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The Ethiopian domestic worker who was beaten in front of her embassy in Lebanon and dragged into a car committed suicide today. [Link]

The fight on the MEA flight was because the guy was drunk and hit on a married woman. When the plane landed at the airport he was held for 10 minutes and then let go. It also wasn’t his first time. [Link]

No happy endings here.

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  1. D. says:

    So…Anyone else want to bring up the “We don’t know the whole story” defense again?

  2. Hielda says:

    What a tragic end… Hope she is in peace!

  3. Max says:

    Very sad. Feel so damn helpless

  4. Max says:

    Very sad. Feel so damn helpless

  5. Burhan says:

    :( why has god programmed hate/evil in our hearts
    wish there was a world without hate/evil/war… etc. :”(

  6. sooli says:

    She was probably the bread winner for her family. She’s in a better place now. She’s in peace.

  7. Muni says:

    She was probably murdered rather than she committed suicide. The same happens many times in Kuwait also. Lebanon is as bad as Kuwait I guess

    • djel says:

      this is very very true. it has happened numerous times in Kuwait. No one gave a shit.

      • aaa says:

        That’s not true, there’s a very prolific lawyer in Kuwait (honestly forgot her name – Muneera Al-Sabah?) who takes on cases that have to do with domestic workers in their defense.

  8. Sha says:

    The people in that video should be charged with kidnapping, assault, and possibly manslaughter or murder. But lemme guess, nothing happens to them.

  9. Acerboy says:

    This is one case which was recorded imagine how many more might had happen which went unnoticed ! It’s such a shame no human values left !

  10. stan says:

    This makes me to think. Is there a God anymore in this world ?.

    People just hurt and kill whomever they want to and get away with it.

    Seriously when is God coming back to judge these people.

  11. Thinka says:

    Makes me feel sick in my stomach. Horrible horrible, poor girl , to take your own life you hve to be so deperate.
    Regarding the drunken guy: why was he not charged?

    Hope you have happier blogs tomorrow. :-)

  12. Chris says:

    I hope they make sure it wasn’t murder. So sad either way. Truly sad. Thanks for bringIng awareness Mark.

  13. Lucky Luciano says:

    The Ethiopian story is a sad story. The men should be charged for some type of crime but probably nothing will happen even with the proof of the video. Suicide? I doubt it. Check the cowards fingers for rope marks. I would personally blame the Lebanese Police and/or the Ethiopian Embassy. The Embassy doesnt have authority outside its gate but they could have sent armed guards out or called the police. For the record, Lebanese Police are a joke. Fat, ugly, lazy, no authority and ride broken down Harleys from WW2. LOL

  14. Lucky Luciano says:

    As for the retarded attention seeking man on the MEA flight, somebody plz throw him out of the moving aircraft. Whatever the true story is of what happened, this man is a serious loser. There is nothing wrong with hitting on a married woman, its how you react or behave after you find out she is married. Its obvious that particular flight was an all female flight considering no “men” were “man enough” to knock him out or put him in his place. How come i dont get these flights?

  15. Lucky Luciano says:

    Duuuuuh aaa- Obviously u cant read and u dont know me. If a man did it while i was there, then we would have 1 less man on this planet but if a man did it when i wasnt around, then nothing wrong with it. Once that man finds out she is married, then the next step dictates what will happen. Single and married women, and vice versa, get hit on daily. You cant stop it or do anything about it. Its called reality.

    • Marcel says:

      @ Lucky Luciano
      “There is nothing wrong with hitting on a married woman, its how you react or behave after you find out she is married.”

      “Single and married women, and vice versa, get hit on daily. You cant stop it or do anything about it. Its called reality.”

      -Correction: It’s called cowardly and should never be tolerated.

      “… as much as man has done for the world, it wouldnt be nothing without a woman or a girl.”


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