Sultan Center Installing Recycling Machines

Post by Mark

Last night I spotted a recycling machine at Sultan Center Salmiya. It wasn’t working so I’m assuming they’re still setting it up but from what I managed to find out its a TOMRA Reverse Vending Machine.

One of the benefits of these machines is that it works with a loyalty program, so how I am assuming the way they will be used is when you recycle plastic bottles or cans, instead of getting money back you’ll get points added to your Sultan Card. If that’s the case then it might just get people to recycle.

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  1. momo says:

    really happy so i could get rid of my plastic bottles as opposed to them going in a landfill to be burnt

  2. nk says:

    what are benefits of using sultan rewards card? are you a member? have you ever used your points for anything? can you do a review of loyalty cards available in Kuwait please

    • Mark says:

      i usually swap the points for cash vouchers but i know you can redeem them with gyms, airlines etc..

    • Quintin says:

      i usually get around 400-500kd back every year in cash vouchers. then again, we shop at sultan alot! we do grocery shopping there. you also get your bill discounted at Costa Coffee if you have your sultan card with you.

      you get (7% Gold) (10%Silver) (12% Black) off your ticket if you show it at Air France or KLM. i have the silver one so i get 10% off.

      ProntoWash (15% off with Gold) (20% off with Silver)
      (20% off with black)

      and best thing kept for last!

      you get 10% off with Gold,20% off with Silver,
      20% off with Black. at PostaPlus! :D

  3. Sulaiman-COGNAC says:

    In the Uk I didn’t have many plastics. I used glass straws which I carried with me, I got glass bottles which I filled with juices and milk from the farmers market. The only plastics I had were containers for cleaning products and body cleaning products.

  4. Dfine says:

    WElCOME KUWAIT to the 21st century… about time.

  5. James says:

    This is amazing, finally we can recycle them bottles! I hope this takes off as opposed to Hiku. TSC never appears to amaze recently. There’s been an infusion of ideas with their new mgmt.

    On the rewards cards over and above Quintin mentioned, the real benefits for me are:
    1) Partner airline redemptions
    2) Get points while dining at their restaurants
    3) and drums roll. Get to their black level and 25% off at P&T, Wasabi and others!

    The best part of this is, Sultan while being premium, I found their prices to be at par with Lulu and Saveco most of the time. Find that difficult to swallow, check out their online site. The sad part though is their delivery to home needs to be improved upon.

    Its been tough trying to get to Platinum. Those who don’t have a card, start somewhere. Like Mark said, they eventually pile up to a cash voucher in the least.

  6. Slarti says:

    You get 1 Point per bottle.

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