Pedestrian Bridge with Escalator

Post by Mark

Pedestrian Bridge with Escalator

This has to be the first for Kuwait because I haven’t seen one like it here yet. Down the street from my place in Salmiya, right towards the end of the 4th Ring Road, they’re constructing a pedestrian bridge that uses escalators instead of your usual stairs. The pedestrian bridge is also covered so I’m guessing it will probably have airconditioning as well.

metro map cropped

I find this odd because the area is pretty ghetto so it’s weird we’re getting such a fancy pedestrian bridge. Now I’m wondering if this has anything to do with the Metro plans. I know in the metro map (pictured above) there is meant to be a station in this area and there is plenty of room around this bridge for one as you can see in the map below. Could this be connected to it?

map view of location

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  1. izzyq8 says:

    Hawally has one that is ancient (probably broken too)

  2. Shane says:

    there is one in nugra in hawally which has aircon and escalator. It is a good idea to construct bridge like this for commuters. i hope they will upgrade the bus stops also since summer is fast approaching.

  3. adly says:

    “metro plans” bwahahahahaha

  4. momo says:

    Mark, i think it’s a great idea because i also live close to there and the pedestrians crossing the road always pose a risk as the cars are going too fast and they cant get to the bus stop on the other side.

    I also know for a fact cuz a friend of mine works for that company, that the same company are constructing multiple bridges of the same type around Kuwait. I think i’ve seen one on the gulf road too.

  5. Anon says:

    Okay. So I don’t really get it. They’re going to make it aircon.. but they don’t have like pathways which have aircon which is pretty stupid. Like oh I have to walk an hour in the sun and heat. And then you get to the crossing and you’re like “Oh wow. Im going to be in air conditioning for 20 seconds and be in the heat again? When I went to Kuala Lumpur a couple years back they had these huge elevated pathways with aircon and many people were using them to get around the city. They were a great idea. Kuwait should make those. And also a little idea. They can make shaded highways. I’ve seen those in a couple places in Europe. They are pretty good at keeping it cool.

  6. Aussie says:

    Pedestrian be like:
    1. Walking outside at 55 DegC
    2. Walkin on Bridge at 22 DegC
    3. Coming out of bridge at 55 DegC
    4. Get sick.

    • blackswan says:

      5.Get to the Clinic/Hospital
      6.To expensive

      You`re right that summers here are putting a big load on our bodies, but a bridge with air con won`t kill you. You get the same temperature shocks when you get in and out in a bakala/shop, a bus, a car, mall etc. Even worse when you drink a glass of cold water while sitting in 40+ outside.

  7. khaled says:

    while i hope that to be true, i am aware that there were plans and a project to construct 21 pedestrian bridges in different architectural styles around Kuwait.

  8. lolesle says:

    There is one bridge in Salmiya… With 4 “flat escalators” which usually not working at all… 2 shop booths… 1 ATM… and tons of people taking picture there with their selfie sticks can you guess where?

    Yes bridge between Marina Mall and Marina Crescent! LOL!!! 😆😅😂

  9. Zee says:

    Let’s hope they don’t forget the parts on the Gulf Road after Marina mall towards the scientific center. It’s extremely dangerous for pedestrians.

  10. Corjet says:

    I think they said they will start working on the metro project starting 2018, So you might be right

  11. Mishal F A Abul says:

    Kuwait is still a very unfriendly country for handicaps. Most streets, street corners, buildings, parking, malls, etc dont provide services for handicap.

  12. Z says:

    Same in Doha area :)

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