Flick Trix

Post by Mark

I found the coolest thing at Fantasy World last week, half pipes and bike ramps. Ok they weren’t real size in fact they were tiny. The different type of ramps were Flick Trix bikes. They are small bmx bikes you ride with your fingers and you use the half pipes and ramps to make tricks. They were selling them REALLY cheap, turns out no one was buying them so they had to knock down the prices. A large half pipe for example costs KD1.200 while a BMW bike only 300 fils. I got 2 bikes and 1 half pipe to try it out, and the thing is huge, much larger then I imagine. Today I am going to go to get other types of ramps and bikes. Very cool stuff here is a picture of my half pip with the 2 bikes. [Picture]

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  1. busynow says:

    Thats nibaq DS on the desk ,
    next week the PSP will be there ;)

  2. Mark says:

    yeah nibaqs DS. i played with it a bit 2 days ago. i like the touch screen, i hate the second screen.

  3. paul says:

    yah i like thos to but i cant find them on the internet to bye them. they used to sell them at a store in town and they stopped, so ive been looking on the internet for them and i cant find them… whats the sight u got them at again? FantasyWorld?

  4. Mark says:

    i got it from FantasyWorld at Souk Sharq here in Kuwait. I am sure you should be able to find them on ebay

  5. John Robbinson says:

    I luv finger bikes but can you get them from toys are us or any other toy shops

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