Kuwait is One of the Fastest Growing Travel Destinations

Post by Mark

According to a recent article in The Telegraph, Kuwait is one of the top 20 fastest growing travel destinations in the world. The article doesn’t mention why or how that came to be, and I also couldn’t find their original source of data, so I don’t really have more more information other than the ranking. Kuwait was also the only Arab country to appear on the list which you can check out below:

The top 20 fastest growing travel destinations
1- Sierra Leone +310%
2- Nepal +39.7%
3- Iceland +39%
4- South Korea +30.3%
5- Moldova +28.6%
6- Chile +26%
7- Vietnam +24.6%
8- Japan +21.8%
9- Liechtenstein +21.7%
10- Kiribati +21.6%
11- Kuwait +20.7%
12- Madagascar +20%
13- Cyprus +19.8%
14- Georgia +19%
15- Turks & Caicos +17.5%
16- Cook Islands +17.1%
17- Slovakia +16.9%
18- Kenya +16.8%
19- Tanzania +15.6%
20- Indonesia +15.5%

For the full article click [Here]

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  1. peepz says:

    well the statistics would be based on how frequent people travel “from” instead of “to”

  2. Shabz says:

    Earlier 50 tourist now 250

    So 5 times growth….

    Thats how fastest!!!!

  3. Joe says:

    Not surprised as the total throughput of locals and expats traveling in and out of the country (since nobody seems to want to stay here longer than necessary) are boosting the stats.

    • Proud Kuwaiti says:

      There has been a rise of tourism in Kuwait over the past few years. More tourists are coming here, as illustrated by the rising hotel occupancy rates and the recent cultural revival.

      The statistics are NOT measuring airport traffic of external travelers to other countries for tourism.

      Joe, you seem to have misunderstand and misinterpreted the list.

      • Joe says:

        Your claim of increased tourism to Kuwait sounds like wishful thinking to me.

        • Proud Kuwaiti says:

          The numbers speak for themselves. Saudi, Qatari, Bahraini, Emirati and Omani nationals are filling our country every weekend and holiday. To them, Kuwait is a wonderful destination for leisure and culture.

        • aaa says:

          I work in a field where increased tourism has a direct effect on us and he’s right, there is increased tourism. It’s mainly from the GCC which people think doesn’t count for whatever reason but those people spend money here too.

  4. Khaled says:

    Maybe it is growth because of an increase of tourists from other GCC countries? Seems the logical explanation, as well as visibly on the roads, in the hotels, and in the malls.

  5. Buzz says:

    It’s not surprising when you consider there are 3 million foreigners who travel to their countries and back during holidays. Since the list doesn’t provide any details, those are probably considered “visitors” and not long term residents who travel back and forth, not to mention the Kuwaitis who go to Dubai and back almost every weekend.

  6. awf says:

    Doesn’t make sense. I see the same people. Perhaps tourists from GCC countries?
    On a more personal experience I have friends who left Kuwait and friends who visited Kuwait once and they do not want to come back. Lol

  7. aaa says:

    Guys it’s GCC tourism driven mainly by the malls and restaurants. If you go to the Avenues for example on a weekend night it’s a good 50% Non-Kuwaiti GCC visitors. Certain restaurants have an almost entirely GCC base on weekends. They’re also the only people actually booking hotel rooms.

    Most foreigners here can’t tell the difference so they say things like “you’re wrong” despite the proof if they look a bit harder :)

  8. Joe says:

    Unable to understand why anyone from the rest of the GCC with the exception of Saudis, would want to visit Kuwait as a tourist destination.

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