Crocodile Attack 3D

Post by Mark

Three Kuwaitis killed a crocodile which had apparently sneaked out of a farm and strayed at night before it came face to face with them.

The two brothers and their friend were sitting near a camp just outside the capital Kuwait City when the two-metre reptile crawled slowly towards them.

“One of them who had a hunting rifle shot the crocodile as they were afraid it might attack them…the crocodile had apparently managed to sneak out of a nearby farm in Bar Al Abdali area,” Alanba daily said.

If someone makes a movie about a crocodile that goes on a rampage in Kuwait City I’d watch it. [Source]

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  1. cajie says:

    How very convenient that they were carrying a hunting rifle!!

  2. A reader says:

    if your in the Desert without a weapon then your asking for trouble

  3. Moayad says:

    Wait a minute!

    “… were sitting near a camp just outside the capital Kuwait City…”


  4. daily says:

    What idiot keeps a crocodile on a farm in the first place- over the Xmas period loads of crocs were rescued from a flat in Belgium or Holland by police……some people keep cats, fish, a tortoise or two…..others…..

  5. sallom says:

    I think its been confirmed that it was dead already and those guys filmed it lol..

    “@SraayNews: صاحب المزرعة : التمساح مات بالمزرعة وألقي بالبر، والخبر المنشور بالجريدة غير صحيح”

  6. Kojak says:

    I don’t think that’s a croc!
    It must be
    ضب عملاق

  7. Q8Path says:

    How come crocodile in the desert :)

  8. Ahmed says:

    Mark what did you mean by the “3D” in the title?

  9. lulz says:

    Here’s a better quality video of the incident:

  10. Kuwait says:

    Lego Crocodile :)

  11. Danderma says:

    Nice, all we need is loose crocodiles roaming around. Then again why throw a crocodiles carcass in the desert if it died in a farm? Why not bury it there? or bury it in the desert! Isn’t crocodile skin expensive? They could have made a profit y3ni… weird

  12. daily says:

    Nicole- mmm yes.

  13. chuckles says:

    Why kill? Why not try and hand it over to the zoo?

  14. shesalfah says:

    ops you said abdily @@ … e7m might be my cousin pet

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