How Fast is Kuwait’s Internet vs the World?

Post by Mark

The popular internet speed testing website has a global index that is updated on a monthly basis ranking mobile and fixed broadband connections around the world. So how is Kuwait currently doing compared to the rest of the world?

Mobile Internet
Rank: 56th
Average Speed: 19.59 Mbps

Fixed Broadband
Rank: 83rd
Average Speed: 14.73 Mbps

I’m actually pretty surprised with the fixed broadband speed since I would have expected it to be a lot lower due to the fact that fiber isn’t widespread yet. Actually I’m also pretty surprised with our mobile internet speeds since I rarely get over 4 Mbps unless I’m in Kuwait City and even then it’s usually around 15-17 Mbps.

Regionally UAE ranked the highest for Mobile Internet coming in 7th with an average speed of 43.98 Mbps while Qatar ranked the highest in Fixed Broadband coming in 49th with an average speed of 27.78 Mbps.

For more information and the full rankings click [Here]

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  1. aaa says:

    Kuwait is historically better at Mobile internet than Broadband because one needs a billion years of ministry approvals and one needs a company to be like “Oh right I can make money off of this right now”

    I’m surprised it’s that low now, it was one of the first countries to roll out widespread LTE wasn’t it

    • Mark says:

      Yeah I think we were but other countries have now caught up to us since the technology has been out for sometime

      • Frink says:

        Still saying “we”… What will it take Mark?

        • Mark says:

          What are you talking about?

          • Dun says:

            I’m guessing the fact that your parents recently had to leave the country unwillingly, and you still keep using words like (we) and (us) when talking about Kuwait.

            Maybe you don’t notice it, and its subliminal; but compare how aaa referred to Kuwait and how you do. Funny thing is I think aaa is actually Kuwaiti too.

            • Mark says:

              firstly my parents left the country willingly, nobody forced them to leave.

              secondly i use words like “we” and “us” to reference all of us living in kuwait. its not subliminal, its just thats how the words are meant to be used. “WE” live in Kuwait, “I” live in Kuwait. I can’t replace the word “we’ with “they” or “them” because I belong to this same group.

              Like the example I gave in a different post, when you support an NBA team or a football team do you say “they scored a goal” or “We scored a goal” when you are referring to your team?

              Finally i get a sense sometimes that expats want me to turn things into an us vs them situation, expats vs Kuwaitis. I’m not gonna play that game.

              • Dun says:

                – As I understand your parents left because they can’t stay in Kuwait without a sponsor. Unwillingly doesn’t mean deported.

                – I won’t get into this whole language thing, but no expat I know ever said: ‘We’ won our first gold medal, referring to a Kuwaiti winning a gold medal. And NO you DO NOT belong to the same group.

                -Finally you can choose to play any game your want, or choose not to. However, the game is still on, whether you play it or not. Read the local press, start getting the hint, they aren’t exactly being subtle.

                • Mark says:

                  jesus what the fuck is wrong with you? How do I not belong to the same group? I live in kuwait!

                  You need to take your hatred somewhere else because I don’t have any patience for it.

                • Sully says:

                  What in the fuck is your problem? Are you that much of an asshole or were you conceived as an idiot. The man used his words correctly, you on the other hand, you’re being an ass.

              • Salah says:

                When I was studying in the states and told someone that “we [us]” had better entertainment services than “you [kuwait],” that someone went like:

                “oh so now it’s ‘you’ and ‘us’ ha?”

                I thought there is no way in hell anyone would take it this way except that dude I was talking to. Now I’m just as surprised reading those comments as finding out that UAE with their shitty connections ranks higher than Kuwait.

                I guess the world is full of BS.

              • Frink says:

                You are not Kuwaiti, and therefore you are not part of the group, and we don’t want you as part of our group. You are welcome to chill here for some time as long as you are respectful of our laws and don’t do any trouble. Know your place!

                • Dun says:

                  That right there is what I am talking about. Honestly they don’t deserve having good people like you as part of the group.

                • Mark says:

                  For fucks sake when I say “we” I am referring to the group of people who live in kuwait. Why is that so hard for you to understand?

                • Bob The Builder says:

                  As a Kuwaiti I hate it when foreigners use us/our/we when talking about Kuwait. I hear them say things like our roads, our healthcare, even our government! None of these things are yours.

                • Mark says:

                  Our doesn’t have to mean ownership, it can mean belonging. We use our or we because we live in the same place, so “our” internet sucks or “our” burgers are the best. Similar to how people feel a belonging with their favorite sports team.

                • Omar says:

                  Can’t we all just get along and enjoy shitty internet.

                • Bob says:

                  whats next? if you dont like the internet speed here, GTFO and go back to your own country? OR the internet is slow because all the expats are using it so they should be deported?

  2. Bob says:

    The websites are misleading as the ISP prioritizes traffic through them to give the best possible speeds achievable rather than an average figure which is what most people will get.

  3. Dun says:

    I wish they detailed the individual ISPs speed. OpenSignal only charts coverage (not speed) for individual mobile ISPs.

  4. Ahmed says:

    Some questions I don’t like to ask so I don’t feel bad about myself.

  5. Sam says:

    I’ll take Kuwait’s relatively slow speed and generous data plans over UAE’s fast speeds and tiny plans any day… I paid 4 KD for 400 GB on Ooredoo… here in Dubai I’m paying 75 Dirhams for 700 MB!

    • Mohamed says:

      And the speeds are shite!
      I seriously cannot use Instagram or even check my email when I’m in Dubai no matter which network I select, except when connected to hotel or business wifi. Otherwise the speed there just reminds me of good old Edge days.

    • Sadia says:

      This. I moved here from Dubai recently and I can’t say I miss the fast, crazy expensive, tiny Internet packages! Home wifi is alright but mobile packages are ridiculous.

  6. wateriswet says:

    Good god…the comments section turned from net speed discussion to elitism crapola quickly.

    Mark clearly isn’t referring to “we as Kuwaiti” but “we as internet subscribers / users in Kuwait”.

    This is why you shouldn’t procreate with your cousins, kids.

    • Jonathan Rowlands says:

      aaaahahahaha …. honestly some people in this country are straight up fools …. they will be writing their shitty little comments while sat in a car waiting for an INDIAN to bring them cigarettes … while the maid is in the back seat attending to their child … DOUBLE STANDARDS OR WHAT !!! ….. and as foreigners we should be able to say OUR … because without the expats kuwait wouldn’t even exist – racist fucks ! and if anyone got an issue hit me up and see what happens!

  7. bajs says:

    Love it here in france, fiber optic 300 down 100 up…that’s not even the fastest package available and its cheap lol.

  8. joe says:

    Net speed topic went to a whole different view.
    Anyways Mobile service providers are cheating the xrats for sure. FOr eg Ooreedo always have no coverage in areas where xrats and especially asians stay. iam waiting for one year since they promised me that they are fixing the coverage issue in our area.. 38kd per month gone down the drain. anyways its okk.. fucked from all sides .. so why not even ooreedo.
    have a nice day

  9. k says:

    these douchebags in the comments getting so butthurt for your usage pronouns hahahahaha. absolute turds.

  10. abdullah almohanna says:

    We have the infrastructure(fibre optics) to provide 100 Mbps internet to a considerable amount of suburbs, but telecom companies are apparently not using the infrastructure provided, highest advertised speeds I’ve seen were 50 Mbps.
    (And it’s sad to read the “us” & “we” talk,sad to see extreme nationalists ideologies in
    Kuwait, it’s the last thing we need)

  11. Jeff Gordon says:

    I never knew “Jersey” is a country? lol

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