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Phone numbers on 24

I was over at Marzouq watching 24, episode 11 of season 6 when Chloe O’Brian wrote down a number and then dialed it. Marzouq told me that all the numbers on the show are real numbers you could actually dial so we picked up the phone and called the number Chloe had just called on the show and we got the following automated message. [AUDIO FILE]

The number we dialed was 001-310-5973781

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i remember when i was a kid …
they has some party chat line numbers on MTV …
so i called and chatted with them …
u guys can imagine what happened when the bill came and my mom found out …
so after that … no more dialling the number on the tube …
hehe …

These numbers are the ones they are calling on the tv show at the time, so it isn’t a chat line!

I wish they put Jack’s Voice, before they did in season 3 when we were calling! I’m going to keep trying until I get his voice! Damn it all!


Mark a couple of days ago when i went to rehab some shops were closed down because they were selling copy games/movies. it seems to be illegal now. The shops you see open only sell original.

Am i right ?

pirated games and movies have always been illegal. What happens is every now and then they go and bust the stores and fine the owners. But a few days later its usually business as usual.

last time i went many of the oweners were scared.. they said if they got caught they would not be allowed to come to kuwait and the shop would be closed..

see the movie “magnolia” and dial the number….you’d be surprised…. i dont know if it still works…but when the movie came out here was an automated message with Tom Cruise’s character

umm i forgot what was the messege.. it was sooooo real i mean it was like:micheal if u can hear me now it means i’m in danger .. something like that..

There is a number also that Jack’s father leaves as a msg on a cell phone for Jack at the end of Ep 10 outside, right after he was going to kill him, and Jacks calls the number to be answered by Ex-President Logan. I tried that number and i got the same voice mail msg. Apparently it seems that this msg shows up when the voice mail box is full, so if you actually called it during the show, you would get something else.

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