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Columbia Space Shuttle Icecream

columbia icecream

Someone at the office just got me the KDD space shuttle icecream called Columbia (yeah after the space shuttle Columbia that blew up). I hadn’t had it since I was a kid and so it was nice to have it again. I was trying to figure out what it tasted like though and I couldn’t figure it out. So I checked the ingredients and there was something called Boysenberry. That sounded a bit fishy, Boysenberry, Poisonberry… notice the similarities? So I did a quick search and it turns out Boysenberry is an actual fruit, who would have thought!

A boysenberry is a cross among a blackberry, red raspberry and loganberry. It was created by Rudolph Boysen, and first commercially cultivated by Walter Knott.

So now I know what Boysenberry is, I still don’t know how KDD could call an icecream after a Space Shuttle disaster.. [Link]

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Yum, I was debating the other day about getting this one or the Failaka Ice cream, then I saw that I needed something smaller so I went for the Failaka one 😛

Btw, my PSP is in Kuwait in the hands of my oldest uncle who is dying to get me to reconsider, he’s like “Check it out if you don’t like it then I’ll take it..” and I’m like “No need, I know I will like it..” he’s like no u try it 😛 LOL Monday is the day I put my hands on it 😛

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