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Crackdown in Wonderland

Yesterday I went down to Rihab Complex in Hawalli to my favorite videogames store. When I first walked in I noticed something different but I couldn’t figure out what. So I shook hands with the owner, and I told him I wanted Doom 3. He took out a piece of paper, wrote down Doom 3 on it and gave it to an Indian employee at the store. The Indian guy took the paper and left the shop to get me the game. I was like huh!? Usually I ask for a game and he gets it for me from a box behind the counter. Then it hit me, I looked around the shop and noticed there wasn’t a single pirated game anywhere. Thats what looked different, the shop looked emptier. So I asked the guy what happened, turns out the municipality has been giving them a hard time and are cracking down on them every week. So now they are being extra careful and all the games and stuff are hidden in another shop.

I took my game and left to another shop elsewhere in Hawalli where me and Nat wanted to get some DVDs. So we walk into the shop we usually buy DVDs from and there are no catalogues to be found. The only thing you could find in the shop was computer power cords hanging on one wall. At first glance you would think this store only sold power cords, but I asked the guy what no more DVDs? He is like yes sir one minute. He went outside the shop and came back in with a small box full of catalogues. Turns out the municipality has only been giving them a hard time.

I hope piracy doesn’t end in Kuwait. Some games are worth buying original but other games, games you would only play once or twice are not worth KD18.

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I played NFS for 3 minutes ,
now i can say wich one better NFS or ridge racer.
NFS good game but ridge racer better
graphics :
RR 5 of 5
NFS 3.5 of 5
gameplay :
RR 4.5
sense of the speed :
RR 4.5
NFS 3.5
this rating system just for these 2 games.
i have 1 Q mark wich one is the main mode in NFS?
and in quick race mode (cross ) can i play for the gold medal or i have to beat bronze first then silver

man NFS is FAST. If you play the nitrous run you dont see anything its all a blur.

There are 2 main places for the races, its the second and third option. I forgot their names. One has like the circuit race and stuff and the other has drift and drag etc..

you play once u beat bronze, then when u play again the requirement is higher, if u win its silver, then u play again, the requirement is again higher, if u win u get gold.

The first day I was able to get bronze, silver and gold in ALL the drift races. I made a lot of money.

my first car was a Golf GTI, my second a Subaru Impreza. Then i got stuck in the game and i just downloaded a 100% complete save and got all the cars with all the money.

i need to see ridge racer now..

Hi Mark and all of you. I work in a software company here in Kuwait and its frustrating to see people supporting Piracy. Piracy is a nice word for stealing. copying software and selling it without permission and without giving money back to its creator is pure theft. As for the crack down, it will increase and hopefully soon there will be no place to buy pirated(stolen) games and software. As for your remarks that a lot of games are not worth buying, well try getting evaluation copies or demos. They should cover your investment before you buy. As for Rihab, Can you please tell me which shop did help you get Doom 3 ?

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