The GCC’s top 10 employers revealed

Post by Mark

Arabian Business has a list of GCC’s top employers and the only local company to make the cut and come in at #2 is Alshaya. Siemens Kuwait also makes a cameo appearance due to their state-of-the-art office, which according to the article is fully equipped with a gym, pool and shops. Sounds like my kind of office. Here is the link tot he full list on Arabian Business [Link]

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  1. QABAQ says:

    Its really great and promising to have such professionalism in Kuwait.

  2. Summer says:

    Congrats to all the companies! I really think they deserved it. I never knew that Siemens had all that in their offices!

  3. Kuwait says:

    I’m really surprised.. how come Kuwait’s Postal Service hasn’t made it to the top 3?

  4. HangMeForFreedomofExpression says:

    Professionalism in Kuwait? LOL yeah right.

  5. tJ says:

    hey mark :)

    why do you put right on the top your blog a huge sign that says “SPONSORED BY AL-SHAYA GROUP”.

    • Mark says:

      This list is by ArabianBusiness not me so pass your accusations to them.

    • tJ says:

      correction: “why dont you”

      • jjman says:

        @tj Try getting away from AlShaya in the middle-east, it’s hard. You’ll end up at American Eagle, eating at Shake Shack or having a coffee at Starbucks. He’s probably one of the most successful Kuwaiti businessmen in the GCC. He started small and worked very hard, I understand, to get where he is today. I would like to see him do something charity-wise for his nation, building a social project and he can slap his name on it. Kuwaitis need to learn that they need to invest in their nation, for future generations, since it appears the government does not understand that- look around you!

  6. MM88 says:

    While you are on the topic of AlShaya, I had dinner at the Texas Roadhouse yesterday and they had a case full of the finest beef from the US. The place was packed with smiling patrons because the food was awesome and the waiters wore T-Shirts that stated that ‘I Love my Job’ and broke out in a Texas two-step dance periodically throughout the day. It is coming to Kuwait, but here’s why AlShaya better put ‘his’ man in the port so that his meat doesn’t rot, in fact, he might want to consider flying it in on one of his private planes to keep the beef fresh and people in Kuwait wearing shirts that say ‘I love my Job’? He will have to do a two-step himself to make this franchise work in Kuwait. I loved the freshly baked bread. Great chain to bring to Dubai – they couldn’t get enough of Texas!

  7. 3azeez says:

    And none of the mentioned businesses bother to employ Kuwaiti citizens or develop their skills in aims that the company will running through them.

    I don’t like Alshaya. They just suck Kuwait and Kuwaitis and don’t give ANYTHING in return.

    • Qster says:

      they all treat Kuwait like they’re sack of cash they come in the winter have a few board meetings count their profits then in the summer, they’re in London or Marbella or Zel am see.
      I personally know one trader family who has his wife/wives and kids all in the US (they have US passports) while he comes to kuwait every month to collect profits and conduct business.

  8. Qster says:

    God this has to be one of the most pretentious and narcissistic pictures on earth.

  9. axed-gamer says:

    Apparently, they never went to KPC nor to any K company.

  10. Little Jon says:

    Great another Alshaya Bashing . A quick couple of points . Alshaya Hires Hundreds of Nationals a year , most don’t stay for more than a few months . Do you know why ? they can’t handle the work load ( if they could have gotten a government Job they woudl have never applied in the first place I bet. As for the one who commented on Giving Back , its not the custom of Kuwaiti families to advertise their charitable works nor is It Islamic. Its so sad to see people hold so much hatred towards others success . Its Also sad that so many Kuwaities are Envious in General of each other . Very un Islamic .

    • Qster says:

      Another foreigner labeling kuwaitis as lazy just cause the majority don’t wanna work in the private sector.

      Kuwaiti families actually advertise their charitable donations like crazy, all apart of the PR machine. Showing the masses that they care, and also bigging their family up.

      Which why a lot of charitable donations are usually held in the names of their family patriarchs and usually as a means of glorifying their families.

      “Its Also sad that so many Kuwaities are Envious in General of each other . Very un Islamic .”

      A very lazy attempt to target legitimate points raised by 3azeez and myself at jealousy.
      And the un-Islamic part made me lol, you have a lot of presumptions do you actually believe that all Kuwaitis for that matter are religious and think about religion in uniform ways? Religion is pretty broad so labeling something as Islamic or not is not something for you to judge.

  11. AndyQ8 says:

    Back to the main point though… if Alshaya is such a good employer, why do I keep seeing the same jobs advertised again and again, year after year? They seem to have a very high turnover of staff, even allowing for their size.
    I personally know over 40 people who have worked for them over the past 6 or 7 years, who have resigned to join other companies. On the other hand, I do know a handful who have remained working there. Loyal employees who – if asked to complete a survey – will tell you how great it is to work there.

    They also usually ask me if I know about vacancies elsewhere every time I see them!

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