Brazil Vs Kuwait

Post by Mark

Nat just scored us 2 free tickets to the Brazil Vs Kuwait soccer game next month. I’ve always wanted to watch Kuwait play soccer live and this will be my first time. I would have rather watched Kuwait vs Saudi but this will have to do.

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  1. forzaq8 says:

    kuwait Club :P not the national team

    and they are going to get some other players to play as well , like Sami ALjaber from saudi arabia

  2. The Stallion says:

    How did you get the tickets? I put in for 2 tickets as a family and haven’t gotten any feedback!

  3. Mark says:

    ah kuwait club, that sucks.

    stallion one of nats clients are the sponsors so we were able to get 2 family area tickets.

  4. Purgatory72 says:

    stallion has no tickets :) hahahahaha

  5. BoSameer says:

    Yeah The Kuwait Club not the National team. they r getting some players from KSA&Bahrain, to help em out a bit

  6. ana says:

    7adkum 3alla faree8 kuwait!! ridaw deeratkuum a7saan.. deeratkum illy killa mashakil o balawii.. 6ab3aan ga3deen bil kuwait kilshay 3al 7ukuma.. o balash o mitwafiir..?!! 7imdaw rabkum bas ina il kuwait mista8balatkuum..!! 9iij mako skhiker 3alla il ni3ma illy intaw feeha!

  7. Nasser Suilman Al Harbi says:

    Hal wala law itybon msaed neda bader al mutwwa khalaf al salama wa ba3ad muhtarifen emerson muhtarif nady Al Sadd al Qatary.

  8. Nasser Suilman Al Harbi says:

    Hay man dont say that kuwait sucks ya 3rbawy waskh.

  9. Nasser Suilman Al Harbi says:

    Inshalah al kuwait itfooz bas lay dakhloon Ronaldinho wa ronaldo

  10. whatever says:

    how can we watch the game online?

  11. Kuwaitiya says:

    b9ara7a i just came from the game and it was great! li3eb nadi liq8 kan fantastic mo mithil matgouloun sucks 7adkum 3ad 3aliq8 taj raskum.. ihya ili razatkum oo 6ala3atkum o a5er shay itsubounha walla inkum matisti7oun! oo overall its a friendly game mafeeha fouz oo 5asara aham shay inna our team learns new skills oo improves in football oo iwansoun il jomhour il7imdilla thats the goal…competeting is not in our list !

  12. fa6ma says:

    it really bothers me how some people make fun of kuwait!!! well i have something to tell u. if u don’t like it then u can go back to ur countries!!GOD U POEPLE THINK UR SOMETHING!! and the games was a realy good game! :D

  13. Ali says:

    Real Madrid oo bas :PpP

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