Cocoa Room Sneak Peek

Post by Mark

Cocoa Room is officially launching tomorrow with a breakfast menu and p0ach managed to get a sneak peek. He’s got tons of pictures and everything just looks incredible. Check out his post [Here]

As I mentioned they will be starting with breakfast now for a few weeks and later introduce the full menu which will include some mouth watering items. I can’t wait!

Note: Cocoa Room is located right next to Slider Station

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  1. Abdullah says:

    Thank you MARK for this ;D

    • Mark says:

      You do know that Dusty reads my blog right? Enjoy your workout this evening, if it’s anything like the workout I got after he read my 4 burgers lunch post then you’re in for a treat ;)

  2. Abdullah says:

    You dont know what he does to me by default ? Tell him its not me, its someone else, HAHA!

    I love how he had that silent face while enjoying me suffer on the ground – wait that sounds nasty – HAH!

  3. Desert Girl says:

    Just looking at those little chairs makes my ass hurt.

  4. Om ALzain says:

    Thank you 4 for posting this,cant wait 2 try it:)

  5. harvey says:

    New to Q8 where is the Slider station lol?

  6. LWDLIK says:

    Oh lord those oreo pancakes look really good.

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