Top Ten Salaries in Kuwait

Post by Mark

According to Gulf Business, the follow are the top ten salaries in Kuwait:

1. Construction
2. Banking
3. Sales/ Marketing
4. Human Resources
5. Information Technology
6. Advertising
7. Public Relations
8. Hospitality
9. Real Estate
10. Publishing

For more details with salary figures you can check their article [Here]

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  1. Chris says:

    so are these positions available to expatriates or only Kuwaitis ?

  2. spydistrict says:

    Private sector only? That’s why there’s no explicit mention of the oil industry.

  3. Saud says:

    I’d love to know how they conducted this study, they rarely mention that part.

    I find it hard to believe that the construction sector gets more than the oil sector, or the energy sector in general.

  4. Kuwait says:

    I was gonna blast the survey too, as Oil & Gas should’ve featured up on top, till you mentioned its just Private Sector.

    However, someone in HR is 4th highest paid? LOL, tough pill to swallow that.

    • Gabbar says:

      HR has now become a profit center

      It is not surprising to see HR getting increments and bonuses in the investment and consulting fields when other get laid off :D

  5. anon says:

    wondering about government sector figuers, at least the order not numbers.

  6. The Real Burhan says:

    I don’t know how they took this survey but this is not what people are getting paid – even on average.

    I have worked in construction, IT and banking.

    Construction managers/project managers/heads of dept. make way more than what is listed.

    IT manager – if you are an “IT Manager” in a 10 person shop, then yeah; maybe if they counted your salary the average would be low; but I know in banking that is NOT the case. Heads of IT/IT Operations/IT PMs make more than that.

    They might have just pulled these numbers out of a hat.

  7. Talal says:

    Why isn’t engineering on that list…?

  8. Hammad says:

    where’s drilling industry(oil and gas)…
    my boss makes $ 14k plus perks… perks are as much as 4 times of my salary..!

  9. sooli says:

    why arent there any mention of medical jobs?

  10. Ramez says:

    how about Oil & Gas Sectors?

  11. zap says:

    Lol people relax. How would he know? Its according to Gulf Business lol so ask them.

  12. Caesar says:

    That is saying the average salary in the construction industry in Kuwait is kd 3000 + . what a load of horseshit . Unless they took  like 50 senior Kuwaiti management Officials only . This survey is obviously using an irrelevant sample size  because it is not reflective at all .

  13. Twisted Truth says:

    Haha…..Smells like shit. I know quite a few high ranking officers in various private sectors and they’re not earning anywhere near these levels.

    Maybe a 50 year old professional with 3 decades of experience, but not average.

  14. q80 says:

    Ranking of fields might be correct for private sector in Kuwait.
    I don’t think that the averages are correct. Top managers earn little bit more, and employees earn much less.

    I think that this list only helps new students entering college by giving an idea about the most lucrative jobs in the Kuwaiti private sector.

  15. Aaqib says:

    Do you know much is an avrege salary of Senior Graphic Designer?

  16. Caesar says:

    Comparing salaries from sales / marketing with those from the construction industry is like comparing the performance of a motorbike to that of a car . Its irrelevant !

    One is a discipline aNd the other is an industry . So obviously this survey was not made for career consulting , and just for fun .

  17. James says:

    Wow ! Are these the kind of salaries being paid !?

    I need to ask for a much bigger raise ;)

    Thanks Mark for the post.

  18. Caesar says:

    James, if this survey was even remotely correct, it would mean the average employee in most of Kuwait private sectors earn over 70,000 USD a year. This would make it nearly USD 30,000 + more than the average salary of an american which is 46,270 US.

    That my friend is a joke. America currently earns the highest average salary, so it is impossible that Kuwait has this level of income. This survey is a joke and I cant believe folks here are still actually asking questions about it :)

    • Eliasoz says:

      This is a survey of the HIGHEST paying jobs in the private sector. Not an average of all salaries in Kuwait.

      Take note.

      But even a high school teacher here earns over $42,000 a year. So it’s not unreasonable.

    • aaa says:

      America earns the highest average because CEOs are paid millions a month, not because the average worker is making more.

  19. Eliasoz says:

    This is a survey of the HIGHEST paying jobs in the private sector. Not an average of all salaries in Kuwait.

    Take note.

    But even a high school teacher here earns over $42,000 a year. So it’s not unreasonable.

  20. Agja says:

    Damn, i’m underpaid!

  21. nawaf says:

    Where is insurance sector ?? Anyway I think salaries are from year 2000 and below. Today salaries are lot higher than that. Specialy managers even H R manager and IT manager get 2000 or 3000 kd . With national support 3500-2500 kd

  22. i3lami says:

    actually i can believe these numbers

    because of the fact that marketing and advertisement is a very big business especially with the recent ads improvement in Kuwait.

    According to my professor in Collage of business administration
    the fastest way to earn money is by using creative tools in advertisement!

    by looking at the study it’ll be obvious that
    it’s what you expect if you are a chief or a high rank position holder in these kind of fields

    not a newbie who just started working

    currently a Pr’ist makes around 3100$/month ( Kuwaiti) with the government support in the private sector
    and makes 3300$ in KUNA
    and 2950$ In any other gov. sectors

  23. f,c says:

    What is the average monthly salary of a teacher in Kuwait with (1-2) years of experience and a BSC?
    I got an offer for 600KD starting plus the usual benefits.

    • Ruru says:

      Seriously? What nationality are you? Cuz indians/pakis/egyptians get like 200 KD at most.

      • Roy says:

        It depend more on where one was educated/trained and not what passport one holds? Another deciding factor is what kind of school it is.

      • farah says:

        i believe theres indians, pakis and egyptian who get paid monthly more than what you’ll spend your lifetime earning. rascism at its best

  24. syedakram says:

    I like Kuwait

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