Serving tea on coal is now illegal

Post by Mark

According to Desert Girl, the coal plates that used to be served with tea at Souk Mubarakia is now illegal. That’s doesn’t seem to be the only change since she previously posted about Souq Al-Hareem getting dismantled and removed. Not sure what’s going on over there but it seems like everything that is traditional is bit by bit being removed. Sucks. [Link]

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  1. daily says:

    Illegal where? In a country with rules about Health and Safety? Or in Kuwait?

  2. Phoenix says:

    why is it illegal?

  3. Salman's PR agent says:

    This sucks.

    I guess that in a couple of years, Kuwait will be a soulless piece of land with no identity what so ever.

    Go kuwait..

  4. Salman's PR agent says:

    Okay I’m trying to find a loop hole in this since I might be opening up a cafe for a niche audience.

    Is this ban specifically targeting tea on coal or is coffee also included?

  5. Asfour says:

    This is a VERY small country and it should not be VERY difficult to run this country. There are some beautiful historic buildings in Kuwait City that are gutted, why isn’t there a hystorical society like in civilized countries that have government funding who renovate these buildings for the nation. In neighboring GCC nations, the royal family members are avidly involved in this process. Why are Kuwait artifacts housed in Qatar in a beautiful Islamic museum built by the Emir of Qatar, why doesn’t Kuwait build a beautiful museum to house their artifacts in Kuwait for the nation? Why is this country so mismanaged for a very small nation? Why is Kuwait so quick to throw away their heritage like it is a plague only to replace it with a modern society? At least in other GCC countries the government makes an effort to perserve their history, maybe you need tourism, not only economically but to bring in outsiders who will want to understand your history. You can have both, Dubai is a perfect example.

  6. Zaid says:

    LOL for the irony in the pic.

  7. M says:

    I like the fact that the oven mitten or whatever it is says COGNAC!

  8. Qster says:

    Yeah and since when did Kuwait enforce the law? You can still buy it you’ll just have to search harder.

  9. NO.22 says:

    From what I heard, it is due to the coal falling on a little girl and burning her.

  10. D says:

    I think they say that to customers at night when it’s crowded to prevent people from taking up tables for a long time only to have tea. We were there 2 weeks ago at night and the restaurant told us it was illegal. Though one of the girls was there a couple of days before and had tea on coal at the same restaurant. But it was morning and less crowded then.

    Anyway we left the restaurant and kept asking around others until we found one that served tea on coal. Right next to the first one.

  11. TweeZ says:

    blame the fight?

  12. NJ says:

    We need to protest, all of these are our heritage. What will be left for the future generations to know?.

  13. BuYousef says:

    Since when is tea served in a small pot on coal traditional? It’s as much a part of the local culture as shake shack :)

    The local tradition is tiny ‘istikanas’ and you ask for another every 10 minutes. The coal is in the kitchen/preparation area.

  14. LizQ8 says:

    I think it’s sad if it really is illegal. I love these quirky little places. This is what makes Kuwait unique. Having said that, I can understand that it can be dangerous around kids. Maybe they can slightly modernize it so kids don’t get hurt! So what next? Shisha?

    • Desert Girl says:

      There was a story in the papers last month (?) about a Kuwaiti woman who got angry at the service by the coal guy and threw hot coals at him. Maybe that’s next.

      1 psycho woman in Jahra sets a tent on fire using gasoline, and no one is allowed to use tents for events anymore.

      Seems that it is much easier (for the authorities) just to impose a sweeping ban than to implement safety measures.

  15. aaa says:

    “Hi can I have (illegal thing in Kuwait)”
    “No we don’t have any it’s illegal”
    “I have money”
    “Fine don’t tell anyone”

  16. dg says:

    You’re kiddddding! WTH! Thats ridicoulous. You cannot ban a tradition, on of the few we still enjoy, based on one faulty situation.

  17. Conformy says:

    I don’t like coal used in public. Ban coal, ban shishas and ban ciggerattes.

    If people want to smoke ciggerattes they should donut away from other people.

    Why do we need laws to teach people how to respect other people. It should be common sense.

    Ciggerattes are bad. A lot of people don’t smoke ciggerattes. Smoker expose their bad habits to non smokers. Giving healthy life styles a hazardous environment.

    What’s wrong with these people? Do we need religion to explain this as well? Can’t we depend on logic, common courtesy and what us reasonable?

    The answer us a big fat no, so that’s why I have no sympathy for the ban on coal.

    When people learn to respect others health and nor compromise organdy their bad habits then should there be concessions.

  18. Khaled says:

    I just came from Souk Mubarakia and had tea on coal!!! That was at 5:00pm today (12/12/2001)

    • Conformy says:

      People smoke next to no smoking signs. People use cell phones while driving.

      Conform to the rules people. This is anarchy!!! Anarchy? This is…

  19. Moody says:

    Are you sure they didnt ban it cuz of this pic in particular :P

  20. Buzfairy says:

    The coal ban is only on the restaurants with tarp sunscreens\umbrellas. But it’s totally ok in the other part that is covered by wood.

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