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Post by Mark

I’m thinking of getting a small camera and placing it in my car to record everything that happens on the road while I’m driving. There’s a lot of messed up crap that happens on the Gulf Road and I figured I might as well record everything and then later upload them to YouTube.

So far I’ve leaning towards the Veho Muvi MicroDV camera pictured above. It’s tiny, battery lasts around 3 hours, it clips to the rear view mirror and it costs around $50 on Amazon. Seems pretty easy to turn on when I get in the car and to turn off when I get out. My trips around are around 20 minutes long which would mean I would have to charge it every 3 days which isn’t too big a deal.

Has anyone used the Veho cam before? Anyone got any better suggestions?

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  1. Frankom says:

    saw lots of clips on youtube specially for those on Russia where they do record everything on roads

    will buy one thanks Mark :)

  2. BR says:

    Its an excellent camera exactly for this purpose. It also has a voice activated recording feature. I got the same 2 gb one last year. You should get the newer Pro Model as it has 30fps video where as the old one is 20fps. Videos are very clear.

  3. Molotov says:

    “Anyone got any better suggestions?”

    For driving in Kuwait? How about this:

  4. AMJD says:

    Available in X-Cite By Alghanim Electronics

  5. Sauce says:

    you have inspired me to do the same, how about you start a blog of a collective effort of videos from all over kuwait by different people.

    you already have BR and myself on your team…

    ill order my MUVi pro now

  6. Kuwaitiful says:

    This muvi cam is available in X-Cite for 49KD last time I visited, they also have bigger models so you might want to check them out.

    • Mark says:

      yeah they emailed me the models they have (4 in total) and I asked for 3 models to review (2 are similar with just different accessories so chose 1 between them. Hopefully will get them tomorrow.

  7. Frankom says:

    on Amazon for KD13
    in Kuwait for KD59


    WTH !

  8. Frankom says:

    oh i though KD59, my mistake. KD39 with warranty and the “buy now” thing makes it a good deal.

    sorry again

  9. Misterian says:

    I’ve also thought of taking more photos from the car but be careful as there are many “no photography” military zones along Gulf Road.

  10. Almo says:

    Always wanted to do this myself! Maybe I will..

  11. Burhan says:

    I think you should buy Replay XD ( it records in 1080p ! its incredibly small and awesome. atleast better than “Veho Muvi MicroDV”.

    • Mark says:

      For the price of the replay xd i can get 4 Muvi cams, or a GoPro, or a Drift Innovation HD170, or a ContourROAM…

      • q82011 says:

        I was going to recommend Contour but as you’ve mentioned, it’s a bit more expensive. Have you looked at some of the clips people have posted on Amazon? If not, take a look at some of the reviews as people have posted movie clips they have taken with their camera.

  12. Kkamal says:

    What about the heat, will you leave it in the car when parked?

    • Burhan says:

      yup great point ! that’s why i was suggesting mark to buy Replay XD instead ! and at least we will get to see Good quality videos ! i saw some videos of Muvi Cam last night and it sucks .

      • Mark says:

        If I’m going to pay $200+ I’d get the ContourROAM or GoPro over the Replay XD.

        • Burhan says:

          Hey Mark take a cillpill pale, lol why are you soo angry on “Replay XD” its just a camera ?! anyways from the brands you suggested i researched youtube and compared the video quality for you, and ContourROAM is clearly a winner for me ! so if you are planning to spent more then 200$ then you should definitely go for ContourROAM ! ;D

        • Simon says:

          Check out the Veho Muvi HD – i compared this with Gopro and it is much better deal as it has rear color playback screen, remote control and includes micro sd at a cheaper price.also has wider angle lens and bigger battery

  13. Vlad says:

    In Russia they have Insurance company policy to have Car video coder with GPS showing speed and location of accident for easy investigation.

  14. QABAQ says:

    Can this be used to fix it close to the exhaust of a car to do some driving scenes with the exhaust sound. sorta like car reviews! please let us know if it works.
    Am planning to do a review of a supercar with videos and get a road perspective of the driving.

  15. Keith says:

    I bought this for my brother last year, so that he could mount it on his helmet when he goes riding. However I personally went for the Flip Ultra HD, which comes with an inbuilt screen (4 & 8 GB storage versions), which helps to review a video on the go, besides having a handy pop-out USB connection. There are a couple of options available for a windscreen mount as well.

    Alghanim has a couple of pieces in the range of 40 – 50 KD, I am not sure of the exact cost. However, all said the Flip is not as light as the Muvi, but it sure has better video quality.

  16. Del says:

    Be careful driving near refineries and other sensitive sites, You can be arrested even if your intentions are harmless. So take care and show us the loonies on the orads!

  17. Pickles says:

    I was thinking about this idea a couple of days ago, when I remembered the guy who hit my car and drove away in Fahahel road, and how hard it is to type down the number on a touch screen mobile phone. (although it’s kinda pointless, because the cops didn’t do a jack when i reported his plate number, I had to wait about 6 weeks just to get a repair order document). waiting your review Mark.

  18. PedroDashT says:

    I use Go Pro HD and saw the veho muvi in X-Cite not bad…

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