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There is a bakala I visit frequently since its located under my office. His pricing is weird though and I don’t know what to do about it. I usually take a large bottle of water and a bar of Twix. The problem is he sometimes charges me 300fils for the 2 items which is the regular price, but sometimes he also charges me 250fils which is a discounted price. Today though when I got the stuff he wanted to charge me 350fils until I asked him if they had increased the prices and then he was like oh yeah sorry here is your 50fils back. Its really weird, its never consistent.

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Maybe he is live prices for the commodities that you are purchasing, such as the spot price of cocoa for the chocolate, and the spot prices for the water too… all available via his bloomberg terminal that he keeps under his desk, lol ok this is turning into a financial joke that most ppl are going to find sad…

hehe theres more though…

perhaps he has a unique way of measuring inflation – LIVE. Though a jump from 250 fils to 350 fils is a difference of 100 fils, and amazing 40% DIFFERENCE!


perhaps its something simpler, like he’s always high.

just tell whomever works there you got for 250 fils before and just throw your money at them until they understand you aren’t willing to pay more. this usually works very well. it’s a shitty bakala in a shitty 3rd world country FFS, the prices are whatever you are willing to pay on that particular day.

reminds me of starbucks

I never pay the same ammount of money for my mocha frapacino with extra cream and extra caramel.

I never change anything in the order but I always end up paying something different and I don’t feel like asking them for an explanation cuz they will have to ask their supervisor who of course knows nothing about this so he goes to the manager who is as cluless as the first barista … end of the story Mr.Alshaye3 will come there and still I wouldn’t get an answer.

So I will just avoid making a scene and just pay whatever I have to pay.

starbucks rip ppl off! Once they tried to rob a little boy by charging him more than 2 kd for a frappacino!! He had no clue what was going on and just gave them his 5kd which was probably given to him by his mother to get the drink for her!

And about baqala, i agree with holla, just pick ur stuff up and hand him the money like u know what it is

So I asked her why the price, she said she charged double extra caramel top and bottom, which means 4 extra shots of caramel, at 150 fils each, so thats 600 fils, plus add 150 to anything they say “extra” like extra cream or whatever!
and be careful how they tell the barista to do it! I talked to the manager about it he said yeah im sorry they’re not supposed to do that (my ass!) Anyway, I got the kids drink back down to around 1500-1600!

hehe thats cool, i wonder what arbitrage opportunities this throws up.

If it was a returnable product, you could buy both items at the 1.650 price and sell them back to the store at 1.800 hehe… at least this would be possible in the markets… dont think it applies too much to retail opertations hehe

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