Benihana Lawsuit Update: The First Hearing

Post by Mark

As you already know by now I am currently being sued by the Las Palmas Restaurant Company who own Benihana and Subway in Kuwait. They’re suing me over my review which you can read [Here] in case you missed it. Anyway today was the first hearing and this is just an update of what happened.

My lawyer went to the court but I didn’t since it turned out I didn’t have to. At the court the Benihana lawyer basically stated their accusation which is the same one as the court order which is that I conspired with the company I work for against Benihana to benefit my company and their competitors which I mentioned in my post; Chocolate Bar, Maki, Wasabi and Pinkberry. They also submitted documents related to the case and now my lawyer has a month to study the documents and prepare our defense for the next session which is April 12th.

So there currently isn’t much to share other than that. Thank you everyone again for your support.

Note: I created a new category on the right which will contain all my posts related to the lawsuit.

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37 comments, add your own...

  1. Mithos says:

    I think that you will win easily :P

  2. Phoenix says:

    Yes Mark, don’t share more than you have to.. let the lawyer do the talk.

  3. Mohammad says:

    Dear Mark, I think you will win. and i think the food is really discusting of Benihana. The Meat EKHH i think they use Chinese expired beef as we see on the newspaper.
    Plus you said your views honestly.

  4. Kim says:

    When you go, throw tomatoes at them!

    Good luck!

  5. Kuwait says:

    “Note: I created a new category on the right which will contain all my posts related to the lawsuit.”

    You didn’t need to.


    Could fit in these posts easily in any one of those sections ;)

  6. lendmeurear says:

    Yes I can see how chocolate bar & pinkberry are aggressive competitors of benihana…

  7. TweeZ says:

    I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again, Sakura makes the best damn sushi in Kuwait HANDS DOWN!

  8. PKG says:

    hey mark.. i have been readin about ur lawsuit updates.. n lol, the comments from the GM from ur earlier blog.. heh, was hilarious.. dere is NO WAY they will win this suit.. relax.. jus a bunch of pissed off n clueless ppl.. im def not goin to visit there fo sho.. newho, i second Kim.. throw tomatoes (rotten ones if got ne) at them once u get there.. lol.. besta luck.. :)

  9. Kim says:

    I noticed the other day that they were pretty empty for a lunch time…Hee, hee…Good luck Mark.

  10. esz says:

    We are with you Mark!
    Don’t disclose any information here before consulting your lawyer ;)

    Good Luck !

  11. ariston says:

    Agree with the comments above… don’t disclose too much information about the case, and let your lawyer do the talking. :)

    Good luck Mark!

  12. Desert Girl says:

    I’m with Tweez about Sakura. Now thar is competition!

    Anyhoo, I walk right past Benihana (most of the time with my best FU face on). I’ll NEVER go there.

    Plus, I have friends with issues with the owner, so I don’t want to give him any business whatsoever. He does not sound like a decent person. Anyone who would leave his son in Romania and not see him or talk to himfor years – even when the son came HERE to see his father… Ick.

  13. Kim says:

    Wait, there’s another Kim than me! IMPOSTOR!

  14. maged says:

    i think there’s no certain owner for subway in kuwait all are franchised stores.

  15. q8teacher says:

    I really REALLY hope you can sue them back for discrimination, and just wasting your time!

  16. Les says:

    Was just reading what has been going on Benihana’s fan page on facebook, and a person asked what was the lawsuit about and Benihana Kuwait replied: “rest assured that it is not and we repeat notttt for a negative review, we understand the concept behind blogs, the reason will be revealed in a later stage after the hearings,so stay tuned..the reason why we cannot state anything at the moment is because it is illegal .thank you for understanding”.

    These people are NOW claiming something that has nothing to do with what they are taking you to court.

    How unprofessional can they get! Tells you something about how their restaurant is managed as well.

  17. nexus85 says:

    I was actually thinking abt giving them a try before i heard of this whole lawsuit fiasco… On a personal mission to tell as many people as I can to not even think of goin there.. :D

  18. Hamad says:

    LOL you people who are banning Benihana before even trying it, grow up, fanboys

  19. okik says:

    ok so your working at a rival company or some sort???
    now thats a whole other story in my opinion, its not about BLOG’s food reviews

    with all due respect but i think your going to lose the case :)

  20. LoOli says:

    I can go to court with you and vouch that the food, presentation, service SUCKS @ Benihana’s.

    We were a party of 6 and none of us could eat a thing! My friend refused to pay as the food was inedible and disgusting! We simply walked out!

    Surprisingly they did not even argue with us! Obviously they’re used to scene of displeased customers!


  21. PKG says:

    ok so your working at a rival company or some sort???
    now thats a whole other story in my opinion, its not about BLOG’s food reviews

    with all due respect but i think your going to lose the case :)
    lol.. with all due respect TO U okik, mark is gonna win.. am guessin ur one of those who kept changin their nick but with the same ip address.. newho, mark, dont get intimidated by this childish n unprofessional behaviour..

  22. i-Found says:

    i dont see the purpose of there claim whats wrong with ppl saying there openions and reviews of there company .. dah !!!
    i didnt tried them yet cuz i didnt like there name .. let them sue me now lool

  23. You are SO going to win this case.

    Wish you luck!

    And I hope that you can sue them for harrasing you, and for wasting your time!

  24. Tareq says:

    What is going on no one can say his opinion.

  25. Paul says:

    Hey Marc its April 12th .. any update?

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