Weather Warning

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There’s a weather warning for this week. Starting tomorrow, it’s going to start raining this whole week with the heaviest rain hitting on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Back in November 1997 Kuwait was hit by an unusual amount of rain which flooded the streets, caused 6 deaths and over 100 accidents. The airport was also closed. [Source] This coming rainstorm is supposedly going to be worse than that.

You can stay up to date on the latest weather forecast by following the twitter accounts @kuwaitweather and @weatherinkuwait

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  1. Robyn says:

    I remember the floods in 97. I doubt there has been any improvements to drainage in roads and such like. This week could be chaotic!

  2. ATG says:

    back in 97 it was in Nov also !!!

  3. anna says:

    any necessary preparations needed??

  4. moemoemoemoe says:

    I’ll give you 10 KD if something actually happens :p

  5. Neo says:

    Stay Calm and Drive Safe !!!

  6. me says:

    It’s going to be supper funny if such floods happened during the Arab African summit.. Imagine the images of heads of states and their delegations stuck in water ponds on the roads and what would it do to Kuwait’s International “reputation”.

  7. stu says:

    I like weather.

  8. Naif says:

    we had a huge amount of rain yesterday in Riyadh, they gave us a day off :D

  9. Adam (the original one) says:

    This is hilarious. This “tremendous” rainstorm is nothing more that the normal rain most of the world receives on a daily basis (in the rainy season).

    Tomorrows headline: Kuwait drowns in an inch of water.

  10. zaydoun says:

    Aah the “Great Flood of ’97″… that was an unbelievably chaotic and frightening day. I had an American college friend visiting the area for the first time and he was shocked!! Fortunately we trapped indoors and not on the streets but later at night we took a tour of the city to survey the damage/wreckage

    I really hope it won’t be this bad this week, even though we do need the rain. Saleh Al-Aujairi says to calm the f**k down and he’s usually right

  11. Security Adviser says:

    hmm well if it were to happen its gonna be chaos .We didnt have as many crazy people with cars in 97 as we do now so why do i get the feeling we are gonna see even mor carhage on the streets than in 97 ???????? In 97 I was single now a married dad I am kinda wondering if I should send my kid to school tommorow and take the risk of her being stuck in a bus on a flooded high way!!

  12. lolguy says:

    Ojairi said relax and there isn’t anything to worry about. His predictions about the weather are usually spot on, so I wouldn’t worry much.

  13. There was a storm a few years back, around 2006 maybe, I was in Salwa and it was so flooded and everyone was stuck. The parking lot of the co-op looked like an ocean and I couldn’t get out of the bank parking lot. I was in some crappy hyundai rental car and drove through the water trying to find a way out praying the water wouldn’t flood the car. Some poor girl got her car stuck on a pole in the bank parking lot so I helped her, hearing the crunch of her car as I reversed it off the pole. My husband asked me last night to Google typhoon coming to Kuwait lol

  14. Kuwait says:

    In 1997, forecast was for a bright and sunny day and then we had the worst rains in the history of Kuwait.

  15. jay says:

    its so sunny day

  16. jay says:

    its so sunny day for the rain

  17. Lol says:

    Too much raining In fahaheel…

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