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Increase PSP’s Battery Life

Just saw this cool thing on engadget. Its a rechargable handle pad for the Sony PSP. Basically it will add 4-5 hours over the regular battery life of the PSP for only $25. I haven’t had any battery issues myself but maybe if I was going to New York, the extra 5 hours of juice would come in handy. [Link]

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isnt it? its hard to believe this technology exists today. Nintendo made us think all this time that something like this wasnt possible and sony proved them wrong.

Exactly.. I mean I’ve had it for a day now (borrowing it) it’s a shame I don’t have the charger with it 😛 Or else I wouldn’t have returned it to my friend hehe 😛 I guess that’s why he didn’t pass on the charger with it.. It’s so sexy and so seductive :/ I want one now :/

I showed it to my uncle’s and all ;p and umm one of my uncle’s is in the states at the moment, he’s getting me one as a gift if he finds any 😛 Wooohoooo

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