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The new airport will be completed by 2016. That’s in 4 years time. [Link]

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  1. Haneyl says:

    That’s even faster than the first ring road project that’s going on.

  2. A reader says:

    I don’t

  3. TweeZ says:

    wait a minute. Is this after the privatization of Kuwait Airways? Cuz if it is, the private sector is much more efficient and therefore this date is kinda believable.

    • aaa says:

      KWI and Kuwait Airways are seperate companies aren’t they? And anyway the construction company doing the tender would be private I’m guessing

      • TweeZ says:

        good question regarding the airport and the airways. So, here is another question that I hope to be answered – is the airport included in the privatization package?

        • Acerboy says:

          I don’t get it ? Airport being privatised wHat are you getting to? Passenger handling or airport security? Airports are never ever privatised as its a border !!!

          • Mathai says:

            Airports can be privatized but not completely. Cochin International airport is a Public-Private partnership.

            They had something similar to an IPO and you could buy shares of the airport.

        • Othman says:

          Nope. Completely different companies. Privatization of KAC should be any time now.

        • ZeroSystem says:

          Kuwait Airport is run by Civil Aviation which is right now part of Ministry of Communication.

          There is a plan to separate it and make it a stand alone agency because that’s one of the regulation set by icao and iata.

  4. Ahmed says:

    A dear friend of mine works in the civil aviation and he says the project is a go and should be open in 2016 and Kuwait Airways will be modernized soon before being offered again to sale.

    • AA says:

      I understand who is bidding it and it was purposely run down so they could bid low. Who would do that to the reputation of the nation?

  5. ibnturab says:

    I have a feeling we will still be discussing the building of the new airport in 2020. I don’t know why they want to build a new airport. Why not just reorganize it and just expand the airport areas inside the terminal transit area. They can also use the Shaikh Saad Airport for something, maybe like Kuwait airways or some other airlines. What the airport really needs is organization and some clean spacious restrooms.

    • aja says:

      The current terminal exceeded its maximum capacity, no matter how much they reorganise it it’ll still have too many passengers to handle, hence making it the mess it is. plus they’re not building a new airport, its technically a new terminal.

    • AA says:

      It only has 10 gates and is too small to handle the passenger levels. BUT, if they ran the airport for passengers instead of visitors it would be less crowded in some areas. It is very mismanaged though and whilst the new airport is being built they could do really simple things to improve the logistics.

  6. Q8iPatriot says:

    When the government says 2016, 4 years, based on our previous experience it is more likely to finish by 2024. 4 years X 3 = 12 years.

  7. this date is only a scheduled date. that is given they get approvals and actually start digging. you can add 5 years to that for approvals only. i will remind you in 2024

  8. Abdou says:

    I don’t know if 4 years is long or short to build this, but from May till October it will be very difficult to carry on this construction since the weather will be extremely hot. Just imagine trying to walk in the summer heat, let alone do construction work. And with Ramadan to come in the middle of the summer, it will slow down.

    • aaa says:

      In the summer they shift a lot of construction work to happen at night so it’s not as hot. Also gets around the fasting issue :P

  9. bazaar says:


  10. Ali Sleeq says:

    It took more than that to design the airport, and even more to decide where to build it.

  11. Kuwait says:

    Won’t say the usual that is being said above but anyone else saw the model of this airport at the current airport, just past immigration and before the gates?

    It really looked good. And I wanted all the die-cast model Aeroplanes :( I noticed a few Emirates/Thai A380s also there.

  12. Acerboy says:

    What’s the point in making it more larger as we don’t have much transit passengers like we see in Doha,Dubai ! They have ppl coming from all over the world as tourist or connecting passenger! And I don’t see any such tourist coming to Kuwait and nor think they would have such connecting passengers with seeing the condition of Kuwait Airways aircraft !

  13. Acerboy says:

    Rather increase the number of immigration counters at arrival and specially have a counter for First and Business class.

  14. Khaled says:

    hahahahahaha that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day XD Thanks Mark, we need more jokes like this on your blog XD

  15. london says:

    Maybe there was a typo from the contractors and the 6 was meant to come before the 1 so it will be ready in 2061.

  16. Sam says:

    as long as i know its on schedule, right now survey is going on – and project managers are working for last 1.5 years now, the news was published only when contract was finalized and approved by Govt.

    if delayed .. probably only by an year or year and half only if there is any rigging between contractors and Govt like Hospital in South Surra got delayed by a few months so far :)

  17. Del says:

    The problem with the current airport is that is one person is flying in or out, his/her entire extended family visits. They march into the foodcourt, occupy half a dozen tables like the Germans invading Paris and then sit there for half an hour.

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