Al-Jahra Natural Reserve

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This is a short film showcasing one of the best wetland reserves in Kuwait, the Al-Jahra Natural Reserve. With scenes similar to the one pictured below you wouldn’t guess this was Kuwait. So beautiful.

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  1. Mathew says:

    Is there access to public for visit?

  2. aaa says:

    Foxes and ducks and greenery whaaat

    what this landan

  3. Sam says:

    But do they have a Starbucks and Pinkberry?

  4. Ahmeddroid says:

    This writing name and email so long πŸ€”

    Btw that’s next door to my house if u wanna come we can walk there together πŸ˜‚

  5. Luai odeh says:

    Exact location?

  6. Dun says:

    This place is nasty. This ‘water’ is sewage mixed with industrial waste. Its kind of like that lake in the The Simpsons with the 3 eyed fish.

    General Site Description:
    A fenced Nature Reserve, managed by the Environment Public Authority (EPA), consisting of a sewage outfall with pools surrounded by reed beds and sabkhas. Access is by permit only
    The only significant area of non-marine wetland in the country, man-made by effluent (sewage plus a variety of pollutants) coming from Al-Jahra town and flowing across sandy sabkhah to the sea, forming stagnant, open, shallow pools and extensive beds of Phragmites. There are scattered halophytes on the sabkhah, and some old plantations of Tamarix in poor condition. The site has great value as a potential field study centre for all educational levels up to university research, and if properly zoned could also provide for recreation. Part of the site outside of the fenced area is a designated camping area. This area represents one of the richest and best-studied small wetlands for birds in Kuwait. It is located just north of Jahra town and accessed north-east off Route 80. Access is by permit and guards are posted at the official entrance point. This fenced nature reserve features a number of shallow pools surrounded by extensive Phragmites reed beds, salt marshes, scattered tamarisk thickets and sandy sabkha flats. Although this is Kuwait’s largest inland marsh, the pools are totally man-made and fed by effluent from Jahra, including treated sewage water. The water levels fluctuate from year to year.

  7. Joe says:

    A glorified toxic wasteland!

  8. krunal says:

    How do you obtain a permit ?

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