Alcohol Prices for Kuwait – 2013

Post by Mark

Al Qabas newspaper Al Shahid released a list of alcohol prices in Kuwait. I guess they want you to be aware of the prices so your dealer doesn’t try to rip you off. If your dealer is overcharging you, refer them to this list.

For non-Kuwait residents, KD1 is around $3.5

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  1. Ahmed Khader says:

    What the heck, I though Alcohol beverages were illegal in Kuwait! :S :S

  2. shey says:

    oh boy! i think its because they want to inform that it is being sold here nonetheless is it even ”halal” to post this :O

  3. Sauce says:

    wtf, rip off.. my dealer gets them for much cheaper, at least 20% cheaper than these rates

    call: 22430500

  4. MAK says:

    Mizdaaaan we love you!

  5. Tarek J says:

    Did they actually write “shitty moonshine” on there?

    • Mark says:

      no, they actually wrote something like “chastry ma7ali” which i have no clue what it is but for KD5 a bottle I wouldn’t call it premium moonshine. I was going to call it Drink and Die Moonshine but i didn’t have a lot of space to write it.

      • Mark says:

        oh and they had gin written as “Gin Botheeb Dragon”

      • praetorius says:

        some are even going for 3 (1.5ltr bottle) for 10kd :-)

        so that newspaper has to look a bit harder for sources of alternative “sellers”.

        at those prices, i couldn’t care less, i don’t drink alcohol when i’m in this country anyway :-P

    • Chris says:

      I was wondering too.. “Shitty moonshine” lolol

  6. OMG says:

    Hahah nice one does this means there is a little chance that in the future alcohol can be legalize in Kuwait too. Imagine how huge money can the government can collect from taxes of alcohol and tobacco. Advertising of such kind in the broad sheets is just the beginning… conditioning people minds… alcohol will somewhat be legal here soon or might be sooner. Just opinion though.

    • pickles says:

      “Imagine how huge money can the government can collect from taxes of alcohol and tobacco” if I may also add the elephant in the room, Cannabis.

  7. Rampurple says:

    Their dealer is obviously ripping them off…. i’d say around 25-30%

  8. I really hate keeping long nick names says:

    damn inflation!

  9. dm says:

    Pls put up the dealers #…..i want
    2boxes of vodka ….;))))

  10. Kingfisher says:

    I hope Big Daddy in CAMP “A” is NOT seeing this or else demand and supply will get affected :-)

    Boozy days are getting tough mannnnn!!!

  11. Gang says:

    We dont this legalised here…..we have enough road mishaps without these..

  12. Bassel says:

    Are you sure this list was published in alqabas newspaper? Which issue and page please?

  13. Bassel says:

    Mark I am gonna check yesterday’s issue..but you know these issues are illegal in Kuwait no? so how come a local newspaper publish such list !!

  14. Bassel says:

    My friend reporting is different issue than pricing!! I am a journalist I know what reporting means!! It would be better if you post the screen shot from alqabas or the page where the list is published..I checked yesterday’s issue and got nothing

  15. FYI says:

    holy crap! I just bought 3 (750 ml) SKY vodka bottles for BD 30.6 (KD 23) from BMMI Bahrain.

  16. se7s says:

    Was thinking of moving back to K-town, but now that this how much I would potentially have to pay for booze, I’ll pass……..

  17. zaitsev says:

    lool this is hilarious, a bottle of Red Label in lebanon costs $16.. which you can find in your local baqala…
    Black Market my ass.

    • 3azeez says:

      Indeed you are correct. I was joking about this red label situation couple of weeks back. I was waiting in line for the checkout at Billa when I looked down just at the cashier and saw a huge basket full of red labels. They were cheep too. ANd I remembered how we read about people getting arrested for bringing these bottles or shipments to Kuwait! pity

  18. 3azeez says:

    I guess I found a way to fund my PhD studies!

  19. jelly says:

    to be honest, you can get both shitty and really good moonshine at 5 bucks a bottle.

    All the same – I’m glad western expats and kuwaitis are being charged a helluva lot more for SOMETHING :)

  20. Joe says:

    Just legalize it and let people decide themselves if they want to consume. It is 2013 for farks sake!

    • 3azeez says:

      its monopoly. same reason why most kuwaitis dont own homes. same reason why most kuwaitis cant find university education in kuwait. same reason why kuwaitis cant get proper dental care. same reason why everything else in kuwait is overpriced.

      • jelly says:

        uhhh are you an idiot? ALL universities in Kuwait cater to kuwaitis first. i think you have some very skewed views on expats – we helped build your country – from the ground up. Don’t forget your first currency was the rupee!

        • Rehab says:

          And then you did a great thing discovering oil !

        • That’s not true, my brother-in-law wants to study to be a doctor but he doesn’t have the right WASTA and so he is left working as a phlebotomist. If a Kuwaiti wants to travel abroad for medical again they must have Wasta so don’t assume you know everything about Kuwaiti citizens. As for dental care, yes it’s free but do you even know what level of care citizens get? You have to have 5-6 different appointments just to get something simple done which is why most go to private clinics. Expats who get insurance are the lucky ones. There are even different levels of Kuwaiti citizens as well. Don’t believe everything you read in the papers.

        • aaa says:

          The British Rupee which was tied to the British Pound…

      • nYx says:

        3azeez, for the first time ever I can actually agree with your views; so now I can safely say that all your previous rants about Expats being the reason there are problems in Kuwait should be easily trashed! Thank you!!

  21. KarlRivera says:

    Where can I buy Heineken or Budweiser? lol
    These are more expensive than buying diamond.

  22. nonchalant says:

    This is incredibly expensive to what people I know used to get! I know for a fact that high school kids in kuwait I know get it for 45-60 for a bottle of hard liquor. Incorrect pricing, they’re finding.

  23. Hans30 says:

    Hey Mark, Didnt get the route map to the dealer . Could you please repost?

  24. pureorama says:

    I am guessing Shitty Moonshine isn’t the brand name?

  25. Boyousef says:

    يوجد الكثير من الشريبه هنا

  26. Bassel says:

    Next time make sure of your sources otherwise you will lose credibility..and retake your bloggs classes…10 – 0

  27. Jay says:

    I think Bassel.. your not the only one whos a journalist in Kuwait, and the basic’s that Mark is talking about is knowing what Journalism is all about.. you have good “dependable” papers and you have tabloids and “yellow” papers… therefore, what is happening here is if you check out the link, Mark has provided you with the source, but the link shows its not Al Qabbas its Alshahed Weekly and he corrected that by changing the link. A good journalist thinks and writes the truth, and doesnt fight back by callin people liars or what not. Anyways, please check the link well you will see that all the NECESSARY information is there.

    p.s. thank you Mark for a great post. I personally think Al Shahed are one of the papers that write as if they are sitting in a female gathering and gossiping about other housewives!

  28. f9ail says:

    This is blasphemous!!! You can get them for cheaper… from um ilmaradim and garou!

  29. winterfresh says:

    Nobody can guarantee that alcohol from the black market is not fake. That can lead into serious health issues.

  30. Mathai says:

    These prices are probably the MSRP coz there are guys who sell it for much less, like 30% less.

  31. The Real says:


  32. Desert Girl says:

    I agree with Mathai. These are a little high with the exception of shitty moonshine. :D I dunno – I might get a cleavage discount….

    How much for JACKson? LOL!

    Hey, here is a tip for your readers: If you are ever busted for drunk driving in Kuwait, do NOT tell the po-po that you bought a bottle from a guy. If you do, then they have to inform the criminal evidence department (CID) and start an investigation to get to the dealer to get to the distributor. What you should tell them is that you bought a bottle of Jackson and you drank that.

  33. Kingfisher says:

    @ DG: + 100 for that :-)

  34. FYI- Camp Arifjan DOES NOT sell alcohol sp please stop asking! Most Americans make their own wine and booze until they get caught like the 5 guys who just got fired for booze. I remember seeing a water bottle that had “vodka” in it but it had all kinds of stuff floating in it, glad I’m not a drinker and by the time the people got to it they were already drunk so it didn’t really matter anyways.

  35. Yousef says:

    Show this list to someone living in any other country and he’ll get a heart attack ;p
    A bottle of Chivas in lebanon costs 9-10kd so basically kuwait prices are 7 times more… I dont even know who’d buy a bottle of absolut for 100 kd. U know u can buy an iphone with that? Hahah

  36. ANB says:

    can we get the list for drug prices? wanna see how much people pay to OD.

  37. black out says:

    Can teenagers by from a dealer since it is already illegal I’m 15

  38. Amelaya says:

    The whole discussion made my day :D
    keep going guys..i feel like im in a comedy bar :O


  39. jertones says:

    what a read hehe…come here in qatar to many booze in here

  40. Tala says:

    What happens if you report people drinking in kuwait?

  41. Sas says:

    I need a safe contact here in kuwait to get from him vodka for the New Year’s Eve? Anyone knows someone

  42. Nouf says:

    I have a diplomatic friend who doesn’t need to go through the same airport procedures as everyone else so when she travels back to Kuwait she stuffs sample sized jack Daniels in her underwear to smuggle it through security hahahaha

  43. Nouf says:

    Also when westerners go into bukalas sometime the owner will place a card on the table hinting he sells illegal alchohol behind the counter but I don’t think all bukalas offer this ur best bet is knowing a diplomat who’s parents can easily get bottles of champaign provided they’re cool with that :p

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