The World’s Richest Arabs – 2013

Post by Mark


Arabian Business released their yearly list of the world’s richest Arabs and three Kuwaiti families made the top 50 list:

The Kharafi Family
Rank: 7
Wealth: $8.5 billion

The Bukhamseen Family
Rank: 11
Wealth: $6.8 billion

The Alghanim Family
Rank: 28
Wealth: $3.4 billion

Before writing this post I checked to see if I had previously posted about the Kharafi family and turns out I did back in 2007. Nasser Al Kharafi was ranked #52 in The World’s Billionaires list back in 2007 with a total worth of $11.5 billion.

Check out the full top 50 World’s Richest Arabs list [Here]

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  1. aaa says:

    I wonder why some lists only put Kharafi in the billionaire’s list. Maybe it’s the distinction between family or individual wealth.

  2. Stanjohn123 says:

    It’s a shame really that there are only 3 billionaires from Kuwait in the top 50 with all the money that this government has.

    What intrigues me is , Sheikhs of Kuwait would surely have more wealth than what’s mentioned here. How come we never hear of a billionaire Sheikh from Kuwait ?

  3. Ray Elbe says:

    Someone told me that 1 in 4 Kuwaiti households are considered ”millionaires”—not sure how that statistic was figured, or how accurate that is…but I do see more than enough expensive cars on the road to believe it…

    • qabazard says:

      Lol.. that’s not true.

      Expensive cars isn’t an indicator of wealth, many Kuwaitis take loans to buy expensive cars and many Kuwaitis use rented expensive cars.

      • Hama says:

        how does that explain the gdp per capita then? but yes you’re right lots take loans to buy bentley especially. having very very high gdp per capita like qatar norway kuwait singapore hong kong and luxemburg doesn’t mean everyone is a millionaire, that 1 in 4 households are millionaires but i think mark or someone else did post that kuwait has the 2nd highest millionaires per sq m or 3rd after luxemburg it’s not an important stat anyway..

  4. And back here in Kuwait, Kharafi National can’t even afford to pay its employees on time…

  5. me says:

    Maybe a couple of those families can donate few bucks to patch those holes and cracks which fill the roads recently?
    (no hate intended.. I love Kuwait)

    • Stanjohn123 says:

      +1 but I think that’s the responsibility of the government here. What are they doing with all that pile of cash anyways ?

    • Ashraf says:

      Yeah, like seriously, one rain & the 5th ring road is screwed. i get my windshield stoned everyday now :/

      the govt should put out a notice saying no fine for cracked windshields till the roads are fixed!!!

      • blarneyBoB says:

        I drive daily on the 5th, and I never get ‘stoned’ so far.

        could be your driving habit (too close for comfort)?

        • Stanjohn123 says:

          No, I can attest to 5th Ring road being poor on certain stretch’s. Where I used to drive at 120 before , now I drive only between 80-90 to avoid cracks on my windshield.

          Actually I think Kuwait does not need to install all those expensive cam’s to reduce motorists speeds , just maintain these roads in poor conditions and no one will speed up !

        • Ashraf says:

          You are one lucky driver then..

          i dont think my driving habits matter in this case.. it’s more like the speed of the guy driving in front of me :P

  6. LEAKS says:

    Ironically the Bukhamseen family are second nationality Kuwaitis.

  7. Ashraf says:

    Damn!!! all those billions… all i need is a million KD :P these people wouldnt even notice if they miss a million bucks ;)

  8. Tukmol says:

    Of all the GCC, only Qatar did not make it to the list.

    • Hama says:

      qatar have the most millionares in world per q km or something like that.. kuwait comes second. the qatar market is not big enough for it to have many billionares nor has the infrastructure yet, but it will maybe in 4-5 years. it hasn’t been around for long enough in terms of having a vibrant market to make that time of money

      • Stanjohn123 says:

        Qatar probably does not have the richest businessmen because they pay most employees quite handsomely compared to the same professions in Kuwait.

        • Hama says:

          is that why they have modern day slaves? those guys don’t stop working, i hear them working overnight while sleeping in the hotel. be serious.

          other people here complain about kuwait and it’s fine but you’re clearly just hating.

        • Hama says:

          and for your info they have to do that to attract employees, they have a very very very low population even lower than bahrain so they need to do that..

  9. Alshaya & Billionaire Club says:

    Alshaya Fam is definitely way up there. Surprised they didn’t make it on the list. Maybe its because of the 2,000,000 kd they lost worth of cheecakes? Didn’t you notice the buy 1 get 10 free discounts?

    That fuckin company draines the pockets of the GCC like my grandma milked the cows early morning for their only use until they died. Such great contributions to human progressions.

    MZ likes to “Think Big, act with his small, and be submissive to you”….boyz

  10. Leslie says:

    Which Alghanim?

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