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Post by Mark

I was talking to a friend who is trying to get her driving license here in Kuwait and she told me its as if the system is set up to fail you unless you have wasta. That comment reminded me of the written test Nat and I took over a year ago when getting our motorbike license in which we both got the same question in the test except my question didn’t have a right answer. Here is a larger picture showing what I am talking about. [Picture]

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  1. Thomas says:

    Mark…the system is flawed no doubt..but notice… in the other languages.. – Your test paper has the same answer in other languages (A) as Nat’s… wierd huh??.. So taht means “Give way” also means road narrows…Hmmm.. makes a little sense.. But yeah.. the system is definately flawed or maybe thats what we are supposed to think…

    Have you watched zeitgiest?

  2. 3azeez says:

    I think “road narrows” is the right answer. meaning the two lanes road is going to be one lane.

    but anyways, if your friend wants to get driving license from the first test she’ll have to go to driving school. those schools are run by high ranked police officers and they assure you to get driving license after taking their course.

  3. JC says:

    That’s funny cuz my wife is trying to get her driver’s license too and we are finding it quite difficult. I managed to get her family visa by myself, but that was easy compared to this! I don’t even get the same answer when I ask people what is actually required…

  4. Kuwait says:

    I recently gave my Motorcycle test at Ahmadi, believe me… it was a cake-walk. In fact, I’ve heard that from a lot of people that Ahmadi is the best and easiest. At the written exam, when the officer handed out the paper to me, he started pointing out the right answers to me by himself! I said, “No thanks, I can handle it” and completed the 10 questions in like 30 secs and returned it to him to get 10/10 :)

  5. Kuwait says:

    … and did I mention, NO wasta, start to finish about 1 hour which included the written and driving test plus walking around to 2-3 different departments for the paperwork.

  6. Intlxpatr says:

    I was told that if you are an Indian or Egyptian woman, chances are you will never get your license without serious wasta.

  7. Babar says:

    Want all the question papers of Kuwait traffic department!
    Follow the Link and pray for me that i ll succeed to pass my exam!!!

  8. Hriday says:

    Note the similarities for choice A in both papers. Apparently,
    it’s only messed up in English. Pity you don’t know Malay
    or whatever the other language is. :)

  9. Bo-Bader says:

    A family member is in charge of the written driving test exam in MOI. He told me that they have strict instructions to fail everyone the first and time they take the exam. He also told me that few years ago, their superior officer forced them all to write one safety belt ticket every morning on their way to work. He really did not have a choice.

    MOI in Kuwait should retire all their high rank officers and start hiring educated people to rewrite the laws all over again.

  10. boody says:

    i did mine in shuwaikh and i got all answers right the first time and no wasia..

  11. boody says:


  12. dj_will says:


  13. ebrahim says:

    email me for wasta :)

  14. cajie says:

    Not to be a spell-check nazi, but I notice that you have a problem with similar sounding words.

    “when getting are motorbike license”

    when getting OUR motorbike license

  15. MOK says:

    i have failed twice in the practical exam. it’s for Hawalli…I am not a bad bike rider!!
    People have told me that you need a wasta for it….
    What do you think?

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