Inside the Kuwait National Museum

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A couple of days back I passed by the Kuwait National Museum for a little bit of exploration. Last week some friends of mine were given a tour of the two buildings that were still vacant and in shambles since the 1990 invasion and I really wanted to go check it out for myself. I’ve always been curious to see whats inside so I headed there on Thursday to take a look.

The museum is made up of four main buildings with two being occupied and two vacant. One of the vacant ones had under construction hoardings all around but the other building didn’t and the door was open so I just walked in. I took some photos which you can check out above, the black and white ones are from the first building I walked to while the colored ones are from the second building. There was nothing really to see since it looks like they’re finally renovating the building but at least I got to satisfy my curiosity.

If anyone knows where I can get some photos of the museum taken right after the invasion let me know. Also if anyone can get me access to the abandoned Al-Salam Palace then please email me.

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  1. Simple_man says:

    17 years ago when my wife and I first got here we were driving by and saw the Museum, parked saw a guard and asked if we can visit. We were surprised when there was no admission fee until we entered.

  2. geo says:

    wow..creepy and fascinating at the same time. If only walls could talk..

  3. Those are beautiful pictures.
    Please mention that the archaeology exhibition halls and heritage museum are available for the public, most people don’t know and assume that the museum is still burned down.
    Or better yet, come again for a proper visit!
    Here’s the national council’s instagram account: @kw_nccal , they’ve been having great events every day.
    Thanks !

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