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I am staying late at work today trying to finish up a campaign thats due to be presented tomorrow. I hate staying late when I am not prepared for it but today I came in and I had my mind set on staying late and its really cool. No one is in the office so I have the window behind me open and my music blasting out loud. I am really taking my time and enjoying what I am working on because I no longer trying to finish up before the end of the day, I now have the whole night to work on this. No one is here to interrupt me, no one is here to tell me to lower my music and no one is fighting. Its so peaceful.

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coz you stay over your expected working hours.

well… if you get paid overtime then that’s “sort of” fine, but if you just do it for no good reason then that’s sad.

We all need to work hard and prove ourselves worthy but I wouldn’t personally spend a single extra minute at work

Having said so, I understand situations differ from job to job and place to place 🙂

Have a good day!

Ah, well actually no we don’t get paid overtime here. But, I don’t stay late often. Sometimes we have large campaigns and little time to work on them so we stay late so we can finish it up right.

whats wrong with spending time on something you enjoy? and that will be rewarding, perhaps not financially but emotionally

Undisclosed, you seem to be suffering from “i need a new job” syndrome.

I actually love my job, but once my duties are over I have better things to do.

Entrepreneur, as far as I understand, most people work for financial reasons. The emotional part of life should be fulfilled with family and friends.

But, that’s just my point of view… I might be wrong 🙂

Undisclosed is right, i think the worse thing to do is to let your life evolve around your job. But this is not the case with Mark, he does’t stay late often, only when something urgent is required. I don’t think he should start enjoying it though!

Well I didn’t mean enjoy it as in I wish I could stay late every night. I meant that when I HAVE to stay late it really isnt that bad, it has some advantages compared to when working during regular hours..

When I stay late I am alone, no one bothers me, no one interrupts me and no one complains about my loud music. When I am working during the day i try to have everything done by 5:30 so I can leave home so i am working under pressure. If I stay late I no longer have a deadline and I am no longer pressured. I am more relaxed when working and i set my mind to the fact that I leave once the job is done and not the fact that I leave at a certain time.

the only thing that suprises me about working in shithole kuwait is that so many companies make their ppl work on thursday. that’s so unnacceptable.

it’s hard enough working a normal 9-5 schedule in kuwait, let alone having a one day weekend. i wouldn’t accept a job like that unless they paid me like a Grand or something and i could always just skip thursdays or mess around. i feel for all the ppl that have to work thursdays.

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