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World Space Week in Kuwait

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The World Space Week (WSW) will be held for the first time in Kuwait at The Scientific Center on Thursday 15th and ends on Wednesday 21st December, 2005.

There will be daily space activities for the public and school visits during business days. The KCS already prepared to have a space theme during the special week such as supplying their gift shop of space food, space toys and other space souvenirs. Starting from Thursday, the theme of the Discovery Place, children’s workshop, will be about space. There will be a portable planetarium with star shows for the children. As for the preachment program, they will set computers in resource rooms and set space books corner. (Discovery Place must be reserved).

In I-Max theater, the Space Station movie will be played twice during the space week on 2-Dimension on Saturday and Monday from 1:00 pm- 2:15 pm.

In the central hall of KSC building, there will be a space photo exhibit giving a summary of space history and what World Space Week celebration is about. In addition, there will be other exhibits are being held.

The central hall will be decorated with 30 different countries from which their countrymen went to space such as Russia, The United States of America, Saudi Arabia and so on.

In the Dhow harbor, there will be radio activities operating on HF and UHF bands using the special call sign “9K2WSW” for the event. A/Qader Abul (9K2DJ), a member from Kuwait Amateur Radio Society will be operating on the radio live with other four radio operators (including Astronaut Girl, Maryam). He will station the the radio on his car, a Hummer with mounted antennas.

The radio operators will explain to the kids and public how space is important in our daily communication such as the sun cycle. They will also explain the radio station on board the International Space Station and how to make contact with astronauts and cosmonauts in space. They will explain satellite (space) communication, how to track them on computers and understand the terms that are used.

For more information call 848888.

[source So I Want To Be An Astronaut]

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