Hostels in Kuwait

A few days ago someone started a thread on Reddit asking about budget accommodations in Kuwait and specifically about a hostel run by the Kuwait boy scouts. That reminded me about the Salmiya Youth Hostel which I found by accident awhile back and was surprised it existed. Doesn’t seem anyone has any info on the hostels except that there were six of them in Kuwait and they were all closed down by the authorities back in 2011.

If anyone has any information on the history of hostels in Kuwait let me know cuz I’m curious.

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Stop posting our stuff from reddit. It’s meant for the reddit community only. It’s a small community; no one wants their posts on one of the most read blogs in Kuwait.


Lol are you serious. Reddit is way more popular than 248AM. I have pics up there that had more than a million views, no offense to mark but I don’t think he’s ever had a million views on a pic

I saw them demolishing the site this morning. Remembered reading this post and thought I’d leave an update.

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