Acer Aspire One for KD59

Post by Mark

Acer Aspire One

I am not a big fan of Eureka Electronics but this deal is just incredible not to mention. Eureka currently have a special offer on the Acer Aspire One and they are selling them for only KD59. Thats super cheap, thats cheaper than Amazon cheap. The Acer Aspire One is an ultra portable notebook computer that competes directly with the Asus Eee and MSI Wind. The KD59 deal is on the Acer with the following specs: Intel Atom 1.6ghz, 512MB RAM, 8GB HD and comes with Linux pre-installed. No idea on how many they have in stock but if you want one I am presuming you need to move fast.

Thanks Cajie

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  1. SanDMaN says:

    That’s a ridiculous price..!!!!

  2. Kha says:

    Amazing price! I tend to like Eureka in general, I dunno why. What don’t you like about them? :)

  3. Pure says:

    hmm , there is something fishy abt it .. !

    I mean seriously only K.D 59 !

    will go to check it though ..

  4. ar53nal14 says:

    Do they deliver? I really wish they did.

  5. Mohammed says:

    Sorry for confirming this but they are all sold they had in every branch 1000 laptop each ….

    and the seller told me that he knew that there is a new offer by the people waiting for them to open the store lol! sij kuwaitien

  6. Realist says:

    It’s prbably bouht by hawalli pc stores to be resold for double !

  7. klash47 says:

    Just went there and had two friends in other branches around Kuwait….EVERYTHING WAS SOLD OUT.
    Hmm i might come back after fu6oor,and hopefully i might be able to get a hold of one.

  8. Kha says:

    Pure, not really. Ever heard of the 100$ ultra portable laptop? this is from that category. It is not meant to be used as a primary computer, but as one you use when for eg when you travel, to present a presentation…etc. These laptops arent meant to be used as your only computer for work for example, although I presume you could do that if you want to.

    I remember I talked to a higher up guy from Eureka before on how they get to have such crazy deals every once in a while, it turns out they just have one of the most amazing searching group of people that scour internationally for the deals and not rely on the overpriced local distributors that only bring the higher-end and expensive products.

    I love them, for a local comapny that started only a few years ago, they are doing a one kickass job.

  9. skyline says:

    me and my friend we’re looking for two pieces all over their branches eventually we got our hands on the last one in Fahaheel branch and it was insane the crowd over this offer 8\

    a missin started at 11 A.M in shuwaikh went through salmiyah ended at 1:30 P.M in Fahaheel branch with only one laptop that was already on display .. lol

  10. SanDMaN says:

    Sold out already .. that sucks.. I was planning on picking up one after fetoor, to give as a gift to my younger sister in university back home, would’ve been easier for her to carry to uni than her over-sized toshiba.. If anybody finds stock at any of the branches, please let us know..

  11. Bow n Arrow says:

    What’s up with this netbook/sub-notebook craze?

    I mean, it’s a sweet deal, but does it perform?

  12. hot mug says:

    Yeah Eureka usually has nice prices. I get small gadgets from them a lot.

  13. Tony says:

    Available @ Alghanim Electronics for 79 KD

  14. dj_will says:

    id still pay 79kd tbh …if its a direct competitor to the Eee pc … it works good for music .. web surfin when ur out .. quick travel … my MB pro is too precious to be thrown around in a trip to sharm lets say.. this thing .. you wouldn’t feel bad if it fell and took a hit . can take it everywhere .. love the idea …
    deffinetly thinking about getting one of those new tiny pc’s

  15. Conan says:

    Great price. In this way every body can have a laptop. I know many people who can’t afford buying a laptop because they are expensive.

    By the way….. If you want to buy any thing from Al-Ghanim, cash it. If you don’t cash, they will treat you as their slave.

  16. rehan says:

    Doing an upgrade to this laptop would be doing a open heart surgery.

  17. Al.Sadoun says:

    sold out and no have in Ureka Al.Salmyia, they sell 200 pieces

  18. Kha says:

    They said they sold out of them within 1.5 hours!! All 3000 of them! :O

  19. fahad says:

    Eureka only had 150 units, and they are selling under cost for cost leading strategy to increase traffic to their showroom and divert costmers to other products, what i heard is alghanim will recieve 1000 units of the same product priced 79kd. But they complained to acer and stopped their shipment. And now Acer made one hell of a problem to eureka on dropping Acer Aspire One’s price.

  20. Kha says:

    Fahad, they had 3000, trust me on this, I talked to the guy responsible for the products in Eureka. Al Ghanim has no right to complain, Eureka has the right to do anything they want with their prices (much better for us! :D)

  21. Yousef says:

    I went to Eureka Salmiya. Sold out the same morning the offer was given. :/

  22. Jojo says:

    No way they could sell that many in 1.5 hrs. With Ramadan traffic I can’t see how all these people got to the stores to begin with. Good marketing to get the traffic in showrooms like Fahad says & to make sure people come in quick with next “good” deal

  23. dj_will says:

    do any of u know if this could take mac osx … or the eee pc 900?

  24. Khalid says:

    what’s the average battery life on these small laptops and how large is their screen?

  25. Mark says:

    dj: u can installed osx on the aspire one but wifi wont work unless u change card and supoosedly the aspire is very difficult to take apart and upgrade.

    the eee 900 u can install osx but it wont be usable. the 901 and Wind work best with osx but in both u need to change wifi card.

    khalid: 8.9″ screen and battery varies depending on size of battery. mostly 2.5 hours to 5 or 6.

  26. Mark says:

    For that price you might as well buy it from Carrefour for KD135

  27. dj_will says:

    am i suposed to know how to do those things bymyself mark ??????? or is there some nifty guy in an alley in hawalli i could go to !?

  28. Hellraiser says:

    Funny none of you guys got hold of one? or is this a marketing strategy to attract people to Eureka?

  29. orgthingy says:

    OF COURSE it’s cheap, if it had windows, it’d be like 300KD.. but it has LINUX and LINUX IS FREE

    <3 linux

  30. Ali says:

    Do they have stock???
    They have no Stock i send one of my friend there but they said it is out of stock
    It is add only

  31. shaknon says:

    @ orgthingy:

    I couldn’t disagree more with you. You could buy an original copy of windows XP professional for 60-70 KD (You could find it cheaper if you look in several places). That sums it up to less than 129 KD (much less than 300 KD). You could also make it cheaper by buying Windows XP Home edition.

    Another solution is to buy a copy from Hawalli for 1 KD which sums it up to 60 KD or you could just download the Windows OS from the internet for free (much much less than 300 KD).

  32. Desert Girl says:

    Me smells bait and switch.

  33. MBH says:

    Acer sucks. Always had, always will. Never in my life I’ve seen such fragile cheap crap.

    I wouldn’t take one even if given for free!

    If you go with cheap stuff, it will screw you when you least expect and in most need.

  34. uturni says:

    Its a strategy to lure costumers in. Volvo dealer did the same beginning of Ramadhan for their C90 4wheel. Offered then at KD 8800 (was close to KD 12,000). The dealer told me its SOLD out the first day (Only 8 cars in stock) but people were still dropping by to check out the deal.

  35. darkwolf80s says:

    I am willing to bet that a Notebook price can be cheaper if they customer has the choice to choose and OS. Preferably Linux.

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