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Pablo Escobar’s Son is in Kuwait

If you’re a fan of the Netflix series NARCOS then you might be interested to know that Pablo Escobar’s son (real-life son Juan) is in Kuwait at the moment. I think he’s here because of a local YouTube show called Power Owners since they’re airing an interview with him on December 10.

Going through Juan’s Instagram account it seems like he’s doing all the touristy things of Kuwait like visiting the Kuwait Towers and JACC, as well as visiting places like The Avenues. If you want to see what he’s up to then check out his Instagram @juanpabloescobarhenao

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OBVIOUSLY (it absolutely can’t be any more obvious) he was talking about the massive trail of death and ruined lives and broken families that resulted from Escobar’s profession.

And if it wasn’t for NARCOS a lot of people wouldn’t have been aware of the crimes he had committed. Documentaries, shows, books etc.. are all important story telling mediums but “obviously” you don’t seem to understand that.

I’m a Colombian citizen and you can’t imagine all the pain and deaths his father, uncle and all his death squad caused. Thousands of innocent people died because of him, including children! To put it in perspective, for most Colombians, Escobar is the equivalent to Hitler or the 9/11 suicide bombers, a sad chapter in our nation’s history that we try to overcome. Inviting readers to follow him on Instagram like he’s a “cool” celebrity is extremely disrespectful to the memory of his father’s victims and their families.

I see where you’re coming from and I agree with you if his son was also bad, but isn’t the son outspoken against what his father did. Why should he be tied to his fathers acts when he was barely aware when they happened

Jim, he was 14-15 years old when the Colombian police killed his dad (December 1993) so I’m pretty sure he was aware of his father’s acts. When his dad was killed, he threatened, on National Radio, the Colombian government saying he was going to take revenge for his death. He then moved to Argentina with his mum and sister and there he has been linked to money laundering. He might have not killed anyone like his father did, but I can assure you he is no angel and not a “celebrity” worth following on Instagram like they suggest with this post.

If he was 14-15 that would make him a child so not sure why you’re judging the guy on what he said 26 years ago when he was 14 and his father was just killed.

“Not sure why you are judging the guy…” because I’m a Colombian and I personally lived Escobar’s terrorism as many other Colombians did. His only credential, is to be the son of a mass murderer who wants to take financial advantage of his father’s crimes through interviews, books, shows, etc. Contrary to his sister, who lives a quiet and “normal” life away from the media. I wouldn’t be judging the “guy” if he took his sister’s same approach.

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