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A small breakfast place opened up near my house and I decided to pass by and try it out last week. The place is called Breakfast & Brunch and is located in the large outdoor parking lot adjacent to Marina Mall (facing BoConcept). Nat and I passed by during the week around 10AM and out of the five small 2-seater tables at the place, only one was occupied. We sat down at a table and got the menus which had a ton of items on it. It was huge. Other than the regular breakfast place stuff like eggs, pancakes, crepes, etc.. they also had a long list of sandwiches to choose from (I’m guessing the “brunch” aspect of the place).

I ended up ordering freshly squeezed orange juice and a 3 egg omelet with cheese and turkey while Nat ordered the Nutella Crepe. I wanted to order pancakes as well but I knew Fahad would make me suffer at the gym if I did. The food arrived a bit later and looked very good. My omelet came with sausages, brown bread and hash browns on the side which I quickly dug into after taking the picture above. Everything tasted good but then again it’s hard to go wrong with omelets and crepes.

There isn’t really anything negative to say about my experience. The only thing I can think about is the fact the place was a bit too quiet when we first sat down but the couple on the other table asked for the radio to be turned on which fixed things. I personally liked the place, it’s close to where I live, there is a lot of parking space available and because it’s still not very popular, finding a place to sit shouldn’t be a problem. For those of you who are interested to try out the place, here is one of my famous maps to help you find the location [Map] and here it is on [Google Maps]

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  1. NE says:

    Just had breakfast there a few days ago and it was amazing, I had the Nutella Pancake and it was delicious! great service also

  2. Yeni says:

    The picture looks good, however that is definitely not a sausage, it looks like a Khazan hotdog at best. For great sausages try breakfast at Johnny Rocket’s.

  3. Mark says:

    Actually the sausage tasted really good, it was the best thing on the plate!

  4. Yeni says:

    I guess the picture doesn’t do it justice. Whats the other stuff next to sausage? Looks like a stake and a burger.

  5. Mark says:

    Top right is 2 slices of brown toast. Bottom right is the hash brown that is mixed with Za3tar. Don’t know the english word for Za3tar :)

  6. Shli7f says:

    I like your famous maps…:)

  7. Yeni says:

    Za3tar = Thyme, although there is a common misconception that it means Oregano.

    Sounds delicious, I’ll pass by them on the weekend.

  8. Shli7f says:

    I like your famous maps…:)

    PS. English word for Za3tar is THYME :)

  9. Shli7f says:

    Yeni – LOL yes in the Co-Ops you see Oregena packets with the words زعتر بيتزا LOL its a diffrent herb ya naas..:P

  10. mentabolism says:

    if Za’atar = Thyme, then whats Oregano? (in arabic)

  11. Yeni says:

    Oregano = مردقوش

  12. Mathai says:

    you’re taking this cartography business rather seriously aren’t you? :P

  13. queen says:

    your world-famous maps are ridiculous yet helpful:p

  14. Othman Al-Othman says:

    LOL I don’t think I’d ever find the place if I was to follow your maps. Lucky for me i already know where it is :P

  15. Nael says:

    Seems you live close to where I used to live. I used to walk To Marina but haven’t really noticed that place, but that was more than 6 years ago, was the place opened recently?

  16. Mark says:

    i think the place is fairly new. like maybe a month old?

  17. Varun says:

    Is it open only in the mornings or something like that?

  18. Studentalk says:

    Place looks great and food looks good as well! But nowadays, there are so many breakfast/brunch places opening up and you just never really can tell the good ones from the bad ones.. Thanks for this post, i’ll definitely have to go try it out..

  19. Apt says:

    Hey i’m looking for an apartment in that area.. Would you happen to know any Mark? Or do you know the best way to find apartments in Kuwait? I’m finding it really difficult and not easy to find online.. thanks!

  20. Mark says:


  21. daggero says:

    As a marketing consultant , i advise the shop owner to change the color of the Shop sign to something representing Morning or Mid day if they want to associate their restaurant with breakfast or brunch . May i suggest the color orange or yellow .The way the shop sign is colored deep blue it is befitting a night shop or pharmacy ,like these panadol signs .

    Free advice

  22. PFunk says:

    cant be better than early bird or johnny rockets breakfast.

  23. bb says:

    just had breakfast there
    i ordered english omelette with turkey sandwich

    though their hot beverages are not that great

    decent place to eat breakfast


  24. Um Hassib says:

    Looks really yummy, will definetely try it one day, thanks

  25. joe says:

    have a phone number by chance? would like to check this place out, and don’t want to waste the drive (from mangaf) if they aren’t open

  26. Vikram says:

    Thx Mark for introducing Breakfast & Brunch restaurant, loved the exquisite English breakfast this morning with my daughters…:)

  27. Jane says:

    In the past year the quality has really gone down. What a shame. Freshly squeezed juice is mixed with tang and breakfast burger is pre-frozen mystery meat not suitable for human consumption. Burrito and coffee were ok. Overall however I would stay away! There are way better breakfast places for the same price!

  28. Faisal Alenzi says:

    You beraa up load your location to find you

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