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Car Show Preview

Was just talking to my sister Rampurple, she gave me some info on what to expect at the car show which starts today.
Here is the scoop so far:

– They have the Golf GTI and the new VW Passat on display
– They have the new Dodge Charger on display
– Eclipse is finally coming to Kuwait, new model on display
– Renault Megane convertible on display
– Nissan Tiida and Toyota Yaris on display
– Lots of vintage cars on display
– Renault has their F1 car on display
– Lexus has a concept car called the LFX on display
– New 2006 Nissan Pathfinder on display

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Mark, random Q not related to this post…

Do you have any way of measuring the number of posts per week over time? I would be interested in seeing if there are periods of time where kuwaiti based blogs get the most traffic with regards to posting… it seems to come in waves…

🙂 thanks

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