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My First Swatch

I was reading on Me Blogging about her visit to the Swatch exhibition in Geneva where they had on display all the Swatch watches ever produced from 1983 up till today. That made me want to dig out my first Swatch watch which is the one above. I purchased it back in the 80’s from Fay in Salmiya. You could try finding your first Swatch by clicking [Here]

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In todays age if one were to wear this swatch….they will term you as a …….all good things sadly dont last forever!!!

Actually I still have my first swatch… I bought it from A2Z… now you inspired me to take a picture 😀

I also have an ancient watch from 1984 given to me by my grandma from London… I believe that was my first watch watch but not swatch

My first watch was from this shop outside souk al kabeer in Kuwait City. The shop is still there and I still have my watch although the rubber strap fell apart because it dried out.

OMG.. I found it “Cool Pink BK104 Swatch” I bought it in 1989 from fashion way (the one above safeway) abbbaaaaaaaih ayyaaaaaaam 🙁

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