Bye Bye Safat

Post by Mark

They started putting up a fence around Safat Square today in preparation for the construction of the new large fountain project that will take it’s place. [Link]

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  1. akbar says:

    Kuwait is progressing, hope this new square brings peace, tranquility and unity to everyone and becomes a symbol of progress and unity.

  2. Nerdcore says:

    That sucks. I hope the little underpass remains after the fountain is built since its things like that which give a city character.

    Kuwait needs more underpasses like that.

  3. Frederic says:

    It’s the first time i see a project moves so fast! if they want something they do it, otherwise we are stuck with traffic, lack of healthcare and those million other things.

  4. GWB says:

    I think it’s political. A two year project costing only 3 million? In Kuwait?

    This, I believe, is a move to curb the raucous Friday protests which have been taking place lately in Safat. Smart move.

  5. GWB says:


    Yes, but these people insist on having their protests in Safat for “Symbolic” value (Safat has political significance in Kuwait’s history).

    The government has warned them repeatedly to have their protests in the area opposite the Parliament only, but they insist on having it in Safat. So, to spare itself violent confrontation the government decided to “beautify” Safat for two years (just in time for the next elections) at the total cost of 3 million KD! Once again, smart move.

    Next move. The construction of a shopping mall opposite the Parliament :)

  6. Kuwaitsblog says:

    Darn! man i would miss that place :((

  7. Jaine says:

    Mark, do u have more info or any links for that “ large fountain project that will take it’s place”?

  8. Truewords says:

    Some renovations were made in Al-Mubarakiya Souk as well. Namely, the square and Mubarak’s Hut, which was a mini parliament, in the late 1890s up till the early 1900s, and a pharmacy. More renovations will come.

  9. Nuno says:

    Good Old memories :((

  10. kalbonish says:

    essa mta ebtefta7 3nd 5awalek eb ma9er ?

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