Better garbage bins

Post by Mark

I spotted the garbage bin above while in London. It has a built-in LCD screen on the side that broadcasts the latest news. My question is this. If London can afford to install cool looking garbage bins like this, then why are we getting extremely cheap and horrible looking Big Bird yellow trash bins instead?

Update: Here’s more information on the bins

– It displays market moves, weather forecasts and breaking news
– The rubbish bins also come with Wi-Fi connectivity
– Costs $1,800 each and orders are expected from New York, Singapore and Tokyo


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  1. Ahmed says:

    Simple, because the government doesn’t care. They rather travel to London to use theirs. This mentality must end if Kuwait is to move forward.

    • Singh says:

      whats wrong with the normal yellow trash bins.
      No one is going to seat there to watch news and taste the bad smell coming from the bin .
      there are so many other important things that need govt attention rather than putting costly trash bins.

      • Mark says:

        that’s the problem, no one wants better, no one wants the best. satisfactory and it gets the job done is enough. but that’s not how you move forward.

        why can’t we have nice garbage bins as well as the government giving attention to other things? why do you want it to be this or that?

        • Jude Al-Kuwait says:

          Singh is right and yet Mark has a point too.
          There are ideas that are structural and functional. Smart or stupid bins, it’s the idiots or decent ones who decide where to throw their garbage.

        • makosalfa says:

          sorry bas are you kuwaiti ? hahaha

        • miro says:

          move forword ? spend more ? the qustion is will people realy appreciate the goverment spendin for such things ? old story >>
          ( A teenager was apparently apprehended at the 360 Mall in Kuwait after taking off one of his shoes and throwing it at a prized chandelier, according to the Kuwait Times. The chandelier was apparently the most expensive chandelier in Kuwait with a price tag of KD500,000, daily reports.)

    • Sauce says:

      correction, its simply because in london people are civilized and they wont attempt to jack the LCD screens from the bins… imagine what would happen here

      the CCTV maybe does help reduce crime

  2. TweeZ says:

    is this another Mark-for-mayor rant?

  3. bob says:

    I think this is quite dumb. I do not know anyone who walks in kuwait in the summer. Furthermore, no one will stand next to a foul smelling garbage to read the news. Its 2012, we have mobile phones which can give you the news without standing next to a garbage.

    Kuwait doesnt need to waste money on garbage bins. They need to update their overall infrastructure…fibre internet, economy, etc..

    garbage bins?


    • Mark says:

      you think what i’m saying is that we need to read news off our garbage bins? If yes then you’re not thinking big.

      Why aim for just improving things instead of aiming for kuwait to be the best? why aim to be like Dubai instead of aiming to be better?

      What i’m trying to say is that a lot of things should be improved and not just this or that. Kuwait has the money to improve everything including something so superficial as garbage bins.

    • Ahmed says:

      @bob You’re missing the point. It isn’t about the garbage cans, it is about everything. Why can’t they hire a professional landscaping company to landscape the major roadways like in Dubai, instead of paying some little bedioun guy who doesn’t know what he is doing, that pockets most of the cash and plants in no organized fashion the cheapest plants he can find in the market, when you have visiting dignataries arrive in Kuwait that travel down these roads that view the hidious landscaping? Why does everything have to be so cheap? That is the point. Why can’t they buy street lights for the freeways that are bright enough so we can see properly at night? Why can’t they use the same materials as they use on Sheikh Ziad Road, so they don’t have to continuously repave the roads all the time? Why can’t they figure out how to pick up all the trash all over this nation, instead of hiring all these Bengladesh workers to walk around the desert picking up the trash that seems to not be working? It’s not about 5-star trash bins, it is about building a 5-star nation that the residents can feel proud of. It is about national pride. I vote for Mark for mayor!!

      • Sharifa says:

        Kalamik ebarid el chabd

      • aaa says:

        Kuwait’s roads WERE designed by international firms. Actually our highways are very well designed, better than most.

        • Ahmed says:

          keep the dream alive, aaa, keep the dream alive! Or shall I say lie!

          • aaa says:

            How is it a lie? Our highways were designed by European and American firms back in the day this is common knowledge. In fact you can easily tell the difference between the highways and the interior roads. Your blind hatred for Kuwait is obscuring facts

            • Ahmed says:

              @aaa if I only thought with ‘blind hatred’ for Kuwait, I wouldn’t be talking about national pride. The status quo is unacceptable, it is time for change and that involves a government that wants to spearhead the development process. This is an oil-rich nation that can afford to upgrade the nation that meet the standard level of neighboring GCC nations. You have allowed them to get away with this too long, and it is time to demand government performance.

              • aaa says:

                It involves not electing 2/3rds of an opposition parliament that will block any development with their own personal agenda instead of furthering the country

        • hazy says:

          Agree with aaa….
          And the reason why we dont have these garbage bins is becuz the shababs will destroy it in no time as they do to the billboards, buses etc…..

          • H says:

            +1 That and don’t forget you have Bangladeshi workers, no disrespect intended, that aren’t educated. These bins will go straight to the older bins with how they’re going to be man handled. Just look at the state of the current bins now. The bins in London are being used by English people, and if any bin gets trashed they’d have different means on locating who trashed it (i.e. CCTV…etc)

            If Kuwaiti people are willing to be humble and work in the various jobs in Kuwait then we’d be able to reach somewhere.

        • Sauce says:

          yes they were designed by International firms IN THE 60’s… and guess what? even these international firms had a local agent telling them what to do because he wanted to pocket the cash…

      • Baqdonis says:

        I understand the frustration but there is no need to compare any two nations to one another. each country has it’s own baggage of good and bad and you never really know what is happening in that country i.e Dubai in this case.

        Dubai has humidity almost all year long so they can afford to plant whatever they have. Kwt is dry so landscaping the roads the way they do in Dubai will only waste more water. I do agree though the plants are hideous they can plant better suited plants for Kwt that require less water such as certain Acacias, Sidr, Palm trees among others.

        Dignataries? They wont care about the roads. They are here to get money to fix their countries.

        Why is everything so cheap? well the whole country is stuck in the 2/8/1990 issue of uncertainty. which is absurd I know.

        why cant they buy streets lights that are bright? we have street lights and I rather we dont so people will stop speeding and pay more attention while driving.

        They cant pick up the trash from the whole nation unless the whole nations learns where to throw their trash.

        Point is: It all starts with education. At home before school.

      • Pookytoo says:

        well said!

      • Pookytoo says:

        The well said – was to Ahmed’s comment to Bob btw

  4. K says:

    Because the screen will be blacked out with graffiti within a week :p

  5. Sarcastico says:

    A garbage bin with an LCD on the side is not what I’d call moving forward. In fact, I think it’s a waste of money, which is what this country is already doing a fine job with.

    I can see your intentions here, Mark. But a bin with an LCD is really not the best example.

  6. Simple, cause the bin was installed by a private company i think. hence the LCD with advertisements.

    the government wants people to throw their garbage in the streets in order to give some Compnay a big contract to hire people for 10 kd a month while charging the government 70 kd a head.

    • Othman says:

      “the government wants people to throw their garbage in the streets in order to give some Compnay a big contract to hire people for 10 kd a month while charging the government 70 kd a head.”

      Hit the nail on the head.

  7. whiteredvette says:

    Simple…Trash is TAXED in Europe & the States!! the PUBLIC pays for these.

    In the States, you are only allowed to dispose of 2 BIG trash bags a week (Trash pick up is only once or twice a week – depends on state and city) any extra bags are PAID for (yes, they send you a Bill…if you dont pay…they dont take your trash anymore)

    So unless, WE the public here, are ready to pay a lil something per month for new trash cans…oh well!!

    • aaa says:

      Good point, a lot of people say “Kuwait is so rich why aren’t we like XXX” but EVERYONE in the world pays tax and we don’t so it’s not really our money to dictate spending with

      • n1 says:

        Kuwait makes more money than you can imagine from oil, even without taxes we can reach the quality of highly developed countries. This is as long as a large percentage of the money is actually going towards the development of this country and not into the pockets of you know, some people..

      • Pookytoo says:

        It is your country and your money and your responsibility.

  8. 7amood says:

    because it will get stolen and sold for parts..

  9. ifas says:

    It all comes down to corruption again and the mentality of Kuwaitis.
    You think government is not giving money for all kind of projects? BS. Sure they are giving millions and millions.
    But what happens? They subcontract it that much that it comes down to a little bedouin/indian/bangali dude who has no clue about landscaping, he does the best he can(t) and we have the result that we have. Go to Julai’a see how the host nation treats their country their homeland, they trash EVERYTHING from food to toilet seats behind them in their camps. How do you expect they will want a nicer landscaping around the highways. They should care little bit more. I went little bit OT on this but when it comes to these LCD trash cans…
    Come on … this is a big BS no one needs this. There are people who dont have food to eat, what do you think how those people who waste money for LCD trash bins look in the eyes of Allmighty?

  10. 845e1 says:

    most people around here have no respect for public facilities. IF installed in Kuwait, How long do you think will it take before the screen is broken or graffiti is drawn on it – and not the good graffiti -?

  11. Nc says:

    Cuz were not a pedestrian country

  12. Acerboy says:

    To have this installed we need more civilized people ! And you cant compare between a developed and developing country !

  13. Randy says:

    Sorry but Kuwait doesn’t know class and if they do they don’t care to spend money on things like fancier trash bins .. I personally think this country needs a major sprucing up!!

  14. nn says:

    just because you saw some fancy trash can in london does not mean anything to anyone in kuwait , hell the cleaning companies dont want them period.

  15. Mishaymish says:

    I think I saw that idea pitched on Dragon’s Den, they are created by a private company which then makes money from advertisements. I thought the idea was pretty cool.

  16. makosalfa says:

    extremely cheap and horrible looking Big Bird yellow trash bins instead?

    as you are a Kuwaiti National ? or Lebanese ? plus kaifna we love the yellow trash bins ;) xoxo

  17. Yousef says:

    It would be enjoying for “3agad” to bring their slingshots (naba6a) and break each one.

  18. unknown says:

    mark i know you are really pissed of our trash cans in kuwait but i would appreciate it if not every where you go u picture a trash can :s

  19. شاي سنقيم says:

    cool stuff .. this must be new coz I haven’t spotted these when I was there before 2 years so I guess they must be for Olympics ..

    Its a great invention no doubt about it .. but I think it only will be used indoors and not outdoors here in Kuwait because of heat ..

    I hope Mark you send this picture to The Avenues I am sure they will like this idea .

    • Mark says:

      actually something funny, i keep complaining to avenues about how they don’t have enough bins in their malls and i can never find one when i need one. in london its so much more worse, i actually carry trash with me from one area to another via the subway because i wasn’t able to find a trash bin!

  20. n1 says:

    Lol I personally did not expect over 50 comments on a post about garbage bins. But the comments show that the issue is more than just garbage bins lol. Its about the way things are in Kuwait and the way they should be. It’s obvious that many people want change and you cant blame them.
    Cant wait to grow up and try to change this shit :(

  21. Ashraf says:

    Wow.. so much discussion over a garbage bin.
    i dont really think getting these garbage bins on the Kuwaiti roads is a really bright Idea..
    it’ll either be damaged by the young guns or the kuwaits heat will fry them.

    getting these inside the malls wont be a bad idea at all. it’ll add glamour to the mall & attract more people who do nothing but window shop or run behind behing girls harrasing them ;)

  22. Ashraf says:

    For everyone (Specially expats – like me) who is blaming Kuwait for not getting ahead with the rest of the world.

    You don’t pay tax. So you really dont have the right to ask the government where they put their money.
    your salary is tax free.
    the food you buy is tax free.
    the water you drink is free.
    even the healthcare charges are really low (evethough the standards aint so high) but its better than most countries in the world.

    you can get an operation down for like 1 or 2 KD… where else in world do you get that?

    How can you really question the government?

    BTW, the roads are really designed by western country firms. i happen to know a friend who works for such a firm. so stop firing blanks and pretending that your gun is loaded.

    • Salman's PR agent says:

      Wow, I’m speechless. Someone else gets it. Kuwait, despite its shortcomings, is far much better than many countries (especially the no taxes thing).

      Some would even argue that it’s too much better…

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