Clarification on the Ghost House

Post by Mark

A reader left the comment below under on of the old posts:

I will clear everything at the current moment, this house belongs to my dad’s uncle. In the Late 50′s all four brothers built quite similar houses, 4 of them to be exact, One in Shamiya, Two in Daiya and one in Salmiya (the one posted). Three of them were lived in and the fourth was made a diwaniya (the one in Salmiya). All the houses have been demolished and still are held by the same owners. They were two toned, white and blue. The only one left is in AlDaiya you could visit it, holds the same desgin. The house is not haunted, it was held on a valuable location that at the time it was impossible to forecast how much it was worth. How could people lower the prices of such a land create rumors about it. The family kept away from media and didnt care about any rumors. Since it was a sharp location

So basically the reason the house was vacant for all this time was because it wasn’t being used anymore and the owners were just waiting for the right time to sell it and not because the house was haunted.

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  1. Desert Girl says:

    I like the urban legend better. :)

  2. Buzz says:

    What does “sharp location” mean?

    • Matt says:

      Expensive property.

    • Big T says:

      Sharp location is a very good location, which is highly valued in the Kuwait Real Estate Market. The phrase was translated literaley I assume. Normally a sharp location in residential areas, include a house located in a corner, with two roads.

  3. Ahmed says:

    People like exciting stuff. But real world is not that exciting.

  4. dougmacho says:

    I dont get it, so the dads uncle is the ghost?

    Jk jk

  5. Sauce says:

    i see dead people..

  6. meh says:


  7. Keithcorp says:

    I liked the haunted story better, now Kuwait seems all the more boaring.

  8. lolguy says:

    “I will clear everything at the current moment…”
    Lol, nice try Ghost, we are not falling for that. We know you are still there.

  9. Maz says:

    Anyone who sincerely believed there were ghosts in that house should shoot themselves right now…

  10. HYR says:

    Lol i’m loving the comments.

  11. Moody says:

    And to clarify why the Hotel is still not open is because the company is going through alot of financial issues, theres no such story for workers seeing ghosts.

  12. hansel says:

    these comments made my day hehehehe :)
    and yea the ghost story seems better as i looked at the house growing up n was always intrigued by it.
    leave it at the ghost story .. u wudnt like anyone telling a kid theres no santa right!!??!! :) :)

  13. FH says:

    PARTY POOPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  14. Leslie says:

    The ghosts got deported

  15. mentabolism says:

    All haunted house stories, invariably, have something to do with real estate!

  16. aseel says:

    btw, why are we supposed to believe this? this could be totally made up. i believe in ghosts though.

  17. Falx says:

    lol, After waiting for so loong, I guess these guys now have paid these bloggers to clear that tainted image… lol … .. Y don’t u bribe that ghost out ??

  18. Mohamad says:

    So why did they build a mosque at the same location?

  19. John says:


  20. blush says:

    Enjoying the comments so much! @Leslie your comment made me laugh out really loud!
    Keep it as a ghost story, its so much fun and exciting to think of it that way.

  21. Jumanji says:

    so the mosque was built to help get rid of the ghosts then? did it work?

    would have loved to get a picture of bill murray in full ghostbuster costume in front of that house before they demolished it

  22. michelle says:

    lol….this post made my weekend! especially loved leslie’s comment and i agree too! :)

  23. Shli7f says:

    Were in De3eya is the replica house ?

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