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Post by Mark

Qaiss from the local blog io81 has recently launched a new business. I’ve been reading his business oriented blog for a long time now since I am always interested in what he has to say about the local market and I also enjoy reading his complaints, tips and business ideas. So when I heard he launched a new business called Digumz I was excited to find out more about it and so far the first impression is really good.

Qaiss basically has set up an online video game rental website which also has a physical location at Omnia Mall in Salmiya. He has kept it simple with 3 flat rate rental plans, KD7 a month will allow you to rent as many games as you want per month as long as you rent 1 game at a time. KD13 will allow you to rent 2 games at a time and KD18 will allow you to rent 3 games at a time. Once you sign up and become a member you just login to his website, choose the game you want and they will deliver it for free.

I think it’s a pretty simple and cool idea. So if you’re interested check out his website www.digumz.com

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  1. yousef5 says:

    That is pretty cool.

    I think I’ll try it out and tell my friends about it. There’s actually a lot of games I own I wish I didn’t buy, but now with this I can rent it, try it, then buy it at some other place if I want it, or he should consider having a rent then buy feature in the future.


  2. Haneyl says:

    Ummm…is he considering putting up PC games? :'(

  3. Digumz.com says:

    Thanks mark for the post and thank you guys for your comments.

    Haneyl: sorry we don’t now, but we may consider pc games in the future.

    yousef5: thanks dude

  4. Patrick says:

    I’ll test this out on the weekend. Sounds good, pretty good selection of games too. Interesting new business, good idea.

  5. BAJS says:

    I would actually loose more money then I would buying a game new with this, the pricing is good and all its just I take ages to finish a game lol.

  6. BHD says:

    Cool service, basically a copy of gamefly.com but I wonder who in Kuwait would actually use this since used games here drop so much in price that you can easily buy them instead of renting. Rentals in Kuwait have been tried before many times without success.

    • PedroDashT says:

      can you find a just released game for 7KD + then resale it with out loosing 7KD of the total min 18KD ? i doubt

      i am a Serious gamer and i love the idea

      • TJ says:

        are you involved in digumz.com in anyway (i.e. ownership of the site)?

        you sound like your into it :)

        • D says:

          haha nah, I don’t think so. It’s true what he says. The Rehab complex (the lower flower where they sell used games)is very tough to sell and buy used games for at least reasonable prices.

          Video games is a sad market here. It’s already an expansive hobby worldwide and neither worldwide gamers like it but it’s a bit more worse in countries like Kuwait since we don’t have stores where we might get a low price from time to time especially for games that have been out for while now (except for few ones known in Rehab)

          And even stores like Virgin Megastore is more worse then Rehab complex. Just go and see how much they sell their games. Especially the old ones like Folkar or Metal Gear Solid 4 on the PS3 for no less then 20 KD and they have been out for no less then two years by now. For real, why things started to be so overpriced and people started to be so greedy like that? Cloths are over priced, foods overpriced. Why this greed? اعوذ بالله

  7. PedroDashT says:

    Awesome idea good luck

  8. His says:

    YEs, I heard about it form a friend yesterday.

    I really think it is worth it.

  9. cajie says:

    This is a good way of getting a feel of all the games.

  10. Rob says:

    Good luck. Just a technical question, what happens if someone rents 3 games and does not return them? Do you get a hold of the visa information or is there some sort of security deposit?

  11. Rayboy says:

    how long can i keep playing 1 game? is there a time limit for return?

  12. Digumz.com says:

    Thank you guys again for your comments, if you have any questions just email me at info@digumz.com.

    Rob: no security deposit because we use the credit card details, and yes if someone does not return the games, we charge his card, file suit against him, and maybe blackmail him,j/k only charge his card, risk is always there in a business.

    Rayboy: no time limit, play till your fingers go numb:P and keep on exchanging for more games.

  13. K says:

    Their store looks really nice :)

  14. Ahmed says:

    Yersturday, i visited Digumz with a lot of concern in my mind, let me tell you about it:
    1- How the idea works?
    – its all online , no need to visit any place, get the best of a new releases @ your door with flat rate of 7, 13, & 18.

    2- how many games i’m eligible to play in a month?
    – and here is the magic word, “As Much As You CAN” and a little birdy in my mind tells me, YES. And i start calculatted in my kuwaiti way, well well well 1 game at a time divided by Avogadro’s number and multiply it by 10 to the power of -13, i dont want you to waste more time reading the calculation, i can get 15 games in a month (each and evey two day i can play a new game) “end of calculation”. Then i say wow, of course beating the historical average price of renting 5 VHF (WWF) from alRihab Complex with 10 K.d per 2 weeks with deposits of 10 K.D. #ayam_Awal.

    3- If the game is fine and i like it, can i buy it!!
    – YES, you pay the price of it and in the next delivery (since you are a customer to digumz and you still have a queue waiting for you) you will get the pocket and the picture and all the commercial paper that comes with the game when you buy a new one (just like a new one) + your next games which are waiting in your basket or queues.

    One more thing i would like to say to these guys, bil tawfeeq Great idea and keep up the spirit.

  15. DIDI says:

    Interesting concept Im sure u worked really hard for it and u earned it best of luck!!

  16. Lusto says:

    Cool idea. I would try it but it is late comparing to the states.

    Right now they have web sites to exchange games directly between people so they do not need to pay anything.

    Anyways goodluck :)

  17. Rayboy says:

    Sadly.. the site has tooo many Javascript errors, which didnt allow me to register. i tried sending a screenshot.. but i realised that the contact page had no email address… :-(..

    btw im using IE8

    • Rayboy says:

      oh just found your email info on this blog.. i have emailed you.

      • Digumz.com says:

        Hi Rayboy, your right when using IE we are facing problems with the java on the site, but we use java because it gives customers on the spot update of the games in their “game queues”.

        Digumz.com is best viewed with firefox.

        Thanks for the feedback dude.

  18. Digumz.com says:

    Rayboy: greatly needed comments for us to make digumz.com better, the IE point is under work now.

    Again the site is still new, errors will pop up, and your feedback really helps, Rayboy thanks again

  19. Rayboy says:

    Digumz : its cool… bugs are a part of a growth process :-) as long as its taken care of.

  20. gunsmoke says:

    Good luck, but I don’t see how this business will be profitable.

  21. Venq says:

    I think you should also add the ability to buy new games from the site and have them delivered.

    And also perhaps the ability to resell my old games (done at the store). This way you can build your library of games cheaply instead of buying new ones.

  22. Farah Dashti says:

    I love the detail of the graphic of the characters which come to life! Love the concept and best of luck;)

  23. Yousuf M says:

    Basically GameFly for Kuwait. Idea is superb!

  24. nadox says:


    whats the average delivery time and max delivery time, also how long can i keep the game with me

  25. Digumz.com says:

    The Dashti clan is here:P thanks sara and farah.

    Tweez: hey dude, thanks

    YousefM: yes i just made it as gamefly but with some tweeks for Kuwait.

    Nadox: average delivery time would be 2 hours for now, it may go up though and you can keep the game as long as you want, no limits.

  26. fahad a. says:

    Do you allow rent of the xbox itself? Like can we rent games and the console?

  27. thebadguy says:

    Just started off with it and got crysis 2 for 7 kd gr8 i would say. no need to jailbreak when u can rent cheap games.Hope it is a success.

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