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Post by Mark

Aramex has activated the pay by credit card option for Kuwait customers. What this means is that you can now pay for your shipment online with your credit card. To do that you need to log in to your account on and then click on “View” and then on the “Pay by credit card” button. Sadly you can’t pay the customs fees online just the shipping fees.

For those of you who don’t know what this service is, Aramex have a product called Shop & Ship in which for a fee they will open up a forwarding mailbox for you in the States. You can then shop online (amazon for example) and ship your packages to your US mailbox and Aramex will then ship it to Kuwait.

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  1. BAJS says:

    I am looking at my package which is currently in customs but I don’t see a pay by credit card or pay by anything button for that matter.

  2. el Shahlab says:

    Ah, Shop & Ship! The best thing that had happened in online shopping to me. I do a lot of shopping thru my s&s mail boxes in the US and UK.

    Wonder if we’ll get the pay online service in the UAE though.

    BTW, Lurve your blog!

  3. Fatma says:

    Mark I used to use my US Aramex box with but now they stopped accepting it :( do u happen to have another solution for this?

  4. BR says:

    The payment option seems to appear only after the package leaves US/UK and disappears after it is prepared for delivery at the kuwait facility and consists of the shipping charges only.
    We still need to pay the customs and clearance charges by cash to the delivery guy. Sort of defeats the purpose.

  5. Kuwaitiful says:

    I actually pay by credit when he arrives on my door step, that way I pay both shipping and customs cost, more convenient.

  6. Hammad Hassan says:

    Hi All,

    quick question,

    Will amazon or anyother online store will accept my payment made by Kuwait credit card if the address mentioned in Billing Address is that of US/UK Aramex Mail Box ??

    Doesnt it needs to match-up with the address i provided to bank for my Credit Card ??

    2- Does anyone knows what are custom charges here in kuwait. So that we kwow whats the total cost including shipping + custom duty

  7. Nader says:

    guys,if you have any question you can just call our hotline 1820011 and they will give you full details.


  8. Joojs says:

    Thats true! Bs still there is 1 kd charge when you get the shipment which you cant’t pay it online!!! so stupid

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