A Kuwait Based Game Developer is Suing CBS and Netflix Over Star Trek Discovery

Post by Mark

Not sure how I didn’t hear about this earlier but Anas Abdin, an expat living in Kuwait is currently suing CBS and Netflix in the US for copyright infringement. Anas is an indie game developer and the new Star Trek seems to have copied a lot of ideas from his game Tardigrades.

I just watched the video on top that explains the lawsuit and I can’t believe how much Star Trek ripped off from his game so I hope he wins.

He has a bit more information about the lawsuit on his website so check it out [Link]

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  1. abdulla says:

    BIG star trek will bury this guy unless he gets a USA based lawyer
    I can help

  2. Sayed says:

    This is huge. CBS and Paramount are facing bankruptcy because of this case and other issues as well. I think you should have used the videos from Midnight’s Edge channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLl17YXrAZY and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTfAb9Yrz_c good luck Anas we are all supporting you.

    • Patrick says:

      Facing bankruptcy? What’s the source on that? I highly doubt they could go bankrupt because of this or any lawsuit. CBS have some of the most popular TV shows like the Big Bang Theory so I’m pretty sure they’re set for a long, long time.

      • Sayed says:

        I agree this came off a bit exaggerated but both Paramount and CBS rely so much on investors. Paramount is currently over 10 billion dollars in debt and investors are already withdrawing money from them.

  3. Jay says:

    I think the best support we can provide for the developer is by sharing his social media outlets and report all the hired troll attacks being directed at him #JusticeForAnas

  4. zaydoun says:

    This would’ve been a perfect plotline for an episode of The Good Fight, if it wasn’t also a CBS production!!!!!!!

  5. Jumaji says:

    Wow…. i am big fan of most of the star trek series, and i was fascinated when watching Discovery… not anymore. I hope Anas wins this thing, and i hope he gets as much compensation from CBS and Netflix as possible, and then i hope he makes his game even bigger and more epic. Go Anas. I am happy, proud, excited (and a bit jealous) to hear that a plot containing something as creative as time traveling quantum tardigrades has come out of this region! Boo CBS, not cool, Roddenberry would not be happy…

  6. LuLu says:

    lol seriously? So not cool. Anas has to win!

    Also, eww Star Trek.

  7. Tarek says:

    I’m with Anas in this one. There’s no doubt CBS stole his content. This is blatant plagiarism down to the core. The tardigrade used for space travel, the characters, even uniforms! I expect anything from their corrupt system. Even CBS’ CEO is accused of sexual misconduct and now they want to pay him 100 millions to leave the corporation https://www.cnbc.com/2018/09/06/cbs-board-in-negotiations-for-ceo-moonves-exit-from-the-company-sources.html

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