A day at Core Fitness

Post by Mark

Fahad just posted pictures of Core Fitness on his blog. If you’ve ever been curious to get an inside peek you can check out the pictures [Here]

Note: The picture above is of my kick ass personal trainer Dusty

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  1. k says:

    Do they have a sister gym? Suggestions for good womens gyms, because the options are terrible

  2. GWB says:

    It looks like any other gym, nothing particularly striking. It seems too small and claustrophobic to me. I hope they have good ventilation; you don’t to smell the armpits of the guy next to you.

  3. Gilbert says:

    Cool.. Pinoy trainers!

  4. Suleiman says:

    “Machines are the wusses way out.” Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale North American Powerlifting Champion

  5. hamed says:

    mark, would you recommend this over something like sidekick academy?

  6. cajie says:

    Who said anything about it being dangerous?. My comment was only to highlight the disadvantages. i.e. it does not engage your muscles responsible for stabilizing. i.e. what is needed for real-world use.
    Even the linked article makes no mention about it being dangerous – only that some people ASSUME that it is less dangerous, but is not the case.

    • cajie says:

      huh? what happened to your comment Mark? My post now looks awkward.

    • Rob says:

      Here we go again. The eternal machine vs free weights debate.

      Before I begin, a little bit of bacground info – I’m 23yrs old, been lifting for 7 years now. I’m not saying I know everything but over the years I have learned a fair bit.

      Yes, free weights are superior to machines, but that’s not to say that you should completely avoid using machines (especially the smith machine!!).

      If you’re a beginner then you’d probably be better off sticking to free weights. However, for alot of intermediate/advanced lifters working their stabilizers is not always a priorty.

      I have been doing shoulder presses and shrugs on the smith machine for many years now and they’ve worked great. Use of machines is not bad per se, overdependence on them is.

      PS : You’d be suprised as to how many trainers have got no clue what they are on about(eps the ones in kuwait)

  7. boyette says:

    squats are best.

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