20 speeding tickets?!?!

Post by Mark

speeding tickets

What the hell?! I was just checking my traffic violations online and I have 20 fucking speeding tickets which add up to KD650! Why doesn’t anyone call to tell me something like “Hi Mark, we’ve noticed you’ve gotten 5 speeding tickets and we just wanted to call and tell you to start driving slower so you don’t get anymore. Drive safely have a good day”. Seriously what the hell…

Note: You can check your fines [Here]

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  1. Rayboy says:

    i just paid mine .. yesterday! 3 tickets KD 110

  2. holla says:

    You need to call your wasta ASAP.

  3. gilly says:

    Holy crap…Slooow dowwwnnnnn
    Is this generated from the “no crossing red lights” cameras? or those random ones on the highways?

  4. Sunny says:

    our very own speedy gonzales

  5. Think-Big says:

    wow .. good, i find someone like me lol
    i must pay 750Kd from last August and i didnt :/
    so my insurance finished and i cant renew until i pay !
    imagine my hazband only 15 KD ! he said who is the man here ! lol
    some friend told me to put some stras Cristal on the number so it reflect when the camera shoot you .. i didnt try it
    but i found on internet that there is a spray to put it in the number so no one can catch u :p

  6. Mark says:

    there is this small white car that parks on the gulf road in the morning. I am guessing its from that although there is no camera in the back just some small thing in the front which i have figured out is a small camera of some sort that doesn’t flash when it catches you speeding.

  7. HaaMooR says:

    there is something wrong here. the speeding ticket fine is 50 KD, is this for your car or motorcycle? and an advise, DO NOT GO THERE BY YOURSELF TO PAY THE TICKET, they will take your driving licane, your tickets need to be un-blocked first, then you can go there and pay them. look for WASTA.


  8. Amjad says:

    wow.. speeding fines are heavy in Kuwait , eh ? Here in Oman our speeding fines are minimum 10 rials ( 7KD ) for speeding over 35 KM/h from the max. speed.

    650 KD is just too much. And having 20 speeding tickets sounds scary. I say find a strong wasta and let it sort that out ;-).

  9. ok simple math

    650 KD

    or 5×40=200 KD


    this is a business the MOI are making huge revenues from them! but i wonder about the points thing on ur license !!

  10. Bo-Bader says:

    Guys, believe me you can live happily without speeding. I never had any speeding tickets for 6 years now. Only 3 parking tickets. Just leave early and drive at speed limit. I figured out that in Kuwait you don’t save time by driving over speed limit because the travel distances are really short. Is it worth it to pay that much for 1 minute?

  11. K.TheKuwaiti says:

    Pay the bill, have them take your license and then drive on your canadian one for a couple of months.

  12. Mark says:

    Bo-Bader I don’t speed so I could get somewhere quicker.

  13. Fonzy says:

    i feel u man… i paid 480 KD not long ago… u actually expect them to call and say “please stop speeding, we are making too much money off u”… not in the arab world buddy.

    PS: the camera on the maghreb road driving away from kuwait city is working again… watch out

  14. Mark says:

    K: I don’t have a candian one, I will just drive with my motorbike license, it looks the same except for the little icon on the back.

  15. Nouf says:

    How do they calculate it? Is it 10 KD per 10KM over the speed limit?

  16. Ralph says:

    My friend had an amout of 910 KD to pay…850 KD on the same traffic light…Why should they inform you? They want you to pay more…:)

  17. Mark says:

    The purpose of the cameras should be to stop people from speeding not to make money from people who are speeding.

  18. Bo-Bader says:

    Mark why you speed then?!
    Don’t tell me the rush :P

  19. Mark says:

    I don’t really speed, like the max i would hit 140 on a 120km road. Its just the gulf road is limited to 80km which is too fucking slow and i average 120 on it.

    • Fatima says:

      well Mark.. its strange that out of all the comments posted here…there are very few who actually advised u to avoid speeding and drive within the speed limit. All the rest have advised you to use “waastaa” . this clearly shows the reason why there are so many accidents in this country. Inspite of being charged with so many fines, u all still complain about the money..but are not thinking about the benefits of safe driving..and obeying traffic rules.
      sad! and disappointing !

      • Fitfaye says:

        I agree with Fatima wholeheartedly. If you are going 20 over the speed limit then you won’t get flashed. But if you go 30 over, it’s a 30kd fine, if you are 40km over then it’s a 40kd fine, 50km over is 50 kd. Breaking a red light is 50kd fine. I am an expat and even I know that. Slow down and save someone else’s life at least if not yours. There is no reason to be going faster than 80 down gulf road especially with all the pedestrians around. Save yourself and others. It’s very sad you feel like someone should call you about YOUR speeding tickets. As a matter of fact, it would be funny to see you leave the airport and you can’t because you have a ban until you pay the fines.
        Very disappointing because there is so many idiots here who aren’t advising you to follow the laws.

  20. Nouf says:

    I noticed your page is in English, how do you get to the English version of the site?

  21. Faris says:

    I had to pay 980kd last year. One speeding camera. One in sharq right in front of kaleejiya. Wake up at 6 to head to work, who the hell would realise that the cam flashes at 45km? So it kept flashing me for 6 months with me going 80

  22. joud says:

    this SUCKS

    now i’m afraid to check my fines

  23. Wer3Y says:

    OMG! thats so much
    allah y3eenk i got 2 tickets with 65kd!! waiting to be paid..

  24. Mark says:

    Nouf just added it: http://www.moi.gov.kw/portal/venglish/

    Faris: Did they give you any problems when you went and paid or did you have wasta?

  25. hollasmomboytoy says:

    take out your bike more often

  26. Fonzy says:

    sorry to break it to u man…. but with that many tickets, they might want to take away ur license for a while so preferrable u get a wasta to avoid that….. but paying is a must.

  27. Kuwait says:


    All these days on your very forum we’ve been discussing about traffic violations, fines, checking it online etc. You should’ve checked once at least, might have saved you a 100 bucks.

    And is that all the info displayed on the website? No date/time, speed limit/speed caught etc.?

    Anyway… good luck man.

    PS. Its always good to know and remember where these cameras are.

  28. Cajie says:

    Well, look at the bright side.
    You will start paying more attention to your speed limits from now onwards. :)

  29. Mark says:

    I will just start driving the wrangler

  30. Faris says:

    Mark I didnt go with a wasta and they revoked my license for 4 months. I was too lazy to pick it up so it stayed there for 7 months lol. With wasta they wont revoke your license (DOH!). I had it revoked last Wednesday for driving on the safety lane while the sheikh was passing (road was blocked). Problem here in Kuwait is that our police force is no where close to being educated enough to deal with people. In the back of their heads they think they’re above everyone else. Wasta and being accepted in the police force should never happen, but this is Kuwait you know.

  31. Faris says:

    I just checked again, 145KD, what the hell?! Most of my salary is going to the MOI.

  32. reader says:

    I don’t get why you think they should call u and let u know about yr tickets!!! Where is your responsibility in this? 100000000 people have speeding tickets…what’s so special about u?

  33. Mark says:

    The reason speed cameras flash you even during the day is to INFORM you that they caught you. As I said earlier, cameras are not there to make money, they are there to slow drivers down.

    My issue is the camera that was taking pictures of me speeding didn’t flash me or inform me that it had caught me. So it wasn’t trying to deter me from speeding, it was just profiting from me breaking the law which isn’t right.

    Ofcourse its my fault I was speeding but I would have slowed down if I had known I was getting caught.

  34. Bo9ale7 says:

    Thats why they made an online system , so you can check by your self and try to control your self ?

  35. Mark says:

    Thats the thing I have been checking online and last time I checked was a few months back but nothing had showed up. Now suddenly I ahve tickets from April. I am actually lucky they are only 20 and not more.

  36. Bo9ale7 says:

    and cameras arent really here to warn you ,you have been already warned when you did your driving test . alot of street signals telling you whats yoru maximum speed in the particular street. cameras are here to make you pay the fine . and from paying the fine you will learn not to speed .

  37. K.TheKuwaiti says:

    The MOI should implement a system where they send you an sms/email/letter everytime you get a traffic violation (apparently this exists somewhere).

    This way people realize that they are speeding and being fined .. and will change their way of driving (the purpose of speeding cameras).

  38. Mark says:

    Bo9ale7 thats not true. Cameras are there to deter speeders not profit from them.

  39. Mark says:

    Just checked wikipedia, in the UK for example cameras are required to be painted yellow because the camera’s are supposed to be used as a deterrent rather than as a revenue-generating device.

  40. judy Abbott says:

    well you better go see the pictures..

    once i got a speeding ticket for 20KD’s .. when we asked for the pictures it wasn’t my car or any car in our house!!!!!

    So there you go!

  41. sean says:

    good point.. on the “deter offenders dont look to cash in on them”

    i know that this was a big issue in the uk.. and thats why they painted the cameras yellow.. and these cameras were postioned in places easy to spot so as to slow ppl down…

    however all the complanin is from mostly ppl complaning tht they are getting screwed and they are the cause of it..

    i do agree though tht something has to be done about the gulf road limit thts just silly!

  42. Mark says:

    I am not against speed cameras or speed traps or getting fined for speeding. I am just against the fact that I wasn’t informed either visually with a flash or by some other means like for example when leaving at the airport they could have informed me that I have tickets or like K suggested by email/mobile etc..

  43. Musaed says:

    I guess your license will be suspended, Good Luck ;)

  44. Marzouq says:

    That is the most comments I have seen on any of your posts which are non hating in a long time!

  45. Reader 312 says:

    Faris, you deserve what you got for driving in the safety lane. I really get disgusted by people like you

  46. jessyz says:

    I wonder how much money the MOI generates each year and where that money ends up going.

  47. Mark says:

    it should go towards improving the safety of the roads but I doubt thats happening. As I posted before they should replace all the gulf road light poles with the much more safer flexible ones.


  48. abood79 says:

    Mark I guess we all know what you asked for Santa this Christmas.

  49. Mark says:

    I guess my KD6 casio is the only thing I am getting this Christmas

  50. Sunny says:

    Do they ban u from travel if u have a certain amount to pay them??

  51. Faris says:

    Reader, i wasn’t driving on the emergency lane for the sake of driving there. Cars in front of me braked hard and i didn’t have time or space to brake. I was on the emergency lane for 5 seconds exactly.

  52. Taymoor says:

    Oh Damn!! maybe the site is messed up…you should double check with MOI in person

  53. Nalessa says:

    click on “Traffic Violations Inquiry” – its more accurate i guess!

  54. Asooma says:

    seriously? you want someone to call you and tell you that you were speeding, slow down please?!
    dude.. thats way too far.. who would do that?! WHY would they at the first place?
    you have to know when to stop speeding or whatever..
    MOI has a website.. check it now and then, well that’s why its there

  55. Mark says:

    Yes because the website is very up to date. These violations just showed up recently on the website even though i have violations from April.

  56. chikaP says:

    OMG!!! This is scary!! I have to check mine now!!! :$

  57. Financy says:

    Why would they inform u ?!

    ur the one who made a mistake .. u broke the law ..

    they dont HAVE to inform u

    maybe what ur expecting is a police officer .. to call u and warn u politely

  58. Latifa says:

    OMG! That’s too much!
    For me: Total Amount : 0 K.D. lol

  59. Mark says:

    Financy you seem to have misunderstood the concept behind the speed cameras.

    The speed cameras are not there to make money.
    The speed cameras are there to stop people from speeding.
    This is why the cameras are NOT hidden.
    This is why you get signs ahead of the camera warning you there is a camera ahead.
    This is why the camera flash goes off, so you know you were caught and stop speeding.

    My issue is the camera that caught me doesn’t have the flash so there was no way for me to know I was caught speeding and so no way for me to start driving slower.

    Having a system that informs drivers that they were caught speeding would in return make those drivers slow down right away instead of months later like what happened to me.

    The most important thing to remember is that the cameras are not meant as a source of income for the government, the speed cameras are not replacing oil. Speed cameras are there to slow drivers down.

    • Fatima says:

      well again Mark… you knew the cameras are there…and yet u continued speeding..expecting the camera to flash and “inform” you that u have been caught!!!!! I mean..COME ON!!! what else do u want them to do?? if u speed..u get caught on camera…u dont need to be a rocket scientist to know that.
      And what did you expect when the camera did not flash…did you think that u got away with speeding?? this is a lesson for you…when u see a camera..SLOW DOWN…dont wait for flashes, emails, phone calls.

  60. Asooma says:

    the idea is not to speed at all.
    not just at the camera spot!
    thats why there are hidden cameras everywhere.

  61. Mark says:

    Asooma exactly, the idea is not to speed. But you are wrong about the hidden cameras, there are no hidden cameras and they are not allowed to have hidden cameras. Even the pop up speed traps they place warnings before the speed trap that there is a radar camera ahead.

    If they wanted to hide cameras they would have removed camera ahead warning signs and hidden the cameras.

  62. mocman says:

    why does any one want to speed??? is 120k really too slow? shit…. almost everyday i see an accident… why?? coz some wanker thinks he knows how to drive at high speeds…. my 2 cents… anyone who gets a ticket for speeding / crossing a red light / driving like a wanker… deserves it. and should lose their driving privilages… at least this way the roads will be a bit more safer….

    whining about speeding tickets……. sad… so sad.

  63. Mark says:

    No one is whining about speeding tickets or saying 120km is too slow. All I am suggesting is they let drivers be aware they are caught speeding so they can slow down. They already do that when the camera flashes you but the camera that has been catching me doesn’t flash.

  64. Speedo says:

    Oh gr8 I just checked mine its KD390 :(

    I would suggest go with a wasta..thats what I do always but I hope they wont block my entry to Kuwait when I am coming back..

  65. hollasmomboytoy says:

    sorry to rub it in.
    but i checked too.
    ZERO KD ;)

  66. fix-you says:

    my big brother just paid his speeding fines the othere day which were about 750k.d

  67. K.TheKuwaiti says:

    For the record, speed does not lead to accidents/death .. reckless driving does; you can do the same damage at 200km that you can at 100km.

  68. hollasmomboytoy says:

    K.thekuwaiti. no not really. please refer to the human anatomy, G force, and your high school physics book. and then do the math.

  69. Talal says:

    Well, thankfully radars in the UAE flash to tell you that you’ve fucked up. But the problem is that Arabs are ASSHOLES–all they do now is go at 120km/h on the Abu Dhabi Corniche for example (which has an admittedly retarded speed limit of 60km/h) then hit the breaks HARD 200m before the radar and then speed up again. That’s even more dangerous than just driving at 120 km/h for the entire stretch.

    I don’t know what the policy is on informing drivers of their violations…I think I remember my parents sometimes getting letters from the Muroor.

    The problem is that I don’t think I’ve ever seen a police car stop a car for speeding. I lived in the UAE continuously for 18 years—not ONCE. That’s just not normal. And since adult Arabs have the mental capacity of 4-year-old children, they won’t learn unless they suffer immediate repercussions.


  70. Asooma says:

    yes, but MOI mentioned earlier that they are going to place cameras at regular cars so you (the driver) wouldn’t know if that car has a camera or not. i.e have to drive within the limits.

    come on now.. don’t we all speed till the camera spot then slow down?
    they know that too! so they thought ” oh boy they are useless, put cameras they don’t know about”.

    now after paying 650, logically you are going to slow down right? see .. its working!

  71. Reader 312 says:

    Farsi, ok then I’m sorry I guess coz you didnt clearify that before :P

    Mark, why would you need a camera to flash at you to tell you that you are caught speeding? WHY SPEED AT THE FIRST PLACE??? just drive the speed limit and you wont worry about being caught. IT IS THAT SIMPLE.

    It is like if you say .. you go kill someone and if the cops catch you and send you to jail you will stop killing people.

    I know cameras are not supposed to be a source of income, but personally I think it is a good idea to even DOUBLE or TRIPLE the current fine so when someone gets caught by the camera .. he will THINK AGAIN of speeding, so lets say you have to pay 650 x 3 .. dont tell me you wont drive the EVEN BELOW the speed limit, unless you are Bill Gates

  72. Ralph says:

    Sometimes it’s not about speeding, some traffic lights got a limited 40 KM/H when u’re passing them on green light…there is one in Sharq next to Burgan Bank that is hunting drivers one after the other…But yes i think they should inform you by phone or SMS that u have a reached a certain amount of tickets..

  73. Ralph says:

    There is something called Photoblocker spray for your plate number and u’ll not be caught at night…still we need a solution for the day :)

  74. Mohammed says:

    Number Date Time Plate Number Violation Type Fine Due

    No Data Available, Please make sure your Entry is correct

    Violations Count 0 Total Amount : 0 K.D.

    Thank you Mark

    No Data Available, Please make sure your Entry is correct

  75. ghassan99 says:

    If I remember too well, there is a service offered from MTC, I mean Zain, where they will send you any fines that you may incur from MOI via SMS. I think it was for KD2 per month. Check it out.

    By the way why cant I pay speeding tickets over the web?


  76. Mark says:

    I cant pay my tickets online also but i think cuz i have 20

  77. Moey says:


    Good luck with it man, damn… this is insane I swear! gulf road and 80 is like walking on eggs (the arabic famous quote)

  78. lilzoqi says:

    Can you say CHEEEESE. ;)

  79. Mark says:

    heh not funny :P

  80. pearls says:

    it’s a good way to make money

  81. dishevelled says:

    You honestly believe that placing the “hidden” camera is working? A far as I can see, it’s not really mattering to people. Everyone’s still speeding, and if it came to just that chan e7na ibkhair, it’s the insane reckless driving that’s the problem. I don’t even want to start about the police breaking traffic rules or using the siren just to get through! I’ve seen that quiet often.
    In my opinion, if the government wants the people to comply in the long run, then they should treat everyone innocent UNTIL PROVEN guilty, not treat everyone guilty! Ya3ni one of the reasons I started not following the rules (not necessarily traffic rules) is the concept of me already being treated guilty, so I might as well do what they already “accused” me of doing.

  82. Moey says:

    Mark, I hope they don’t take your license for good or make you go to court/jail.

  83. Nouf says:

    —You can get an SMS when you get a violation, my dad gets it.

    —Sorry to break it to you for those that think they have ‘ZERO’, the site is not updated. Last time I had zero and the next day 600 KD worth of tickets from the past 6 months showed up. Since the last time I paid (10 months ago), mine hasnt been updated yet. It says I have 1 from January, but I’m no fool. I know I have plenty more ready to pop up any day now.

    —Anyone know if the charge is 10 KD or 20 KD for every 10KM over the speed limit????

  84. Damon Dash says:

    by the way they just updated the site beacuse of the car show today, moi will have a stand there for everyone to check there tickets , also you cant buy a new car unless you pay yore tickets so its a good time to make money.

    regarding speed cameras aren’t there to make money, will not in Kuwait mark EVERYTHING is about money and you better have that state of mind here or you wont survive.

    last time i checked i had one red light ticket for 50 kd and I’m too afraid to check now after the update but damn 20 tickets thats bad man.

    also you cant pay ANY camera tickets weather its red light or speeding by internet or the moi service centers, instead you have to go all the way to the public traffic department capital branch in shwikh near where they give driving tests thats where the department for camera violations is , and have a very very bad day there and stand in long cues and at the end have your license taken away for months but damn 20 tickets maybe they will take it longer this time, its not even the money or the license thing , its the bad people you meet there and the way every one looks at you like you killed someone that gets to you it really really does suck and i STRONGLY recommend going there with wasta or prepare yourself for HELL.

  85. rafiki says:

    I hear you Mark!!!… and I understand your point! It is against the law to have any kind of speed reading camera, radar etc. without warning or some kind of sign informing you about it coming down the road!!!
    Sorry for the hole in your wallet, my friend!!

  86. reader says:

    K.TheKuwaiti wrote:

    The MOI should implement a system where they send you an sms/email/letter everytime you get a traffic violation (apparently this exists somewhere).

    This way people realize that they are speeding and being fined .. and will change their way of driving (the purpose of speeding cameras).

    Man, even in the U.S. no such system exists! People who speed know what they are doing. Why find excuses for them?
    People will change after paying the fines…not before. I don’t feel sorry for them, they are putting us all in danger.

  87. Mark says:

    For those of you who get sms’s everytime you have a traffic violation how did you sign up for it?

  88. Jolie_Gal says:

    Okay I’m trying to catch up here…

    To Mark:
    For 50 KD a piece, that means you have been caught speeding at least 13 times. Did you realize that the camera flashed you 13 times in the past?? Or the camera didn’t even flash and just kept record your speeding? Cause if the latter is the case, then my husband and I are completely fucked! Every time we drive on the highway, we always exceed the limit cause we find it safer to drive on the fast lane than in the middle or the far right considering the way people drive here (talk on the cellphone or check sms, keep drifting across the lane, etc)

  89. Mark says:

    Its not KD50 a piece, its as the jpg above, 20 tickets ranging from KD30 to KD40. The camera never flashed me.

  90. K.TheKuwaiti says:

    No such system exists?? I would get a letter within a couple days for every violation on my car in the States .. from parking to speeding.

  91. Nouf says:


    I just asked my dad who has the SMS service, he says it’s not an immediete notification, it’s an SMS 2-3 months later ‘reminding’ you or your outstanding tickets and their amounts. Just give them your number next time you go and ask for the notifications.

  92. mentabolism says:

    Like its not good enough, you can check it on the web, you want them to call you up….man I’d freak out if any one from the MOI called me.
    I guess they are hoping to pick up people if they get stuck in a checkpoint and they do a check on your numbers.
    The SMS service is linked to your license or plate or something…so you can check only your tickets.

  93. Musa'ad Haider says:

    Whoa man! If I ever have to pay so much fine for speeding, I would dump my car and go KPTC. I hope you find a wasta good enough to minimize your damages but still, as tempting as stepping hard on gas on empty roads is, I hope you give up speeding for the greater good of all.

  94. mocman says:

    in Nelsons voice “Haw Haw!!!”

  95. art says:

    u have enough sponsors to cover for that pocket change payment ;)

  96. Gillian says:

    i got flashed a couple months ago on gulf road, and it scared the hell out of me!! In my part of Canada, we don’t have speed cameras, just cops in police cars or unmarked cars who sit in unmarked speed traps or spot you in traffic. I think that way is WAY more effective than here in kuwait, b/c nothing is more embarassing than sitting on the side of the road with the police car behind you with their lights on and siren going. And there’s no way to get out of a ticket once they issue one… no wasta there!

  97. Boiling.Madness says:

    Does anyone know how long does it take MoI to get your tickets up on their website. I jumped a red light in Kuwait City (Mirqab/Sharq) at 80kmph in a 45kmph zone last week. The camera flashed and I have been checking the MoI website every day without any data whatsoever.

  98. Mercy! says:

    BTW, I love this blog. Done very well….! Now, for the nagging.

    I fell on this speeding article and couldn’t believe all the wasta comments. Shinoo? I’ve been drving in Q8 for 20 odd years, never had a speeding ticket. I’ve seen too many crunched up dead people in cars to know
    the result of the speeding.

    Bottom line is, everyone complains about those big wastas that work against you, but uses them for whenever they need them. Come on now, let’s end the wasta saviour program.

  99. Zorbon says:

    A question…It says I can not pay the tickets online.and to check with them..Any reason why?

  100. Zorbon says:

    Hmm, i can’t get the site where you pay opnline anymore…

  101. Nadz says:

    gosh why are you speeding? Slow down man.
    This is why speeding tickets are so high. So that people LEARN and stop speeding.
    I really doubt you have something that important to go to. You’ll hurt not only yourself but other innocent people as well.

  102. Azhar Mehmood says:


    This is very less……… shit…… what u r doing on road :-D hahahaha

  103. I got you all beat! – 2001 Jeep cherokee, KWD1400. ‘better recognize!

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