Counterfeit Alcohol

Post by Mark

I’ve always heard of counterfeit alcohol that’s bottled locally, but I think this is the first time I see how an operation looks like. The photos below have been making their rounds on WhatsApp and shows how dealers bottle and label bottles. Although the photos are being labeled as taken in Kuwait on WhatsApp, they’re actually from Saudi Arabia (the logo is of the Saudi National Guard).

One of the dangers of illegally obtaining alcohol is you never know what you’re really buying.

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  1. khaled says:

    so should their be a Kuwestion as to how to distinguish the real shit from the fake,

  2. Hector says:

    There are other places to have a nice drink. In my opinion, if you are Ina dry country, stay dry.

    Aside from the legal and/or moral aspects of it, I would never drink that bathtub experiments.

  3. Aussie says:

    Don’t you worry mate, it’s gonna be legalised in KSA sooner than you think

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