What are you doing with your KD200?

Post by Mark

Someone asked that question in the forum and I thought it was interesting. In case you didn’t know, the government gave every Kuwaiti KD200 two days ago. So the question is directed to the locals, how are you planning on spending the money? The funniest thing I heard was that some guys were betting KD200 against each other in rounds of Winning Eleven on the PS2. Easy come easy go..

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  1. anonymous says:

    LOL SHOPPING. buying a shitload of clothes and shoes and spending the rest on maki dinners.

  2. Eddy says:

    well im indian, so im crying

  3. Eddy says:

    would anyone like to donate their 200 kd to me :)
    or maybe you should donate them to Mark for 248am.com

  4. shopa says:

    I know most would think I’m spending it towards shopping but surprise surprise I’m not, I pledged to give it the Red Cross for Lebanon! I was against the gov giving the 200kd anyways

  5. anonymous says:

    bought a cat..shorts from Polo..a sweater from Dsquared..i have like 30 kd left…

  6. Pink Moon says:

    Thats so cool I didnt even know about it or notice it in my account until I just read it.

  7. Keefy-Kuwaiti says:

    I would have invested with the greatest Investment company (Allah), and donated it to the unprivilaged. This wasy I know I will get it back plus I will be rewarded loads of it in the after life.

  8. Faisal says:

    A friend of mine is certain the mobile phone sales this week will rise because most Kuwaities will use the 200KD to buy a new phone. Want proof? The new phone models releases have been delayed until the ‘men7a’ was given out.

  9. red says:

    more laser sessions :/

  10. Lexicon says:

    winnning eleven is life!!!

  11. irriducibili says:

    still in the Bank Account, planning to order some stuff from Amazon….i want Arrested Devolepment DVD and some other stuff

  12. to be banned says:

    10 polo shirts, 3 pants…..il7amdilah ;P

  13. equalizer says:

    200 KD is a nation-wide bribe for all those consumo-idiot citizens that take their consuming needs over national inerests such as economic reform and better infrastructre. It is a bribe to cool down all discontent with the government. Ill just give it away for good cause.

  14. shopa says:

    Dude! Get a life!

  15. moocherx says:

    well said Equalizer.

    People should be embarrassed if they can’t see they’re blatantly being bribed.

    However, if you know but don’t care…. fair enough.

  16. anonymous says:

    i dont really see it as a bribe. i still hate the government, i just have 200 more KD in my account :P

  17. Mo Hat says:

    yeah equalizer hit the mark, but we’d need a big rebellion group and shiet…and 200kd could get you nice stuff

  18. Meshoo says:

    its a bribe alright, I for 1 am disappointed because this 200+ million KD could have been invested in education reform, health care, infrastructure…..or better yet, a better power grid so we don’t end up with blackouts in the summer. I took my 200 kd and went to “zakat house” to feed the poor in ramadhan

  19. omnia says:

    equalizer , dont bad-mouth the kuwaitis while ur on thier lands eating and living of its riches you “wafid” sorry ass – m.f

  20. Marzouq says:

    Given away for a good cause. Simple as that!

  21. EeLAaA says:

    get a wife for my frenchie! i dont think he likes the idea of being nearly 2 years old and SINGLE! ;p

  22. Hashim says:

    Heeyyy, That’s my question! :'(

    I got it on Wed. and spent it all the same day. Don’t give me that look, I had to pay my installments. =/

  23. equalizer says:

    Omnia I am a KUWAITI, I say what I think is in the best interest of my country. I care about Kuwait more than you coz al you care about is that 200KD and not the well fare of the country. I think its you that is feeding and eating out of its riches with no regards for better healthcare, education, infrastructure, social security and the future of the country. It is people that you that once the oil is drained you will just take off and leave. Go back to you little room and enjoy the stuff you bought while it lasts.
    P.S. Arent those so called “wafed” the reason why you have everything around you done the way it is?

  24. equalizer says:

    BTW I just proved how the 200 KD is a bribe. We have retarded backward thinking people like you loving the status quo.

  25. limited_edition says:

    MARKKKKKK….that someone is MEEEEEEEEEE….LE! :(

    And am going to put my 200kd in the Al- Jawhara account at NBK, hopefully i’ll win something. **fingers Xed**

  26. FUZZ says:

    into the bank account…

  27. anonymous says:

    just hate it when i went to the bank yesterday and it was soooo f-up n a shi* load of people were waiting to draw money from the atm machine… soo cheap…like we don’t have salaries..

  28. Les says:

    I wish my country gave me 200KD. But there’s too many of us :D.

    It’s great to know that some of you responsible people out there are using it for a good cause.

    Unfortunately I have a feeling the majority will either find some materialistic use for it or spend it without realizing that they even got it!

  29. KD200 has just bought annual tuition in Vedic (i.e. Speed Math) for little Anoushka Mutawa who lives down the street, and on whom the whole of South Surra is rooting for; to win a place at next year’s International Math Olympiad.
    And also look at how Henri Zaben is putting his dinars to good use : he’s booked himself and his partner for a 10 day Art of Living Special in Dalhousie.
    And then there will, of course, be those such as, Leela Al Nafisi who have blown it all up, on her Kamasutra – themed Majlis; complete with Moghul fountains, paintings, sculptures and all.

  30. gabrielf says:

    the only reason kuweit is giving money to the people is to shut them up and make them forget theyre living in a country with no liberty of expression.

  31. moocherx says:

    when the electricity goes out again, you can burn each 1KD note, 1 by 1, for light to read by.

  32. 3afoor says:

    more facial treatments

  33. S says:

    Other people need it more than me, so I donated it to feed the poor in Ramadan..

    It was a bad idea from the government. They should have used all this money to improve the country than giving it to us knowing that most of us will just use it to SHOP ! Hopefullyu they wont do this mistake again, they already did it twice..

  34. Sam says:

    Sadly I’m not in Kuwait but a friend of mine won 400 KD from his friends after a long tournament on on the PS2. This time it was Need For Speed…not W11. Wish the Saudi govt would do the same…1500 Riyals ain’t bad…

  35. Ay Kay says:

    I love the winning 11 idea :)

  36. snookie says:

    me, my bro, my big sis and mom surprised my dad with a bmw over the summer and we all (not dad) have an equal share of the installments.. so since im in the usa, i gave mom the 200kd for 4 months of my share :D

  37. limited_edition says:

    Awww…thats so0o sweet! I wanna be your dad!lol ;P

  38. snookie says:

    i know! he was sooo psyched and surprised! he said “i only asked for a new phone! next time i should ask for a new car if i wanted a private jet” lol ;P

  39. Giving them the benefit of the doubt; the govt’s intention, this time around I think is to get more people to spend these cash hand-outs on “life-enhancing experiences” and developing of core competencies.
    It is little wonder, therefore; there have been a record number of bookings from Kuwait this year on trekking expeditions in the Himalayas, the Andes and for river rafting on the Zambezi – all thoroughly invigorating experiences.
    Why am I not surprised then, people are making a beeline for good book stores, Broadway and the opera.
    Can a KD.200 top-up voucher also partly explain the explosive spurt in Kuwait based subscriptions to the Harvard Business Review and the Economist?

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