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Last week the Public Authority for Civil Information setup shop at our offices for a few days and offered all the employees their services including setting up an e-Signature. Since it didn’t involve any effort, I decided to setup my e-Signature, but even after reading the documentation on it [Read it Here], I still have no idea what this will be used for.

Basically the procedure to setup my e-Signature just involved creating a pin for my Civil ID card. My Civil ID card now has a pin code in the same way your ATM has a pin code, except unlike my ATM card I have no idea what I can use this pin for. One follower on twitter told me KOC employees use it with a specific machine they have to get their salary statements and other documents. Do you use it? If yes, what for?

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  1. Muzz says:

    Most of the companies have the HR self service kiosk machine where this PIN number is used for authorization purposes

  2. Abdulrahman says:

    I am a KOC employee and we use it to get documents from the KOC kiosk (it is almost everywhere in KOC facilities) signed and approved. Mainly salary statements, proof of work,…etc. In the past KOC employees had to ask for these documents from a person (I think HR team). It’s not just KOC, it is also applied in all petroleum sector companies. I think also banks use the e-Signature. Maybe you can link your civil ID with your bank card? Not sure about this one though.

    • Someone says:

      Yeah it’s true banks now use civil id signature to give a card and the card is automatically linked wifh your civil id + you can withdraw money from atm with your civil id (boubyan bank) also they can renew your civil id through the app(dunno how it works but it’s in the app)

  3. Me Like Salmiya says:

    This is used for Identity Management. Currently it is being used for services offered by Boursa Kuwait, for user login they will be authenticated by the password + the authentication code for the civil id.

  4. Buzz says:

    I don’t know what it does, but it looks so retro, like a Nokia phone from the 90s.

    • blackswan says:

      That`s the user side of the POS, you plug in your bank card or whatever chip enabled card and enter your PIN for authorization. All other details are entered from the merchandiser side, which looks like a computer terminal. It`s a simplified striped down version of the POS used here in Kuwait, but used a lot in shops & supermarkets, in europe for example.

  5. Mishari says:

    My friend asked me to help him with the Kuwait Credit Bank website (to register). I was shocked they need your e-Signature to proceed!

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