Art Director and Copywriter Needed

Post by Mark

If you’re an Art Director or an English Copywriter and are interested in joining JWT (where I work), send an email to

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  1. Abdul says:

    could you give some specifications for copywriter ,so as to know if a person is eligible for it.also you will simply receive some which are not having qualification you want.

  2. maged says:

    Just out of curiosity what’s the difference between art director and graphic designer?

  3. maged says:

    i thought are director is a senior graphic deigner :) sorry im not into this business so any min. experience needed (local and international) ?

  4. moe80s says:

    do you need translator?

  5. Jamil says:

    Hey Mark,

    Hope you doing gud. Love your website and regular visitor .

    Plz do recommend some adv agency who are affordable and not expensive at all.


  6. dark knight says:

    hey mark…would a masters in mass communication with 2 years work ex in a bank count for the position?

  7. Desert r0se says:

    Can I apply without much experience?? 😔

  8. Desert r0se says:

    Ur not the HR manager r u?? 😉😁

  9. TJ says:

    Hey Mark,

    what does a copywriter do?

    What does an art director do?

    Please inlighten us :)

  10. Sandy says:

    I have been a fan of your site for sometime now. I live in the states but it looks like I am going to have to move to Kuwait after all with the Hubby(he owes me big time).

    I have experience as an account executive for an advertising and Marketing agency and I really loved it. Our creative director was a mad genius just like yourself and I loved working with him.

    Mark I decided that you are going to have to give me a job when I get there in a few months. I don’t mind starting from the bottom,or even being a part time intern. I don’t mind standing under the umbrella of your talents, catching the excess creativity that trickles from your visions to fuse it with my flair for marketing. I’ll even make coffee..and did I mention I am Colombian?(you know we grow and brew the good stuff)JK.

    Please do let me know if anything else at all opens up in the near future so I can submit my resume and a cover letter.I also have 7 years of administrative experience as an office manager.

  11. Prasanth Joseph says:

    Hey Mark,

    Been a fan of your blog for some time now. Love coming to the blog especially when i m away from kuwait always makes me feel at home with the familiar pictures and all.

    Mark I dont have a advertising experience but I love it and i want to carry on in that field but its not easy to find one in advertising. I would love to intern if there is a spot open. Please do give me a heads up if something is there. Thanks a ton

  12. theZay says:

    Hey, any internship availabilities?

  13. Tariq says:

    hi there Mark

    i have just sent my CV please keep us posted if the job is still available

    hope to be part of the JWT family

  14. Maged says:

    is this still available ?

  15. are the vacancies available still or are the seats filled out?

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