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Bazaar Magazine have a new website (finally no more hotmail emails) which you can access by going to Sadly the WHOLE site is flash based which is a disaster. Who still does a fully flashed based website nowadays yet alone a magazine?

As K.thekuwaiti put it, Flash is dead. Bazaar should have done a proper online magazine which would archive all their articles so they could at least be search able. They need to start building a database of all their previous issues and their current ones because old fashioned print magazines are quickly becoming extinct. Digital is the future and a perfect example of an excellent magazines online presence is WIRED.

Finally, where is the Bazaar blog? Majority of companies and corporations are adding blogs to their website so its surprising to see that a popular, young and trendy publication like Bazaar still hasn’t jumped on board the blogging wagon knowing for a fact that the editor of the magazine and majority of their writers read blogs themselves.

Currently the website barely has anything to make it worthy of a second visit. Unless they revamp it I don’t think I would ever bother checking it again. [Link]

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  1. bazaar says:

    mark: thank you for your comments about the bazaar website.We didnt know Flash was so ‘dead’ when we started working on the site,and are already working on a non flash alternative. Also,we are already archiving our old issues and they should be online soon.Having a blog is also very important to us and on the site there is a section called ‘chit chat’ which should also be operational soon that is actually a blog forum for people to post comments and suggestions.
    This is our first foray into the world of websites and every day we discover something new that we should have done.Stay tuned for vast improvements in the near future and keep the suggestions and advice coming plz!

  2. KtheKuwaiti says:

    I just posted my ‘review’ of the website .. pretty much echo-ing the same thought.

  3. moocherx says:

    is there anything that can be done about (preferably removing) the f*cking irritating music?

  4. Mark says:

    Bazaar, if your old issues will be available as downloadble PDFs its not really doing much.. They need to be available online as articles to read and search through.

  5. moocherx says:

    and before you ask… I know there’s a “music off” at the bottom, but because the site’s flash, it takes too long before the ‘music off’ button is displayed… by which time I’ve closed the window to keep my colleagues from wondering what all the noise is…

  6. Mark says:

    Also I wanted to mention this in my post but forgot about it. At least hire the right people to design the site, not an architecture company. There are tons of people specialized in designing websites so you don’t need to go to an architecture firm.

  7. Angelo says:

    Honestly, this is the first time I heard about this magazine. It seems interesting but I’m away from home currently so it doesn’t matter to me anyway.

    PS: I lobe WIRED ^_^

  8. dfineline says:

    HIHI what is going on… I believe a blog for most of all should be nautral and independant. Or you can call it 248complainingandbitching…

    I just checked out the Bazaar site and I think it is very coool and I cant wait to see the readable issue on site.. Because how irritating is it when Starbucks is out of copies. Now what is wrong for an arcitecture firm who also have a grapich department, doing his site….? Honestly we are all designers with new ideas.. and yours are highly appreciated, but stop using your own tast as an agenda.. The site is still under development, so give it some time and you will see. Go and bitch at others magazines who are copying Bazaar big time. That is a crime!!!!

    And Moocherx I think there is a volume control botten on your computer if you take a look…

  9. Mark says:

    dfineline works at BrainStorm for everyones information. I know because the email he used for his comment is

    Anyway, dfineline. You should take criticism in a positive way. The Bazaar site is a disaster and you are the company responsible for the mess. So thats why there is a problem with an architecture firm creating a website for a magazine. You are not qualified for the job, its that simple and the proof of this is the Bazaar website. It has nothing to do with my taste because I didn’t mention anything about the design of the site. We are talking usability and practicality not colors and shapes.

    So relax dude no need to get aggressive. I don’t have a problem with your interior designs, just your graphic design and web design.

  10. Hellraiser says:

    This site has serious performance issues, too slow to load, flash and ezines dont mix, I guess the designing needs some storms to enlighten their approach to ezines. thansk Bazzar for taking notice i like your mag and looking forward for the new look.

  11. dfineline says:

    Why dont we all move to Saudi so we can trow some stoons…

  12. Marzouq says:

    dfineline you really don’t know how to take criticism, sometimes I think Bazaar has good articles and some times I know they get articles from blogs or other places.

    The design isn’t good, and people are commenting on it. Personally I really don’t like flash websites because they are annoying. So grow up, its a criticism of the website not a person. If the person who did it thought they did a good job then good for them, but the end user is going to be the real evaluator and as of right now nobody has liked it.

  13. steve_leb says:

    yes why not..!! come on dfineline.. you run 1st and we’ll try to hit you.. who ever hit u first.. get an icecream.. now how does this sound to you..

  14. steve_leb says:

    by the way take of SHOWBIZ from your site.. its no more..

  15. bazaar says:

    for the record:
    brainstorm have a seperate dept that designs websites and they showed us work they have done and we loved it. and they specifically asked us if we wanted Flash or HTML.We chose Flash thinking it would add life and music to the site but perhaps we overlooked valid points that you guys made.As mentioned earlier,the site is still a work in progress so all comments and suggestions welcomed.

  16. dudeq8 says:

    i checked out the bazaar site after reading marks comments and was actually very pleasently surprised.Its a funky cool site and everything was very easy to find. bazaar people,good luck with your site and may it be as successful and as interesting as your magazine which is easily the best magazine in kuwait by far!

  17. dudeq8 says:

    hellraiser: it took exactly 10 seconds to open the site by the way

  18. Hellraiser says:

    Dude if you have a 1MB connection sure, i ma running on 256 at home, take 7 minutes to load, chances are that the flash is in the proxy.

    dfineline do you have problem with religious acts and I quote you”Why dont we all move to Saudi so we can trow some stoons…” or shall I come personally and kick your ass? No wonder your design suck as much as your spelling!!

  19. dudeq8 says:

    hellraiser:I have a 128 connection and live in salwa which is slower than the rest of q8.
    what do u mean flash in the proxy? plz elaborate.

  20. Mark says:

    For everyones information
    dudeq8 and bazaar are posting from the same IP address.
    Meaning they are either the same people or using the same connection at their office.

  21. Marzouq says:

    dudeq8, thats just sad!

  22. anonym says:

    actually it loaded for me in 5-7 seconds like dude said. (and i dont think i have the same ip)

  23. Tazz says:

    Flash ain’t the problem, it’s the flash designer who takes the blame. It’s the lightest way of animating stuff as far as bandwidth is concerned. You can have an entire Intro measuring up as much as a good jpeg image. I just had a look at bazaar site, all I can saw is give the job to someone who can do the job right or else, slick a WordPress page.

  24. moocherx says:

    dfineline: hmmm… should i stop listening to music on my pc so i can turn the sound off to view your site? OH! here’s an idea – just don’t look at the site.

  25. Truth says:

    :) Ha Ha. Your gonna get your ass kicked and stoons thrown at you!

    Mark, your “criticism” is very transparent. The people who read your blog for its informative value in Q8, not the PC clique that always defend you, right or wrong, see right through your “criticism”. Your complaints about bad customer service are valued by all, but your complaints that are really just personal opinion about other designers smack of some sort of hidden agenda or jealousy.

    To be frank, its all a bit childish and one day it is going to land you in hot water, be it legal or personal! Word are words, and some words once spoken, cannot be taken back and have consequence affixed to them once uttered.

    Come on dude, if you don’t like the websites content, just don’t press enter on the keyboard. You’ve been blessed and have developed a strong reader base and are to be commended for that, but to use that base to slag off others is just tacky and speaks to a general lack of class on your part. I’d come to expect more out of you!

  26. Mark says:

    Truth, how does saying a website has potential to be better or that a website is crap because of a certain thing make it personal?

    Bazaar asked me for my opinion and I posted it. They want to hear feedback by readers on their site so they know what they can do to improve it.

  27. moocherx says:

    Mark’s right. If you can’t deal with criticism, you shouldn’t open yourself up for it in the first place (which includes having a web presence, let alone asking for opinions on it). Or alternatively, you can simply ignore it (which is what I do on my blog when someone rudely disagrees).

    We read Mark’s blog because he says things are good when he thinks they’re good, and crap when he thinks they’re crap. If he only put in stuff he liked all the time it would be dull. Likewise, please credit all his readers (well, most) for having a brain… we don’t always agree when he criticises, likewise we don’t always agree when he sucks up to some brand he likes.

    If you can’t stand the heat – get out of the kitchen. Don’t stand next to a boiling kettle moaning that it’s too hot for you.

  28. B.Mikail says:

    Bazaar is still one of the best magazines in the Kuwait market.Its developing month by month. I think their website, with time, will be just as good.I do agree that the design of the website should be done by a more specialized company. and not a department in a compnay that is not up to date with modern web technology.

  29. Truth says:


    It wasn’t clear from your original post that Bazaar sought out your opinion in the first place.

    In this instance, I was wrong to criticize you. However, judging, by the related entries at the top of the page, Bazaar must be a glutton for punishment.

    I stand by my comments that your critcism is sometimes just personal opinion, not fact.

    I never said anything was ‘personal” It’s just that your complaints and the manner in which they are written sometimes make one question what your real agenda is.

    Please keep up the good work.. IMO you have the best blog in Q8.

  30. Mark says:

    Thanks for your comments Truth and I assure you my criticisms ARE my personal opinion and not facts. There is no hidden agenda and I dont have anything personal with the magazine. Everyone knows Bazaar is the best magazine in Kuwait but many people including me believe it could be much better.

  31. zaydoun says:

    Wow.. chill out folks. I can’t believe you’re more upset with Mark’s comments than even Bazaar themselves!

  32. KtheKuwaiti says:

    Mark .. you just jealous. I think you should GTFO.

  33. the real says:

    This guy is a fake!!!!!!!

  34. the real says:

    WOW 10 years to set up a website thats very impressive.

  35. L says:

    bazaar got themselves a new website

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