saw a lot of u guys were writing so why shouldn’t I..
I’m 14 yrs old. I have been suffering from depression, its been over a year now. I rlly lost my happiness, and recently I was thinking of committing suicide. but.. the only reason kept me from not doing this is that its haram. and I don’t wanna do that and not make it to heaven. I’m so fucking tired of everything. I mean even my grades in school! my gpa is dropping. I have a therapist, but its not helping. All we do is talk and I’m done talking. I talked too many people about why I was depressed and all. and I don’t need someone to talk to. I just need help! I hate everything, I hate living, and I hate the fact that I can still breath. I cant wala. I’m under a lot of pressure. everything is too much! my parents are not strict el7mdla. but something is really bothering me the past few weeks. and its that out of sudden my mom is really mad at me and I have no idea why she is I tried to talk to her and to understand why is she mad at me but I couldn’t she won’t even give me a chance to talk to her. I tried to talk to her today and she pushed me.. she really pushed me I can still feel her hands on me.. seriously she hurt-ed me. the problem is that this isn’t the first time she puts her hands on me and pushes me hard I keep telling her that ur hurting me.. she laughs and starts kissing me and its so annoying me cause it feels like she’s doing this on purpose.. I swear she hurts me its feels like that I cant feel safe around her I swear I’m starting to get scared to be with her or around her. omg I’m really writing this while I’m crying. and oh yeah I’ve been asking her since last week that if I could go to my friends house and she was like ” FORGET SOMETHING CALLED FRIENDS FROM NOW AND ON” and she was literally screaming!! she went crazy after I asked her If I could go to a friends house. I’m so shocked why is she talking to me like that she isn’t like or at least wasn’t. my parents are kind of free. why is this happening? I mean she know that Im going to a therapist and what she’s doing is only making things worse. I mean why would she do some stuff such as that. it only making my life worse. she’s really destroying my mental health with stuff such as that. I cant have more shitty stuff happening to me/ in my life. I’m too young I’m too fucking young to be that sad and to be thinking a lot. all I need to think about is studying and hanging with friends and family. why cant I just be the way I was before I wanna die I WANNA DIE💔💔💔

Sorry for what you are going through especially you re yoo young for this, and it’s time to enjoy these years not tl suffer.
Do you have any brothers or sisters in the family?
Is she acting the same way with the rest of tout family.

At least your parents don’t beat you up and traumatize you that you’re childhood is filled with nothing but ugly memories like I had. Look on the bright side your mother actually shows you some affection.. you’re still young have some patience find a simple hobby to waste your time with, watch Netflix shows, ride a bike outside the weathers amazing and so on… just be appreciative of the life you have and try your best to be positive

Ok. So I don’t want to be all dramatic and hormonal and I know that people around the world are going through worse but I cannot help the fact that I am being treated like shit my whole life. I even treat myself like shit to kill that disgusting feeling and that voice, that shit voice that never fails to let me down and for some reason, it disappears when I hurt myself even more. Therapists don’t work. I don’t want to hurt others with my shit. I don’t have a family that I love anymore since everyone is a selfish maggot with a lifeless ambition and goal to punish others for their sins. It’s a long story about why I hate my family but that’s not the point. It’s the self hatred that I’m facing my dudes and girls. I keep on lying to myself to raise my hope in this horrible shit of life. On top of that, I am extremely flawed and unacceptable in all human ways. I’m annoying, weird, idiot, gay and why the heck would my friends care about someone like me? You know? When you’re completely useless and you know it for sure yet they suddenly like you if you’re in pain. Or you wonder how on earth would someone like you when you KNOW FOR A FACT THAT YOU’RE A GROSS HUMAN BEING. OR THAT YOU FEEL COMPLETELY UNWANTED YOUR ENTIRE LIFE AND THAT SHIT GROWS AND GROWS INTO YOUR BRAIN FOR AGES AND NOTHING AT ALL STOPS THAT SHIT!!!!!l THAT VOICE. THAT GROSS TINY VOICE. THAT HORRIBLE FEELING. IT GROWS. GROWS AND GROWS UNTIL IT EATS YOU ALIVE LEAVING YOU ROT AND DECAYED. Anyone or anything that’s reading this. I still don’t know what’s wrong with me and how confusing I can get to be understood by others but I’m here to help. Whenever you think you’re worthless and a shitbot, think of this post and thank god for not being me. I hope you all the best. ^^

Sucks that I attempted suicide several times yet none of it worked. It’s a curse to have that type of immortality and now I sound like a pothead author (it’s a joke and frankly, I am joke). But seriously I am done dealing with my shit by myself and nothing good ever happens. Bullied, abused, sexually assaulted, gay, worthless and yet for some reason, I am leaving this comment. I am truly sorry for everyone who’s going through b.s and think walls are getting tighter and darker. I hope everything goes swell. Contact me if needed as I accept every cheese head I meet. 🙂

I feel so hopeless. I’m thinking of killing myself but sometimes i think this won’t make the pain go away! Because I will hurt the people i love the most by doing so. Bs I can’t handle this all! My sister used to be the closest person to me, but she has never understood what I’m going through. I’m starting to hate everything and everyone around me. I hate my father sometimes, he caused so much pain to me over his stupid ways of trying to control eveyone. I just hate him so much and I can never forgive him. Even if he’s changing rn, the pain that he put me through will never go away from my mind. I do not talk about these things to anyone in my life. I always struggle alone but rn i feel like I’m really done. I’ve never tried going to therapy so if you have any advice, please tell me.

Ive been thinking about suicide lately and i get the urge when im anxious and nervous ive had alot of traumas growing up. What i want now is a good therapist that wont shove religion and praying on my face every time i talk about my thoughts and feelings can u recommend any names please?

I feel so alone and I don’t want to be here anymore I feel like I’m gonna leave soon and no one seems to be listening to me I don’t want to go through this so much pain

I read the whole thread hoping to find someone like me but couldn’t… alone even here…
I’m a 32 years old TRANS WOMAN from Kuwait. Diagnosed with Gender dysphoria when I was 16, attempted suicide in 18 & yet managed to get back up graduated with 3.90 happy finally I’m going to study medicine & treat patients… Well, my family graduation gift was torturing me for 3 days while I’m tied up naked, can’t open my eyes from the swelling… I remember the moment before I lost consciousness with a hit on my head with bat thinking it’s a gun & I’m dying … I regain consciousness 2 days in hospital saved by a stranger…
That was the day I realised I’m alive. WITH NO SOUL NO FUTURE NO FAMILY NOTHING… I gave them every reason to be proud & love me … they chose the only thing that out of my control to brutally almost murdering me…. Ever since I’m suffering from PTSD, alcoholism, substance abuse, prostitution,…. ALL I WANTED WAS TO BE A DOCTOR … Not being known as the smart prostitute LOL.
I won’t ever forget how after getting my diploma I was rushing home thinking I’m gonna be hugged… my heart was racing from excitement… the moment I opened the door I was dragged by 3 grown men to the dark basement… those 3 men were my 2 uncles and dad. My own father who suppose to protect me Watching me bleeding to death… the second day I was blind hearing them coming down telling myself that’s it I’m gonna die… for 2 days…. till I stopped thinking I’m alive imagine death was my only defence mechanism… I couldn’t find my way back to feel alive again.
Yes I have every reason to end my life, the fact that I’m here telling you about it is like I’m sending my last SOS signals… & part of me want to keep part of me here …
I’m not crying, surprisingly calm & I can make a joke on my way out 🙂 I know what stage of depression I am… Most of are still young for this but don’t give up on yourself,
keep this idea alive in your head…
Peace out hehe

My goodness, you do not deserve any of what happened to you at all. I know this is a very late reply but i truly hope you’re alive, happier and thriving right now. I’m sending you all my love and support darling <3

my god,this is so sad really but as you say it dont give up i really wish as me a teen 20 yo could help you but am telling you IF UR IN YOURE SELF A GOOD PERSON so DONT LET THE BAD THINKS COME IN UR MIND U CAN TALK TO Police stations in Kuwait against domestic violence , OR JUST KEEP AWAY FROM UR FAMILY UNTIL U HAVE UR OWN LIFE its really sad when we wait from our parents who should keeps us safe but they be the whole reasons of our pains dont know if you can move on to live alone cause thats what am thinking about ,too the problem is ppl are not safe so you have to be patient, dont be just like this look for some thing change ur life and trust me if u have a bad past thats not mean there is no future you just can easily talk to ur cosest person in the family tell him how u would like to be a doctor and to have a bright future , i will pray for you too asking god help all of us , but promise that you have to try changing ur self and be good ,bcs whenever ur good no one can hurt you . TRY TO LOOK FORWARD TO UR LIFE AND DONT LOOK IN TO THE BAST

my life is shit, i’m 15 still diagnosed with adhd and anxiety and severe insomnia and still left untreated for several months, All they fuckin gave me is panadol and zyrtec? seriously? For insomnia ? what the fuck? to the point where it affected my school grades, personality, my mom thinks being on any sort of medication thags given by a doctor will make a drug addict and it’s tiring , while writing this a few hours later once everyone is asleep i’m gonna take every pill in the cabinet and hopefully overdose and show them how shitty my life is and their wrong for saying “nothings wrong with you”

i am 14, my parents expect m e to be something that i can’t be. I took a few pics of students and teachers in the school but one person snitched on me, i got suspended my dad beat me up and said that my mom didn’t raise me well. they r fighting right now and they took my phone and sold it. i thought about death a few times before but this time i rly want it to happen from deep down in my heart. i know i made a mistake and i am talking my punishment now but death would be something that helps my life become easier. i wish i could make it out of this but i don’t think i can. if i die now the last words from my dad would be ‘u r such a failure’

I’m gonna write things that hurt me and make me feel sad: strict parents, my father, our society, being women(I love being women it just hard), my mother( i love her and I want her to understand me but she doesn’t so i can feel guilty feelings from her), forcing to covering up and dressing certain way(it cases me lot of mental issues), being sexualized in general and especially from family members, surrounded by judgmental and racist people (because of course our society), Muslims who pushes their beliefs on me even tho I’m Muslim too I just have different believes and they make me feel god hate me, (freedom) I don’t have it and the fact that I want to live my life a certain way will cause me lot especially that I’m women, not believing in myself even tho I have all the qualities to achieve my goals and dreams it just because depression and traumas, the fact that I have panic attacks and ‏anxiety and eating disorder and depression and it get worse when i thought of what will my family do if I just live my life freely and I know If I don’t I’m gonna kill myself because I at least have suicidal thoughts 2 times in the week. Anyways reading y’all comments calms me and made me feel less alone I hope that we all have some hope and stay safe and I really wish we get over it we really don’t deserve this❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

i bet you will someday, idk who you are but i’m sure that someday someone will come into your life and change it for the better 🙂
life is hard most of the times and sometimes we get thoughts that we don’t want (the reason why i’m on here tbh) but you just have to know that things could get better if you meet the right people <3

i’m really glad it made you happy

just know that no matter what happens in ur life, someone is gonna be there for you. if you expected them to be there or not 🙂

i’m always here for you <3

yall have no clue about what makes the person suicidal… I just want to die, I do not want to kill myself. I want to die for a family A wife… I do not want to kill myself like a loser. I want to embrace courage. I AM LITERALLY DREAMING ABOUT MY ANCIENTS AND THE WAY THEY DIED… F SCHOOL F COLLEGE F JOBS I JUST WANT TO BE A SOLDIER IN THE MIDDLE OF A WAR.

i have finals in 2 weeks and i didn’t study anything at all yet because i’m struggling with my mental health and i don’t know what to do or how to deal with it. i really hope that i get better because i don’t wanna die before i go to university.
being 16 and dealing with all of this shit since 9 years old gets really tiring and so exhausting, and now i find myself in bed just staring into nothing for hours while feeling absolutely numb. but i have two people in my life that make me remember that they’re worth living for and i hope i never lose them.

i just really need help and i don’t know how to get it.

Good luck dana, all the best <3 you gonna make it and we trust in you, hope everything goes well as u planed, i have finals after 2 weeks too lol, you got this little girl 🤍

i wish you all the best too <3 i hope everything goes as well as i planned too.

and i hope things start getting better for both me and you 🙂

is there any way you can talk to me other than here? please don’t do anything that you’ll regret yet. i’m always here for you if you need anyone 🙂

i don’t know much about you but i feel like you’re a great person, and i know that i care about you aziz <3

a lot of people know me too but i can give you my private one (@yourhotdumbgf)
i don’t really accept people in it but you can follow me on that and we can talk more 🙂

I just feel drained all the time I used to have suicidal thoughts but it only happened in the night now it happens during the day even while walking to my class in the middle of the day and there’s a lit of people walking around me all i can think about is i wanna die i don’t wanna live i hate it i hate that im like that but I can’t help it i tried i did everything i can but nothing help i feel hopeless im used on being alone my whole life i don’t have a family just my mom and she doesn’t understand me no matter what i say i always try to make her understand me but she doesn’t i can tell anyone i know about these thoughts i will look either crazy or just pathetic or weak im not im strong but im just tired i can’t do it anymore I don’t even go out anymore I don’t do anything i try to push on myself to go out sometimes but nothing changes i hate this feeling

My low points keep getting lower and lower and idk what to do anymore. I thought i no longer wanted to kill myself but every time i get hit with the most miniscule amount of negativity my brain goes haywire and all i can think about is how to die. I dont know if i can take any more of these episodes.

Has anyone ever called these hotlines? If so, could they please tell me about their experience in a reply? I want to call but i’m scared. You can never trust how this country treats the mentally unwell

i agree. the tiniest inconvenience changes the way you look at life within a second. also to be honest, i don’t really trust these hotlines, not even therapy or the mental hospital. i feel like they’ll just throw meds at you then you’re numb, and boom problem solved. it’s all for their own financial gain (that’s just my opinion plz enlighten me if i said something inaccurate)

I’ve been having suicidal thoughts since my mom passed away. The pain of her loss is just unbearable especially as I wasn’t with her and didn’t see her much during the past couple of years becoz of Corona and other circumstances. I feel really horrible for not making an effort to visit and see her more often in the past couple of years and putting work first. She’s gone now and there’s no bringing her back. it’s unlikely that I’d ever act on these suicidal thoughts becoz I have a phobia of death and not existing, but they pass through my head every now and then and sometimes the pain of her loss is just too much that I can’t bear it. I don’t know if it gets better with time.

I have read most comments and its honestly sad to see these people thinking about suicide. I’ve also thought about suicide since i was 9 because of my family problems. No one in my family used to take me seriously because i was a kid i also had a big fight with my dads family side which made me think im an annoying person. Once i got my phone i started to try to be mature and old enough i started swearing at a young age which isnt good i learnt things i shouldnt. all my friends say im being dramatic and over reacting i had trust issues and anger issues since i was 8 it’s honestly very sad to see me like this before. Im getting thoughts about suicide again. and i keep things to myself. When i met 3 people online they changed me and now im very grateful i met them. Please talk to somebody and dont let yourself suffer alone.

I have considered suicide for the past 2 – 3 years now because of society pressure. I’ve tried hinting at my mental stability with my parents but they just ignore me. I’m pretty much invisible, feels like even if I go ahead and attempt taking my own life no one would even bother. I asked my parents for professional help, and all they told me is “son, pray to god to make you better”. The worst thing is they are trying to get me to live a normal life even though they know I’m not normal at all. I’m a closeted 31 year old man, I have decided not to come out because my family would disown me if I did. They are already forcing me to “find a suitable mate” whatever the hell that means! I’m jobless, hopeless and I have no friends or anyone to talk to. I think it’s time I seek professional help without my family’s knowledge. Even though I want to end my life cause I feel like it is worthless, I’m worried my mom wouldn’t be able to live with the fact that I took my own life since it’s a huge sin according to their beliefs. Don’t get me wrong I love my parents, but I wish they would be less controlling and more open to new ways. I wish I could live elsewhere besides the Middle East, but I’ve tried applying to jobs abroad and got refused many times. The worst thing is I fell in love with my best friend (and they know about my feelings) but the feelings are not mutual. Hurts me to see my best friend every now and then while having to bury the feelings I have for them. Please help me get through this. According to this article there is no number we can contact to help in this situation. I hope that someday I won’t get these self harm thoughts, and I hope anyone in the same situation get the professional help they need instead of being told to man up or seek gods help.

i’ve often contemplated suicide as well, although i’ve never commited to it.

i grew up in a weird situation. my parents divorced and then my parents stopped caring, really. my mom remarried and left us w my grandparents, my dad moved countries and called once a year.. i tried my best. i threw myself into books, consumed knowledge like i was starved.
i must’ve lived a thousand lives from the amount of books i’ve read 🙂

it’s okay not to be okay. i’ve really had to put a mask on to protect my sister, to let her know that its all okay, that we’re not completely weird and shouldn’t hold a grudge against our predestined situation. the mask doesn’t hold for too long but it does reassure her, which is all i want.

i recently graduated college, i’m 23 and think of life logically or at least i try to. but, i don’t know man.

it’ll all work out, right?
keep your head up, folks. destiny awaits!

hi im 14 years old.. I’ve been struggling with family issues and selfharm been cutting since last 2021 till this day and i just really wanna kill myself cus ive lost control in everything literally. i messed up alot in friendships and that makes me feel like im not a good person or a good friend and i messed up in alot of things. and i have been bullied but never cried the pain is still here everytime the girls from school bullies me i smile at their faces and go straight to the bathroom and deeply cut myself and cry as i try to make myself bleed a lot.. i got really bad grades in 7th grade now im in 8th grade and everythings hard and im so stressed out. i lost so many friends but i still have a bestfriend but we had an argument and it was my fault and it always have been my fault i always mess up. i hate myself so much for that

Depression does not discriminate. I noticed there is a theme where lack of family support and love takes a toll on mental health. Although I love my family dearly, I also hate them. Imagine I have told my brother that I am suicidal, he says he is too busy to look for a therapist. When I find one myself, he says I have to pay for it from my own pocket. I tell him I don’t feel he cares about me and he responds in anger, without any consideration to the fact that I just said “I feel so unloved by family that I wanna end my life”. He does not even pick up the phone to call or txt “how are you”.

I am almost 40. I won’t list my troubles here. But I just want you guys to know that I, understand your pain. No one deserves to feel unloved.

Grateful that Mark has this page for us to connect, as I honestly felt like the saddest and loneliest person in the world.

I tried taking my own life several times with no luck (obv) I’m tired. tired of trying to die and failing.

Anyway, I think I talked too much

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